Hope you had a ThankfulThursday!  Just a reminder, I’ve had a request to send the prayer work & messages each day, rather than all on Friday.  This makes sense, so that you can connect with the Angelic symbols, and the symptoms, as well as the messages and affirmations. The focus, will be infusion, in these next weeks, since we’ve done so much clearing!  (We’ll still be clearing too, but as we begin to move forward, we are going to move into this energy – creating our dreams and desires!)

*Note on the second story response, I have included an exercise that you may find helpful!  And, in the second to last story, a visitation from a loved one!  Lots of physical results too!

Angelic Message:  These next two weeks we will be working on bringing energy in to support your dreams and desires!  We spent the last two weeks releasing, healing, and making room for new energy, so let’s bring it in!  [We’ll still be clearing and healing as directed, of course, but we are excited to help you move in this direction!]

THANK YOU again, for all of your stories during our week. STAY AWARE!  Your Angelic Team is all around you!  I’m sharing stories anonymously, so the group can learn and connect with situations, energy being released, any symptoms of the release, or Angelic signs, that have occurred. *There are a lot, so if you don’t see yours here, look for it next email.  Love all of the “dumping” and clearing, these past two weeks!  Definitely making room for all the positive creations that follow!  Super exciting!  Keep them coming!



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Prayer – Please bring us to the light & connect us to our wisdom; allow us Peace in life’s journey!

  • Infusion Energy areas:  Sacral Chakra/stomach – for strength in self-love; tailbone (Root Chakra) – for grounding, protection, and connection to divinity; Past Life clearing and cord cutting (Root Chakra & Tailbone connections – again, having to do with safety, security, and self-support in the form of self-love).  DNA infusion activations in tailbone area.  See some of the illustrations I am including.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Standing on the crystal shore, at the crystal water’s edge, a light infused energy was flowing gently and meeting in our sacral chakras.  So beautiful, as the energy flowed, and then met; almost transparent, yet intense in color, and curling like smoke.  As this happened, 1) a clearing release took place, and a space was created for 2) an infusion of intense, pure, self-love, which passed through our entire bodies.  Next, 3) we sent a vibrational beam down from the tail bone, and connected to the “womb-like” core of the earth, where 4) we connected with divine energy that replicates the highest form and source of “divine mother’s love”.  From there, 5) we were directed to open our crown, and to send a beam of energy up, into the universal light, to connect to divine wisdom; the all that is; God Source energy.  Connected above and below, 6) we were infused with activations for DNA adjusting/release of coded struggles within our contractual learning.  For example, if we had come forth with a mother-daughter relationship “struggle” within the contract of learning and growth, ease was felt regarding this challenge; a new perspective may be experienced.  Same with other relationships, including that of worth-value, that involves career & money.  7) Grace and understanding was infused.
  • The color of light frequency:   A light, pastel pink and yellow energy was flowing gently and meeting in our Sacral Chakras; beams of lightly tinted golden light connected us to the core of the planet, and divine white light connected us above, to the God Source flow of all that is; Akashic wisdom connection.  We have all the information we need, coded within.
  • Symptoms:  Low back pressure at the tailbone.  Challenge to sit still.  Anxious feelings when sitting still.  Peace flowing along the spine for relaxation.  Lots of Ah-ha moments, as the wisdom entered the body, and created a stronger connection for you all to your higher self and the God Source “all that is” energy; as well as your Akashic storage of information.  Tingling in the head and or neck area.  Dizziness.  A soft emotional feeling toward yourself; a yen to get a massage or gift yourself in a beautiful way (walking, taking in nature, deep breathing, etc.).  Excitement about the future.  Further release of symptoms from energy blocks.
  • Archangel:  Your own Guardian Angels are at work today – stand in gratitude, thanking them for the infusions!
  • Angel Symbols:  Plumeria (5 petals = 5 changes, so look for those to take place.  Your Angels and Guides are leading you and supporting you.).  Beautiful scent of the rose.  There may not be any around, as it is sent from heavenly dimensions beyond.  Also, the sight of roses/plumerias as a symbol to remind us that we are not alone here.  Caterpillar as an Angelic symbol, has a message for you as well – go here to see the entire message:  https://www.happypsychic.com/
  • Affirmation/Message: 
  • When we love ourselves, we attract all that we need; when we give ourselves all that we need from within, we always attract it to us in a physical and non-physical way (energetically).
  1. I feel intense love and acceptance in my physical body.
  2. I allow for the release of all negative thoughts toward myself.
  3. I am protected.
  4. I am safe.
  5. I am worthy, and call in all of my dream desires with ease.

For those having sadness, know that it will be lifting soon with each adjustment.

Hi Vicki,
I just read over your last email for PG7.  I always enjoy the specific information you share.  I’ve been in a recovery mode since an elective surgery on Monday, 7/31. I was awake with a local anesthetic during my surgery on 7/3…. It was scary and I felt what was going on.  I called on my angels to surround me, the doctor and his assistant with guidance and healing light.  I saw the aura surround the 3 of us and while I stayed in that awareness I was able to rise above the pain and discomfort, in peace.  It was amazing and I was excited to be able to go to that place for comfort throughout the surgery.  It’s the first time I called on the healing, protective, enlightened aura to be with me and i felt such a great (universal) love and power.

[Beautiful!  Excellent job on calling on, and using, the energy that we all have available to us!  Further, I will do some Reiki on you to amplify your innate healing ability and support quick recovery.]

I am ready for infusion and so thankful you mentioned we had undergone releasing and healing. I have had a difficult time shedding an [the energy of someone] from long ago. … I got stuck in some strange loop and could not pull myself out of it. Anyway, earlier in the year I did some heavy duty releasing work then karmic cord cutting –all on an energetic level. I felt huge shifts from the work and intention behind it but have had [some struggles within] my thoughts. We’re talking a connection that was never a healthy one, but very [strong and over a decade old]. [On occasion, a connection will pop up] and shake things up (and this is without [having any connection]). Since the releasing work I have heard NOTHING from [this soul]. So, I’m figuring [they] felt the cut even if subtly. Still some days are fine and other days I fall into an odd hole. Mid-afternoon today I feel like some substantial shift or re-calibration occurred and I emerged from the hole. Reading your recap email, a lot is falling into place. Even though I’ve experienced divine intervention on some level a few times in my life now, being able to put my finger on it having happened again always blows my mind!

[So happy to hear that all of the energy work is helping to support this transition!  Often what is happening is, the attraction/appearance of a soul who we once had a connection with, is a message.  And the message has to do with an aspect that we are missing in our lives, more than the actual person.  For if it was about the person, then in combination with that aspect, you both would be in a relationship still.  But something was amiss and did not work out; something caused you to part ways.  It’s easy to forget what it was, or lose focus regarding what didn’t work, and then to focus on the part that you miss.  You deserve the whole thing, when it comes to a loving relationship – but do you believe it exists?  Sometimes we revisit our “partial” success because we feel that we either do not deserve the entire success, or that it doesn’t exist.

Do some contemplative meditation, and then this simple exercise.  Make a list of all of the positive attributes, and then remembering all that did not work, make a separate list.  What do you want to take from that positive list to create with?  This will give you information about what you may be missing that is triggering the “revisiting”, and a roadmap for creating what you really want (rather than only a partial success, which is what he represents.)

I will do some cord cutting with the Guides and Angels.]

Lots of physical body awareness happening.

Feeling very tired, heavy.  I’ve been taking a short nap in afternoon which helps.

Friday experienced aches in my upper chest.  I reached to massage the area and realized it was in my bones (massage didn’t assist).  I also experienced heaviness in my sacral chakra.

Sat pm I was very tired again and went to bed early.  I slept for over 19 hours!  Better when awoke.

Monday after my appts were completed I felt a need to work in the yard.  I worked physically and energetically .

This week my [family will be out of town]. Tuesday pm they told me to take it easy this week since I’ve been so busy.  Wow.

My thoughts:  The Angels are working overtime to assist me with some heavy duty clearing that I’ve been working on.

Blessings to you Vicki for your assistance.

[My response:  Wow!  Lots of clearing is going on, and so happy that you are releasing!  That’s the reason you needed to sleep for 19 hours!  Your entire body was in transition to a higher frequency.  Self-love is being installed, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself slowing down, standing up for your needs/wants a bit more, and saying “no” more easily.  These healthy boundaries have already begun, and will continue.  I love that your understanding how the Angels are lining everything up to support you!
Hugs, and sending lots of energy of support your way!]
Hi Vicki
Had a rather magical day where everything fell into place

I have had some interesting experiences in the past with my father who passed away in 1980
We had a little thing about Lucy and after he died the tv would turn on when Lucy came on things like that

Today I was going to watch the long long trailer – a Lucy movie

I plugged in the tv and thought it was the right cord to the dvd
The show started for a minute then went back to regular tv

That is when I noticed the dvd was not plugged into the tv at all

Then I thought of my dad

So – that happened!

[My response: Yes!  This is an amazing experience, and I love that as you adjust your frequency, your ability to connect more easily will be activated!
He is always with you, as you know, and I love that he wanted to watch Lucy with you!  It brings back similar memories for me, as I watched that show with my dad too.]

 Hello my dear,
I want you to know that since my session with you I have paying close attention to my bladder activity, and noticed a significant improvement, I have to deal with this over activity almost all my life, and think just now I am getting to feel “normal” it’s been a week and I feel the difference, I’ll keep you posted of my progress. Thank you very much for your support…you are talented and a generous person.[My response:  Thank you so much for letting me know of your extraordinary progress in healing! …So happy for you!  Will continue the Reiki!  Special note for those who may have bladder issues.  The bladder is associated with Root Chakra studies of safety, security, (especially in relationship to any sexual encounters, like those that are abusive, or create a lack of control/safety).  Root chakra studies involving the bladder usually involve layers of release from the past, and then infusing the area with new energy, including that of belief – after energy has been successfully cleared.  The study of the Root Chakra also involves studies of support, and asking for help is a beautiful way to support your soul, as you walk through challenges; physical, mental, emotional, etc.  If you are suffering with a physical challenge as a result of holding a low frequency in your body, I urge you to get healing support.  It works!]Have a fabulous day!Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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