Angelic Message for today! Love thyself

Heart.jpg 313x350 Love thyself – when you truly have achieved this, it will be easier to love and ALLOW for the soul journey of others, without judgment. This will allow for a more peaceful world – one without harsh judgment of self or others. If you have attracted something that is challenging you, it is simply a measure of how healed you are in regard to what is being reflected. If it is jealousy, the affirmation is, I am strong & beautiful, & I support myself. I love myself and release the judgments of others. If it is addiction, the affirmation is, I deserve to be surrounded by health, happiness & joy. I choose to love myself. If it is untrustworthiness, the affirmation is, I choose to trust my feelings; they are my guidance and my truth. Because whatever you are attracting is “showing” you where you need to grow; where your vibration may be a bit lower than what you want. It is an opportunity to grow – which is a choice. So Love yourself! Angel Affirmation: I am giving myself permission to make room for my growth. I am learning to love myself better and better; striving toward unconditional love of self. I am learning to trust that everything is divinely perfect; I am learning to trust that I am supported. I am learning to accept all of our soul’s journey and choose to see the good in each divine step; in my steps and the steps of others…

“Supporting you in Health & Happiness!!!”

Love and Peace,







Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend and Spiritual Advisor
Corporate Consultant

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