Happy Thankful Tuesday!  Just a reminder, I’ve had a request to send the prayer work & messages each day, rather than all on Friday.  This makes sense, so that you can connect with the Angelic symbols, and the symptoms, as well as the messages and affirmations.  The focus, will be infusion, in these next weeks, since we’ve done so much clearing!  (We’ll still be clearing too, but as we begin to move forward, we are going to move into this energy – creating our dreams and desires!)

Angelic Message:  These next two weeks we will be working on bringing energy in to support your dreams and desires!  We spent the last two weeks releasing, healing, and making room for new energy, so let’s bring it in!  [We’ll still be clearing and healing as directed, of course, but we are excited to help you move in this direction!]

THANK YOU again, for all of your stories during our week.  I’m sharing them anonymously, so the group can learn and connect with situations, energy being released, any symptoms of the release, or Angelic signs, that have occurred. *There are a lot, so if you don’t see yours here, look for it next email.  Love all of the “dumping” and clearing, these past two weeks!  Definitely making room for all the positive creations that follow!  Super exciting!  Keep them coming!



Just a little side note and an invitation to listen to my radio show on live stream!  Lots of great channeled answers and clearing!  Here are 2 links:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/being-with-ron-ash  or  http://www.tikilive.com/channel/btrn-natural-awakenings-radio.  We are live, giving Free Messages, on the 1st and 3rd Monday’s of each month, 9am Pacific, and 12 noon Eastern.

Prayer –  Calling in opportunities & clarity of dreams; potential

  • Infusion Energy areas:  Bottom of the feet (are you grounded in your dream desire?  Can you imagine “standing” in it?); Digestion/Sacral Chakra/Stomach and Gallbladder (allowing for intelligent infusions, from multiple sources – are you able to digest suggestions?  Are you resisting listening to others because you feel that would put you in a weak position?  Do you love yourself enough to let go of defending yourself – standing in the “knowledge” that you are perfect as you are; where you are standing?).
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas: Calling in the future!  The activations were “seen” (and may have been felt) in the areas mentioned above, and were aligned with (for the bottom of your feet – and may have been felt in the lower leg, up to the knee) grounding.

The energy of infusion in the bottom of the feet is

  • allowing the negative ions to be properly cleared of a charge; be grounded in peace and harmony.
  • allowing your dream energy to be grounded in reality; clear knowing regarding direction and choices
  • firmly grounding you in your dream desires; seeing the future you!

The energy of infusion in the digestive tract is

  • ability to digest suggestions in a positive way, without becoming defensive; empowerment.
  • ability to release judgements of self, regarding your creative gifts; I AM LOVE.
  • support for the release of disappointment in self and others, especially in regard to timing; Acceptance.
  • ability to receive love, unconditionally from self and from others, especially in regard to your creative gifts.  Higher-self Wisdom & Knowledge.
  • ability to support the release of nutritional struggles that lack support of health (the physical body challenges that represent sabotage).  Willpower; Prefrontal cortex activation – coding from Pleiadean sources, and Angels (DNA Activation).
  • The color of light frequency:  Blue with a touch of violet frequency for digestive areas; and green energy, was used in grounding; being pulled up through the bottom of your feet.
  • Symptoms:  Tingling or itching may have been felt.  May have felt “off balance”, or dizzy. May have been gassy, as you were ingesting truths, or releasing judgements.  May have had a bit of nausea if memories of angst popped up regarding allowing the release of defensiveness; and in conjunction with the expression of acceptance of your divine perfection. Feeling “full” in a good way!  Loving actions taken with ease to support YOU.  Deep soul connecting conversations with strangers and loved ones, may have taken place, as you adjust your frequency and begin attracting at a higher vibrational level.
  • Archangel:  Raguel [Rag-WELL] Friend of God, helps us heal relationships – with the self and with others.  He helps you connect with your feelings to be guided with ease and grace; and to tell the difference between what is genuinely yours and what is not.  Supporting the energy of fairness, he will help you see things in a different way, avoiding victim energy; releasing conflicts, he maintains harmony and balance.
  • Angel Symbols:  Grass – may find blades lying around in unlikely places – a reminder from your Angels to use the healing energy of green frequency – frequently!  Tomatoes – as a symbol of fruit that has specific acidity levels (may want to reduce your intake while you are processing if this divine fruit is giving you a message!); release any “acidity” toward others or the self.  The red color and actual fruit is also a symbol of love – love yourself is the message – so be aware of how many times you see all of these symbols, including the color red for passionate infusions, and a reminder to be aware of what you love – walk toward it – walk through the fears that have kept you from it!
  • Affirmation/Message:  I allow for myself to be supported by all energy without judgement of whether it is good or bad.  It is simply collection of data that is guiding me to what feels better for me; what fits, and what doesn’t.  I love all collection of data!  I embrace all of my feelings.  My dreams are real!  I am walking toward them each moment.  I am love!

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you feel stuck!  Or if you have symptoms that you need some help with.  Here are a few stories, but I will be saving the majority for Friday….

Due to the fact that I have received so many, I am splitting them up, and may offer a mid week email again next week.  This PG is different due to the planetary alignments, the Full Moon, and the Eclipse, and is promoting supper empowerment, regarding the shifting energies of all of you!  Be aware!  And share!

I wanted to ask if you had any suggestions on relieving blocked energy in regards to getting over fear. On Saturday at work I was attacked by one of my clients and I felt a sense of intense fear in that moment. I’m alright physically, but I think knowing he has sent people to the hospital with injuries struck a chord with me. I’ve never felt like I was in real danger at work before this and I got very emotional that day and yesterday. Today I’m feeling better, not quite as on edge, but I still don’t feel normal. I guess I could describe it as feeling numb. Any suggestions on what can help? I think it’s a sign I need to step on it and look for other work opportunities.

[My response:  Agreed with looking for other opportunities.  It struck an emotional cord with you because it triggered loss of control.  This is related to your study that involves your root chakra; safety, security and support (from self and others).

I will do some clearing and Reiki on you tonight.  And you must begin to affirm:  I am safe.  I am supported, by myself.  I am listening to myself and am supporting myself by taking actions of support (finding new work; telling me so you can get help clearing; telling others at work, and insisting on safety precautions.)

As you master self-support and safety, you will attract more of it!
Big hugs!!!  This is a doosy of a full moon and eclipse so hold on!  Your clients are sensitive to all of the energy of change….]

Clients response after Reiki:  Thank you for taking the time to help me out.  I went out of town to see a friend in the evening yesterday, still feeling wonky, and came back feeling much more grounded and like myself. I appreciate it a lot. I also analyzed the incident further and realized it could have been avoided had safety been a priority, so I emailed my concerns to my supervisor.
I’m looking forward diving into this prayer group and getting the most out of it.

Thanks a ton
Hi Vicki,
OMG…SO….I have seen so many yellow butterflies! Some Pennies and other change. Mostly those yellow butterflies. They are not all the same butterfly either. Some are the big ones with black on their wings and others are the smaller yellow butterflies with some white on their wings. And I’ve beem traveling lately and still see these butterflies in another part of the country:)))) …

…So, on SundayMonday and Tuesday i had some nausea that I couldn’t pinpoint. Meaning I was thinking food related or something, but I usually don’t have that. So, then I remembered the prayer group and figured it was more clearing. On Tuesday was the most profound symptoms of nausea and severe throat chakra. I even gagged and had a sensitive gag reflex. This came on while driving to the barn around 8:20am in the morning. I worked on clearing it myself before I got on my horse. I still wasn’t a 100% but knew it would pass. Then I felt inspired to ask my trainer about adding another day and changing my ride times. WOW, then the relief came!
I had this deep inner belief that I didn’t deserve to ride with the head trainer more than the 2 days I had been given 3 years ago. Since I started riding in this particular sport I in some way always felt that I just had to ride with the assistant, because I wasn’t good enough. WELL! Things started to shift about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been the only one riding my horse which means I am his trainer…..so while I was on vacation the assistant trainer had to get on my boy and when I got back she really complimented his training…ie…me:)  This allowed the shift in me to decide then and there that I am more than good enough and my horse has been wanting this for so long that it was time to make a change. Poet and i both deserve the very best and energetically it feels the best. We are WORTH it and I needed to stop protecting someone else’s feelings, the assistant, and do what is best for me and MY horse:)))))
I’m also feeling the need to figure out my relationship….i haven’t found the words yet but i’m hopefull that through the next month of prayer group i’ll gain more clarity on that.

Love and Light

[My response:  Awesome releasing and clearing!!!  So excited!!! Yes, you deserve to value you and your horse and the relationship that you have both with you and with your horse.  You deserve to love you and to have a relationship that supports that, and that is the key!  When you value you, you will automatically attract and elicit that type of energy in a human relationship.  Can’t wait to see how you continue to support this new reality and create into the future!]Can’t wait to see how you continue to support this new reality and create into the future!]



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