11 Angelically Channeled DRIVING TOOLS

11-steps-for-driving-jpg-310-426UNIVERSAL TOOLS OF FLOW

These are Angelically channeled tools that help us while we are driving here in this dimension.  They help you readjust your focus to create freedom from low frequency.

What intentions to use, and How to set those intentions: 

1)      Imagine that you are embarking on a beautiful, serene or exciting journey.  Remember, that thought energy is one of the first energies that go into the creation of what you want the experience to feel like.  So prior, turn on the appropriate music and allow for yourself to absorb the energy and then imagine placing the energy in your vehicle; it can be exciting music, happy, or serene Tibetan bells.  Your choice!

2)      Bless you and your vehicle (I do this each time I drive).  Send love as a beam, a wave or a bubble, of pink light, over your car.  You can also bless your journey by expanding the bubble or light to include the entire path and those that you are meeting with, or the situation ahead.

3)      While you are seated in your driveway, or even prior, while still in your home, set the intention that you get to your destination with EASE & GRACE.  Use visualization to “see” within your imagination, you arriving at your destination refreshed, and at peace.

While Driving:

4)      See a protective bubble around you while you are driving.  You can visualize this prior, and while you are actually driving.  Remember, you can make/see the bubble as big or as small as you like.  Pay attention to the feelings of what you want to create; i.e., I love the way the space feels around me when I do this; I can breathe easily.

5)      Expand your time, and get there more quickly with ease.  “Expand my time, and shorten my journey”, is the phrase I say to myself when I am aware of time (meaning that I am running a bit late!).  I use visualization to see a longer line of time, expanding it, and to see a shorter line within the longer line (my journey; me getting to my destination in a shorter time period).

6)      When you find yourself “stuck” in traffic, relax and send a beam of Love forward through all lanes of traffic.  You can see it as if it were flowing in waves through all, slowly allowing all of the traffic to move peacefully; to create flow.

7)      Find a safe distraction.  If you are one who can do two things at once, good at multi-tasking, you can listen to a book while driving.  However you decide to distract yourself, please be safe.  Don’t do what I did!  I decided to listen to a blissful meditational recording while driving – DISPITE ALL OF THE WARNINGS!  Well, as my frequency increased (and it did), I became ungrounded, blissed out and extremely happy – until the police lights behind me “woke me up”.  I had far exceeded the speed limit – so although I was happy, relaxed and distracted, this did not work to my advantage in the earth plane.

8)      If someone cuts you off, don’t buy into the lower frequency of their energy.  Remain calm, and focus instead on what you want to create in your life and your time here.  Remember that you are modeling behavior for others, helping support the shift to a higher frequency.  Do not allow that experience to drag you into old “victim” energy; blaming any outside force for what you are feeling – the good or the bad.  Do look at what you are attracting, and ask what energy of belief you are flowing out into the universe.  Do you believe that driving is dangerous?  Do you believe that there are a lot of “idiot drivers” out there?  Please try to create a different belief so that you can attract a different experience.  It will work!  But you have to release the old!

9)      Take responsibility!  If you cut someone off by accident, then show them deference and that you are sorry – usually a wave will work.  It diffuses the energy and allows you to stand in a better position of power.  It’s good to release this, taking responsibility for any mistakes you may make.  We are all here learning, and the learning only happens when we decide to look at things, make a different choice, forgive self and others, and then take action that differs from the actions that got us into a low frequency experience in the first place.

10)   Make sure you have honored your body, mind and soul.  Eat well, and make sure you are hydrated so that you are at your optimal physical state.  Clear thought is definitely going to make any driving that you need to do much better.  Being hungry or thirsty can be a distraction. Cut down on all distractions, including that of the mind.  If you have had an upsetting argument with someone, while you are driving is not the best place to ruminate about it.  The car may be a great place for thought, to work things out in your mind, because it’s private.  So pull over and park if you find that something is distracting you, is too upsetting, or making you teary.  This is not the energy that you want to attract to yourself while you are driving! Pull over and baby yourself for a bit, and then when you are more grounded in the here and now, then you can continue on to your destination.  This is a better way to use a negative experience to learn to support yourself; to unconditionally love yourself.  And to keep yourself safe while driving.

11)   Maintain compassion.  Remember that everyone’s life experience differs.  Try not to judge.  If someone is driving erratically, yes, it may be important to report them, especially if you feel they are under the influence, and definitely stay out of their way (do not try to be heroic and stop them).  But remember that if someone cuts you off, they may have just lost a family member, a relationship, they may have some duress that they are dealing with, and although driving too fast or recklessly is a horrible way to deal with stress or anything else in life, trying to remember that they may be emotionally wounded may help you release judgement and their energy.  When you release that type of energy, and judgement regarding someone’s driving, you will be less likely to attract those experiences/that energy.  And when it’s your turn to be upset, you will better be able to be compassionate to yourself as well.  Practicing compassion is always good, no matter what situation you are in.

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