Animal Energy Card Reading


When we celebrate our accomplishments, and give thanks to those who helped us learn and grow, those who helped us get to the moment of celebration, we are standing in one of the highest healing frequencies that we can as physical beings.  As we look at how we achieved what we have, it is a gift that we must give freely back, teaching others both by example, and in other ways, in order to complete the cycle.  This keeps us in the high frequency of abundant flow; gifting and receiving all that we desire in this physical life.  This cycle is healing our self esteem; it is a release of ego.  No judgment of how another is being here, but more understanding of their journey, why they are on the path they are on, and what they may be here to learn from it and to teach others with it.  In allowing for others, you are allowing for yourself.  Is it easier to give to others than your self?  Value what you have learned; value your worth, and then share it!  It is part of the healing process.  Bellow like the moose, celebrate your accomplishments, for your message must be heard!

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