Why do celebrities and other highly successful people swear by Vision Boards?

Celebrities, like Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres (just to name two), swear by vision boards as a key to their success. Why? Because they WORK!

Join me LIVE as I share “corporate secrets” on how to make your own super powerful vision board – the very secrets that I teach when I do corporate events – for some of the largest corporations in the world, including Keller Williams, the largest Real Estate Company in the world!

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a powerful tool to manifest your Goals and Dreams. When you create a vision board with the right energy and images, you create an “Activated” tool to support your dreams. I will be teaching you my secret techniques to “Energize” and “Activate” your Goals and Dreams.

You will get clear on what you want to create (and I will break it down for you to make it super simple). Seeing these boards each day helps you align your brain and your energy frequency within your mind, body and soul, with the outcome that you most want to create! That’s why Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, and Katy Perry, all swear by Vision Boards – BUT, I’m going to teach you the secret techniques that even they have not used!

But, HOW does a vision board work?

As we feed the brain information, it cannot distinguish what is real, and what is not, and it begins to “output” energy as if this thing that we are feeding it is “real”. This “brain food” is enhanced by the visual images so the vision boarding is “feeding” your brain daily, as many times as you look at it. This is just one way the vision board works to create physical energy support! I will show you how to create a super powered board with my secret techniques, that will teach you how to expand on this! This is what helps you accelerate this process of creation.

Can your Vision Board work against you?

YES! There are specific “pitfalls” that you must avoid, to make an effect vision board; one that works for you, not against you! Find out what pitfalls to avoid when creating an effective vision board.