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The first method is for those who are experienced in this practice.  I guide you, through meditation, to your Akashic records. In this method you are the one gathering the information, and it comes in many different forms, using all of the body’s physical senses and abilities, your Angels and Guides will give you information. This method is mainly recommended for those who have psychic and or developed intuitive abilities, and for those who are easily hypnotized.  This is another reason that I prefer the other method, as I find that often people have a hard time visualizing, or reaching a deep enough trance state of being to access the information.  This requires a vibrational shift that is not easy for some, and I’ve learned that we waste far less time with the second method.
In the second method, the one that I prefer and the one that we will use, I take you into a light trance meditation.  I will be channeling your past lives, led by your spirit guides and mine (our Angelic realm helpers), as well as our Akashic record gate keepers. Come with an open mind to your session, as Spirit gives information in many ways; using all senses of the physical body.  During the work you may see colors, or experience Angelic Realm communication through smell, feeling/touch, or hearing words/sounds. In other words, leave expectations at home. Know that as we journey into the area of Akashic memory having to do with past lives, spirit will guide us to the ones that have had the most impact/importance, for either your question/area if interest, or the most impact/importance regarding some of your current life challenges/choices.
1. You will learn about what virtues you’re studying and why.
2. You will gain understanding about challenges you have faced in this lifetime.
3. You will gain understand regarding the purpose of the challenges.
4. You will gain understanding regarding the roles of others who have participated in your challenges.
5. Because I am also a healer, we will be doing clearing, healing, releasing and shifting of energy.
On occasion this may bring up or trigger old memories, or fears.  This is normal and I want you to consider that it is information that you will need for your healing and growth.  Frankly since we have worked together before, I know that this is already something that you understand, and can process. This is necessary anytime you access a past life.  So there will be a disconnection from any past life energy that may be creating ‘stuck’ energy in this lifetime.  Again, remember that no matter what thepast life or the roles, there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ life, or ‘bad’ actions in a life.  There are choices, and some are more productive than others, but none are ‘bad’.  These lives are all planned to allow us opportunities for choice, for the benefit of growth.  Receiving this information will help you better create within this life; your dynamic soul plan.  It will help support you in reaching your goals in this life.
It is best to prepare by drinking plenty of water 24 hours prior to the session, and to have water available during the session. Make sure you are not hungry, but don’t eat anything too heavy or two starchy as you’re wanting to create the highest, lightest frequency possible within your physical body.

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