Archangel Chamuel ” He who sees God”

Joy pic.jpg 313 x 313Angel Message: You are uniquely gifted, so don’t waste time and your gifts by standing outside of yourself in fear! What do you want to do or be – in your wildest dreams? When you imagine doing that “thing” or “being” that person, what about that scares you? Acknowledge it (the feeling), breathe in deeply and then, as you exhale, release all tension and stress in your body. Set the intention to clear your energy as you exhale (do this a couple of times). You are allowed to be YOU, and are simply good enough as you are. You do not have to fight to prove yourselves worthy here. Instead, play in the energy, and practice being you, being that person that you want to be. You are good enough and you are doing the best you can in any given moment. So relax. You deserve it!

Affirmation: Call in the Archangel Chamuel, “He who sees God” will help you see yourself. [He is the Angel that helps in many things, including relationships and career. In this case we are focused on relationship to, and love of, the self.] I acknowledge my unique gifts. I am working on learning to love ALL of me; ALL of who I am. I see my potential and am choosing to believe in myself.

Story: I’ve had many jobs (I joke and say I’ve had many past lives in this current life!). This has allowed me to learn how to “shape shift”, reinventing myself. I’ve learned by stumbling through all of those changes, and all of the fear that went with all of those changes, what my strengths were. These sometimes major stumbles lead me to who I am today. So don’t be afraid to “fail” or “stumble”. Come with me on this journey. I have Band-Aids!!! And it’s a whole lot more fun being less afraid and tapping into your unique gifts, I promise!

Action: Write out what you want to be, and include what it would feel like to step into that persona. Pick one action that you can take to learn how you can become what you want to be next.

“Supporting you in Health & Happiness!!!”

Love and Peace,







Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor

Certified Psychic Medium

Reiki Master Healer

Medical Intuitive

Reverend and Spiritual Advisor

Corporate Consultant



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