The Butterfly offers messages of transformation and metamorphosis, pertaining to the soul, stages of growth; the personality, stages of development; self-esteem, stages of healing; and other “life cycles”. These represent our processes as we evolve toward, and grow toward, rebirth and renewal, which happens over and over again in our lifetime.

The White Butterfly, symbolizes many things, including dimensional souls, our loved ones, Angels, and immortality (the infinity of the soul).  White Butterfly brings a Spiritual aspect, reminding us that we are more than what we see here in this dimension.  Colorful Butterfly’s may be asking you to “brighten up” your life, while White Butterfly is asking you to “go within”; to express joyfully from the inside out vs showing a colorful façade (that you may be hiding behind).  Pay attention to all that you experience with your senses, for they are your tools to discern and connect beyond this dimension.

Butterfly reminds us to focus on the lighter side of life, and to play; to gain higher perspective as you experience your earthly challenges.  To see the earth as the chrysalis, to gain this enlightened perspective, leads you to become one with the “All that is” God Source energy – true soul expansion, that is true “lightness”; true “Enlightenment”.  It is a reminder to easily flutter from one experience to another, rather than to bring heaviness to each experience; to see the soul’s gift in growth.

Butterfly is also telling you to pay attention to you, your body and health.  To miss this aspect of the message could lead you to unsafe habits or situations that are detrimental to your safety!  As Butterfly cannot fly if it’s body temperature is below 86 degrees, Butterfly makes sure to maintain safety by sheltering from the cold, alighting to bath in the sun for warmth, and continuing movement, to help keep the perfect temperature for safety.


Ask yourself these questions to find out what White Butterfly’s may be saying to you today:

Are you being asked to move into a different phase of growth?  If you are, Butterfly has shown up to guide you to do so with lightness, and asks that you refocus on what you love.  Let this be your guide, and do not resist the changes, for they are necessary.

Are you bringing a heaviness to your life experiences, focusing on the drudgery, or low frequency, negative aspects?  Butterfly is reminding you to make it easier on yourself.  Only you can choose to spread your wings and to become the lightness that you truly are within.  Your cells hold this energy of enlightenment, the God Source energy; it is innate and is the frequency that they naturally want to vibrate at.  Readjust your focus!  Are you connecting to your joy?  Your lightness of being?


What is your joy?  Are you listening and engaging in this as a daily practice?  The Butterfly does!  Follow his lead, and flutter to your joy.  It is the best way to find out what your life purpose is here.  But do not be over concerned with purpose.  If you are joyful, you will be lead naturally, effortlessly – just like Butterfly.  He does not “work” hard nor focus on “purpose”.  He knows that he just “is” and that he is perfect in just “being”.  So, if you are trying too hard, take a break!  Reconnect with joy and allow for all to unfold with ease.


Are you being called to gain a different perspective?  Are you only seeing that 1 + 1 = 2?  Imagine if the two things that you are adding together are puddles of water – then do they not equal one when added together?  Broaden your ability to see beyond what is seen, and open your mind to the world of possibilities in each situation.  The answers lie within.


Are you creating a safe-haven for yourself?  Are you subjecting yourself to harsh conditions?  Are you conscious of taking care of your needs?  Make sure that you aligned with what is best for you; know your needs, so that you can be as effective in your life, reaching for happiness and lightness, as you would like.  Don’t let other’s needs put you in jeopardy.


Have you been hiding behind a façade?  Hiding your feelings, your truth, or your true nature?  It may be time to figure out why; figure out what you are afraid of.  White Butterfly is calling you to go within, to express your beauty from within, rather than worrying about appearances, and or how others may judge you.  You are being called to see your beauty, and to release all judgements, especially those you fear from others.

In dream state, or altered consciousness, if you are seeing a cluster of White Butterflies and they are dispersing, you are being called to prepare for, or may be in the process of, releasing the “old” way of being and belief.  This will bring you freedom and expansion into the full self.  If you see a cluster of White Butterflies and they are coming to you, you may be preparing for major transformative changes that will bring you good fortune, and are being told to prepare for your transition.  This can also mean social experiences are a part of your transformation, and may be exactly what is needed for your “launch”, even if you are resistant.  It may be time to allow for others to help you.


So, bring the lightness of being to all experiences, and connect with your joy.  Butterfly is reminding of how to “be” on our journey here, and is calling you to do so with ease; releasing all that is heavy.

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