Angel Message for the Group

image002Of course I received this while I was surrounded by water in the morning, and after I had already sent out the Friday Wrap Up….  See the comments while I was writing this message in color below, and the prayer.

This is a beautiful time, and a beautiful place – perfect for all of the different types of learning that we have come to take on.  Please be patient with yourselves and with one another.  This is a challenging format to take on; to learn in.

You are bigger than these bodies, and your abilities are just beginning to be known to you.  These are abilities that are innate; that are within all.  Even for those that are unaware, there is an awakening.  For some souls, the awakening comes with fear.

You must be understanding of them, for their fear is connected to a divine soul challenge regarding their abilities, and gives them a choice to “play” in the energy in “love” rather than a lower frequency of fear/hate.  It may take some more than this lifetime to come up in frequency for the fears are often created before this lifetime, and often through many lifetimes – they may have been a long time in the making.  The best you can do for them is to model the behavior, and send them love.

Those who are brave [you] will first be able to discern this awakening by knowing that something doesn’t “feel” right about what they [or you] learned; about how or what they/you may be thinking about something.  The underlying fear may be sensed in the “teaching” or belief; the fear under the thought.  The brave will look at these beliefs and use them to create beliefs that are of a higher frequency.  They will use their “feelings” to discern and guide them to that which is of a higher frequency; what “feels” better and right. [Here the Angels were sending so much Love, and celebrating all the work that each of you are taking on!]

This requires you to trust your “feelings”.   That is what you are all doing now; releasing lack of trust, learning to “feel”, and then learning to create at a higher frequency.  You are reconnecting to the body as a tool for growth; the emotions as a tool for guidance. [Again, applause from the Angels for the accomplishments in this area of study.]

Again, this learning is a choice, and not all will make the same choices depending on their soul plan, and the plans of their soul groups.  Some will stay stuck in fear.  This is also a way of learning, and we do not want to get caught up in judging the progression or soul plan of another.  Each unique soul frequency will need to experience and learn in their own divine way, and in divine time – or not.  Often we do not “get it all done” in one lifetime, and so there are multitudes.  That means an infinite number of “ways” to learn; and infinite number of manifested realities and “ways of being” so that the soul has opportunity for expansion. [Angels were sending compassion for all souls, and patience to each of us on our journey.]

When you leave this plane of existence there are choices regarding how to proceed.  You remain divinely connected to your soul mates, no matter what format (dimension) the energy exists in.  Your loved ones are there for you, and they are excited about the continued growth of each of you, and the coming season with its energy of celebration.  They understand that these lives in the physical are a wondrous opportunity for growth, and the message is, to celebrate each and every day.  To celebrate the nuances of being in the physical. [Our Loved Ones came forth and joined with the Angels for this part of the message as they are reaching out to each of you to let you know that they are still there with you; walking with you daily; helping you when you struggle here.]

So this season, please celebrate each breath.  Celebrate the sky and the sunsets; the sunrise and birds.  Celebrate each illness, for it brings new knowledge.  Celebrate each challenge for the same reason; it brings new knowledge. Celebrate the new knowledge.  Each ending is growth and is making way for the new beginning.  Energy must move forward.  There is no “backward” here.  There is only collection of data and knowledge that leads us to a “choice”.

And even if and when we choose to stay in a fear, despite our best efforts, the knowledge comes.  The body knows and will begin talking to you about the choice to stay stuck.  So there is a subtle climb forward, no matter what. [So don’t judge yourselves, they said.  Be gentle with yourselves.]

Be assured that your journeys are timeless.  That your time here is always in forward motion.  That each challenge is worthy, and brings new knowledge and beginnings through your choices; conscious or not.  Celebrate each moment, because they are all good, no matter what they may “feel” like, due to the knowledge that you gain.  After all, that is what you came here for.  If you did not want to learn and expand your souls, you would be on the other side watching all of this craziness!  But you are the brave and you came here on purpose, with purpose.  It is your time to celebrate you!  [Just a reminder they said, to help make it a bit easier here.]

My Prayer

After I received this message, I asked the Angels to help us clear any angst regarding our ability to see things in a positive way, and to help us on our journey to release any fear regarding this forward motion, so that it can be a bit easier as we walk through our physical challenges.  I asked for them to help us see the knowledge so that we can flow higher frequency regarding the learning, and see what our possibilities are as we move into the future.

So, I say, Amen, and Thank You for all of your help here.  It is getting better and better!

Love and Peace,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP
Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium5 Steps to Increase Positive Energy Flow
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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