Hope you had a Wonderful Wednesday!  Just a reminder, I’ve had a request to send the prayer work & messages each day, rather than all on Friday.  This makes sense, so that you can connect with the Angelic symbols, and the symptoms, as well as the messages and affirmations.  The focus, will be infusion, in these next weeks, since we’ve done so much clearing!  (We’ll still be clearing too, but as we begin to move forward, we are going to move into this energy – creating our dreams and desires!)
____________Angelic Message:  These next two weeks we will be working on bringing energy in to support your dreams and desires!  We spent the last two weeks releasing, healing, and making room for new energy, so let’s bring it in!  [We’ll still be clearing and healing as directed, of course, but we are excited to help you move in this direction!]THANK YOU again, for all of your stories during our week.  I’m sharing them anonymously, so the group can learn and connect with situations, energy being released, any symptoms of the release, or Angelic signs, that have occurred. *There are a lot, so if you don’t see yours here, look for it next email.  Love all of the “dumping” and clearing, these past two weeks!  Definitely making room for all the positive creations that follow!  Super exciting!  Keep them coming!
________________WednesdayJust a little side note and an invitation to listen to my radio show on live stream!  Lots of great channeled answers and clearing!  Here are 2 links:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/being-with-ron-ash  or  http://www.tikilive.com/channel/btrn-natural-awakenings-radio.  We are live, giving Free Messages, on the 1st and 3rd Monday’s of each month, 9am Pacific, and 12 noon Eastern.

Prayer – Help with allowing for our dreams & desires

  • Infusion Energy areas:  Pituitary gland, hormones; pre-frontal cortex, reconnection to solar plexus and throat chakra; thyroid; corneas.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Lots of brain work today and lots of reconnection. The emphasis was on the prefrontal cortex. This is where we are able to see and connect with long-term rewards, versus the limbic which is connected to cravings/impulse control. The clearing was related to that area of the brain, clearing energy of impulses regarding nutrition, love, money. So, any addictive patterns/beliefs, regarding those areas, were being cleared. After the clearing of the limbic, the emphasis was on the prefrontal cortex and reconnecting to positive solar plexus energy.

The Solar plexus helps us to

  • feel;
  • connects us to our emotions.
  • Activated infusions of love; t
  • he ability to love myself;
  • the ability to love my potential;
  • the ability to love my dreams;
  • the ability to love my rewards.

The energy then flowed into the throat chakra, especially within the thyroid for some of the group. This completed a triangular energy that became very powerful as energy infusions of

  • pure love were given.
  • Activated infusions of energy included the ability to feed the soul;
  • swallow with ease;
  • speak up for our dreams.

Corneas were

  • infused with the activated energy of strength to see clearly
  • Physical health (healthy shape)
  • Anti-aging (DNA Activation coding)

Pituitary and Hormonal balance was supported by an activated infusion of

  • belief, the “I can” energy;
  • ability to balance emotions;
  • ability to balance chemistry;
  • ability to maintain high frequency function;
  • happy energy.
  • And as the infusion expanded, it continued to clear away old frequencies.
  • The color of light frequency:  The light frequencies were light pink, to a deeper pink (warmth; love), deep emerald green (cool healing), and hot white (for clearing stubborn addictive cravings).
  • Symptoms:  A feeling of calm and ease overall; tiredness; blurry vision, leading to improved eyesight; new opportunities for love, money and or career seem to materialize; impulses seem to disappear.  A feeling of well-being, and a focus on the future and your dreams – almost day dreamy like feeling – as you find yourself unconsciously focusing on things that make you happy; dreams of the future you.  Dizziness or slight headache, as you are adjusting to the infusion of higher frequency energy; adjusting to it.
  • Archangel:  Your own Guardian Angels are at work today – stand in gratitude, thanking them for the infusions!
  • Angel Symbols:  Frogs, cleansing; your Angels and Loved Ones reminding you to take a break!  The water within you conducts energy, so use it to soothe your soul; use it wisely!  Too much healing of others can drain you, so teach by example.  Pennies from heaven, and dimes!  Oddly, forks – a reminder to feed your soul (I love their sense of humor!)
  • Affirmation/Message:  I see my future dreams and am guided.  I am guided easily.  I release all low frequency.  I embrace love, for myself and others.  I love money, and money loves me (as it is just a molecular tool that we use to love ourselves and others).  I release fears (surrounding money, love and or change).

[After Reiki done remotely as per requested]  Thank you! The abdomen distention has decreased this week. Yay! All of the discomfort has diminished too. I am feeling really good this week.Hi Vicki,
[My response:  So thankful and happy for you!  I will continue Reiki. <3]

Today I woke up feeling powerful. Still some fear around that employee and my safety but the power I feel is stronger.
I used to be the weak one in all my relationships. The way the relationship would resolve after conflict or upset would be that I would back down, be the weak one, be quiet again and be small so the other could feel strong powerful and that they could win so the peace would be kept.
But no more
This is a lesson I have been working on and integrating for some time but I am feel and have been told (by mother Mary) that I am finally here. Her actual words to me this morning were that she’s proud of me and that I’m finally allowed into the kingdom (whatever that means, but it sounds cool!)
My lesson is learned and I’m done with him. No more. When we look back on things, in retrospect, it’s like oh God how and why did I ever deal with that for so long. No more. I come to work to contribute not to defend myself in the school yard, fear for my life, have employees that are insubordinate and looking to fight. I’m done and truly I feel I’m out of there… I’ve been applying for consulting jobs, but I think it would be really cool to manifest several month’s pay for the agreement to leave, so I’m focused on that!…
[Excellent work!  … I got chills reading the outcome Blaire!!!  And yes, it would be fabulous to manifest freedom.  Just make sure that as you construct the reality, that you keep the vibrations high, and use the energy of how you want each “thing” to “feel” in order to connect with those opportunities.]
I’m amazed at the synchrony of it all – my dog has been scratching for days and I kept checking his ears and cleaning them and checking his body and no fleas – until today I felt very strongly to shave him completely and all I could find was one flea!
[See this link for Flea Medicine:  https://www.happypsychic.com/ ]

…I was so in love with my intention (I’ve focused on it many times over the years) and was happy I was putting energy towards it again.  That lasted a day or … Then all this stuff came up around how sabotaging myself, how I take a roundabout way towards my dreams, and a lot of awareness around why I am where I am or rather why I’m not doing my dreams.  I just sat with this for a couple of days… awareness was also around feeling relief or maybe excitement, possibly peace, because I also realized that I am a lot closer to accomplishing my dreams than I have been thinking I have been for years.  This was very comforting to me, although again I was just sitting with the awareness for a day or two, still a bit fuzzy/unclear as to what the next step would be… but again it goes back to GET AN EDITOR.  lol….  …my style is “personal journal” haha (that’s the first time I said that, but it’s true), so it’s not “supposed to be” super polished.  It’s supposed to be very intimate and that’s what brings the healing…. I am still moving forward (and thinking about that)….
[Definitely gaining more clarity as you process!]

Vicki, this is so Amazing!! Thank You So Much for sharing these!! I’m feeling great in my body except my breast challenged at healing the scar from the old biopsy [still not healed]… Nothing seems to help.  Can You please do some distant Reiki on me.
Also, every day is a different energy for me this week, I feel sleepy and not too motivated to do my daily chores. I just trust that things are exactly as they should be and my body needs a rest to recover completely.
I absolutely LOVE your writings.
Every post could be a booklet!!
It is so precise and meaningful, just reading it gives me strength, faith and hope.
I would love to get your cards….

[Thank you so much for that confirmation, and your appreciation!!!  Regarding Reiki, I’m on it!  I will be doing some special work on you tonight and tomorrow, remotely…email me tomorrow or Sunday to check in re your physical state.]

Have a fabulous evening!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
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Corporate Consultant
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