Angel Message:  Don’t justify your limitations!

We all get something out of the energy we run.  For instance, if we run the belief energy of “I’m shy” or “I’m socially awkward”, two things occur.

First, we’ll continue to create a reflection of that belief, and have experiences that convince us that this is true.  This happens because like energy attracts like.  You will attract those experiences that give you “socially awkward” vibration.  It can be that you attracted another who is socially awkward and both of you are at a loss for words, watching the conversation stall right there in front of you, both of you feeling powerless to change it as your confidence sinks lower and lower in the moment.  Or you may attract a physical symptom of the vibration that you are holding in your body, tripping on things, and or having clumsy moments.  These are “like” energy attraction situations; the energy-situation is mirrored and attracted by the energy that you are holding in your body (mind & soul).

What you are getting is a belief that you are socially awkward and that you don’t even have to “try” or put out any effort to change (believing that you can’t), and therefore you can give up, and avoid success.  If you avoid success socially, then you can’t fail. If you avoid success, then you can’t get close to anyone and you can’t get hurt.  So, the socially awkward label is one of protection.  But the hazard is that you are short changing your success, and the other part of the success, which far out-weights the risk, is reward!

So, the second thing that happens is you are avoiding your growth; avoiding becoming your greatest self – and possibly helping others, and or using your greatness for other divine purposes.  You may also be stunting the growth of another by not giving them their full experience that they may need from you; by speaking your truth, or by setting a healthy boundary.  By telling them a truth (rather than trying to protect them or their feelings), you are gifting them with a choice, rather than enabling them to remain stuck in a false belief.

Ask yourself what limiting belief am I arguing?  Why?  What am I afraid of?  What are the consequences?  What if I believed differently?  What would happen?  What might be the rewards be?

Affirmations:  I am here to grow.  I am worthy of my rewards.  I deserve to be great!  I release fears!  I love me!


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