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Angel Message:  Are you trying too hard?!


Yes, it is important to set a proper intention and to create a special sacred space to allow the moon to amplify our intentions, and to ground (really important), and then to ritually ask for what we want.  However, none of that will work if we are inadvertently holding energy within our physical, mental or emotional bodies that is being activated and blocking us.

What are energy blocks?

Quite simply they are old belief’s that are built through time that get in the way of believing that we can either have, deserve or create what we want.

Can we see them?

They can be deeply subconscious, stuck in energy bodies from past lives, and typically unseen, felt or experienced in a way that allows us to “see” them.

How do we identify them?

Often we cannot identify what the energy block is, or where it is in the body until we are running a pattern of actions or beliefs that we see are stopping us from creating.  And even if we don’t see the belief or pattern, the proof is that we cannot manifest what we want.  There are several ways to identify stuck energy using the physical body as well.  If you are having symptoms, each part of the body is related to a specific type of belief, and/or stuck energy.

Why are they in place?

These are put in place on purpose to be used as tools for the collection of data and information.  This information allows us to see what we believe by how it is showing up in the body.  It is information that allows us to then make a different choice regarding what we are choosing to believe.  These Karmic Challenges are put in place by you, and are contractual between you and your higher self, or between you and another soul, used for the purpose of creating a growth opportunity.  For example, if a person experiences abandonment, it often creates a belief that they are not good enough.  They then have an opportunity to identify when and where that belief was created, and begin releasing and healing it with the objective being to master the virtue of self-love; defining the value of the self only by the self, not letting it be dictated by an outside source.

How do we get rid of them?

We can release blocks and contracts either through energy work, or using specific tools, including my Angel Reiki Deck used for clearing both blocks formed here and brought forth from past lives, as well as meditations, like my Angelic Full Body Clearing Meditation. It is helpful to seek outside help if this has been a block for a long time.  Even the best healers have someone they go to for an “outside” view and objective opinion.  Don’t hesitate to ask!  It is scary for some, but scarier to think about never creating all that you desire, or to stay stuck in scary fear; afraid to become who you intended here.  It can also be scary because of changes and the unknown; “What will happen if I quit doing this behavior and who will I become?”  Or, “What if I end up alone?”  These are the most common of the fears that stop people from stepping into their gifts.  But I assure you, the world needs you and your innate gifts NOW!  So overcome your fears and step into who you came here to be.  Other divine souls are waiting!

  Read the 11 steps below.  But remember, it is important to read the rest regarding why we need to put our desires aside. 

  1. Begin in the morning by focusing on your body. Drink a glass of water to clear yourself physically, then clear yourself energetically. I have a Clearing Meditation that you can use, or you can visualize a clear, bubbling brook, flowing through you from head to toe, taking all the impurities and low frequency energy out the bottom of your feet. Imagine the earth, the dirt, neutralizing the energy, returning it to useful dust.
  2. Focus on self-care of the physical body. Go for a walk or put in some light exercise. This can be climbing the stairs, yoga, dancing in the kitchen, or other forms, but do this to loosen up your body. This helps to open chakra’s and other energy within the body to release any low frequency you may be holding onto. It also opens your body to receive.
  3. Set an intention to remain focused only on things that feel good throughout this one day. Ask your Angels for signs, and don’t hesitate to be specific. As you raise your frequency, it is easier and easier to create connection. Choose to release any and all thoughts that turn you toward any desire that you have not manifested yet. If asking for signs is going to trigger you to be conscious that you are feeling “disconnected” from your Guides and Angels, then skip this step, or try asking your Angels to just walk with you, as you create a new focus.
  4. Go outside. This step is extremely important. You must reconnect with nature. You can look at trees and plants and interact with them; use all of your senses. Watch the birds or other “life” outside. Listen to the waves, or watch the clouds. Find what fascinates you; tap into your inner child. Begin to set this up as a habit.
  5. Stand in gratitude regarding nature and everything else that you can experience being here in the physical dimension. Use all of your senses to experience all that is around you. Including all of the manmade “things” as well. Maybe it is the smell of freshly brewed coffee, or a particularly beautiful piece of architecture, or sculpture. Use sight, smell, taste, touch and the sense of hearing to build a frequency of pure joy of experiencing the whole of the person, place or thing.
  6. Create a Gratitude Celebration by connecting creative energy to your gratitude. Creative energy is one of the highest frequencies that we can run through our body. Make a beautiful piece of art or, using your creative energy flow, create a garden; take a photograph that represents all that you are grateful for. Create vision board that only has to do with feeling grateful for all that you have created already (it is important again not to include desires that have not yet manifested). This is different than simply standing in gratitude, saying thanks. This is different that standing in gratitude and using all of your sensibilities. This is combining two of the highest frequencies to free your energy; the vibration of gratitude and creative flow. Extremely powerful.
  7. Create a Focus Board for flowing energy to your body. This is not to focus on what you want to create, but a tool to visualize flow of beautiful healthy energy to your body. Do not put anything on the board that may create a low frequency feeling. For example, if you love the color purple, you can use a picture of yourself, or a drawing (and yes, you can simplify and use an oval that represents the body, it doesn’t have to be fancy), and use a purple crayon or pain to either fill in the oval, or to show “flow” of the color into your “body”. You can do this for your animals and others that you love as well. You can collage your favorite flowers, or other beautiful things that you like as well. But again, if you choose to include your fur baby, for instance, but you are worried about them in some way, I advise you not to include them on this Focus Board. 8.
  8. Create a favorite meal or food. Of course it is best to choose something healthy, but if one of your favorites is a comfort food that is not so healthy, just make sure you release any guilt before indulging. Perhaps create a low fat rendition, or limit your portion. If this affects your vibration or creates a trigger regarding food, then simple skip this activity.
  9. Play, visit some of your favorite spots; go to the trees or the beach. Really experience them, again engaging all of your senses. Write down all that you are experiencing for later use. Remember to stay focused on you; your enjoyment all by yourself, and frame this as a way of getting back in touch with your true joy; getting to know you and who you really are. This is a great reference for when you may be dipping into the energy of low frequency. But again, if any of these trigger you regarding wanting to enjoy them with another, or trigger you in any way that is negative, then skip them for now. It is important to note what triggers you and to hear why from your inner self. Are you valuing the other person more than yourself; valuing and assuming that the experience would be better? Using another to validate the experience for you; to validate your feelings regarding the experience? If so, it is only an indicator that lets you know it is time to master self-love; that further study of you is required. That creating the belief that you are deserving of joy, happiness and health is necessary to be able to flow that out into the world, either toward another or to attract all that you desire. So use this information to first acknowledge the old pattern of thought and belief and action, and then secondly, to create a different belief. Since we are concentrating on running a higher frequency throughout your body, mind and soul right now, we will release that “How to” for another time. You can contact me if this is something that you’d like to work on further; to discover origins.
  10. When you come to the end of your day, give yourself a pat on the back for running a day filled with love of self, higher frequency activities and for all that you accomplished. Take a celebratory salt bath or do something good for yourself. Say a thank you prayer to your Angels, or write them a note of gratitude, thanking them for their guidance throughout the day.
  11. Write a love note to yourself promising to continue the positive focus that you have created. Write the note to your higher self or your inner child. This is a powerful way to create a commitment to running a new frequency. Creating a new energy of belief about what you deserve will help you create

We can do all that was specified above, but then we have to put our intentions and desires aside.

Why must we put our desires aside?

When we want something so much and it hasn’t been created, it is literally impossible to fool the brain and pretend that it is “here for you already” – at first!  Yes, it does take practice, but you have to clear the energy before you can practice, and there are steps to creating a clear vibration.  Otherwise, when we look at the paper that we’ve written our desires on, we are inadvertently activating the vibration that says secretly in our brain, “But it’s not here yet”, or “What if it is not meant to be in this lifetime?”  I assure you, you can absolutely change contractual energy, release blocks, and create all that you want.  IT IS AN INHERENT PART OF BEING HERE.  A necessary Karmic Challenge to allow you the choice for different thought, belief and then action; a given within each soul plan.  And the only reason someone leaves the planet without creating what they want is because they were either too afraid to look at what was stopping them, too afraid to release and change what they were choosing, or didn’t do it in time and created a body screaming for so long, unheard, that the cells created disharmony and disease.  Even that can be changed if you choose to believe in your inherent powers of creation regarding your body’s ability to heal.  So we put our desires aside until we can unlock what is being activated by them; until we can shift the activation to a positive one of belief.  Otherwise every time we look at or think about that “thing” that we want, we are activating an energy blocking vibration of disbelief, or distrust, or other subconscious thought or action that stops us from getting what we want.  This happens when we are trying too hard, and underlying we don’t believe that we can create what we want, or don’t deserve what we want.

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