Happy Monday!  I’ve had a request to send the prayer work & messages each day, rather than all on Friday.  This makes sense, so that you can connect with the Angelic symbols, and the symptoms, as well as the messages and affirmations.  The focus, will be infusion, in these next weeks, since we’ve done so much clearing!  (We’ll still be clearing too, but as we begin to move forward, we are going to move into this energy – creating our dreams and desires!)

Angelic Message:  These next two weeks we will be working on bringing energy in to support your dreams and desires!  We spent the last two weeks releasing, healing, and making room for new energy, so let’s bring it in!  [We’ll still be clearing and healing as directed, of course, but we are excited to help you move in this direction!]

THANK YOU again, for all of your stories during our week.  I’m sharing them anonymously, so the group can learn and connect with situations, energy being released, any symptoms of the release, or Angelic signs, that have occurred. *There are a lot, so if you don’t see yours here, look for it next email.  Love all of the “dumping” and clearing, these past two weeks!  Definitely making room for all the positive creations that follow!  Super exciting!  Keep them coming!


Prayer – To bring in the energy of positive focus and to align with the energy of motivation, to receive, and to take right actions.

  • Infusion Energy areas:  Wrists, hands & fingers (the energy of being able to receive); elbows (the energy of allowing flexibility; releasing stubborn patterns); nose (being lead easily by your senses) and the muscles in the backs of the upper leg/back of thighs (the energy of allowing forward motion, support and the willingness to take right actions).
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  The activations were “seen” (and may have been felt) in the areas mentioned above, and were aligned with (for wrists, hands & fingers)
    • bringing in “right” support;
    • the perfect connections, and an infusion of
    • the ability to discern who is for your greatest good,
    • the ability to ask for what you need (in career and love, in particular)

(And in the elbows)

  • the ability to gain insight about others point of view with ease;
  • the feeling of deep understanding regarding the plight of others.
  • Compassion; a need to help others.


  • Sensitivity to feelings; your own and others
  • Amplified intuition;

(backs of legs)

  • Willingness; a stronger will to follow your dreams; take actions.


  • The color of light frequency:  Cool White light, and orange light frequencies were used intermittently.   In between, the green light would be used on some who were having a hard time receiving their positive infusions of energy.  These souls were given special attention and clearing was done.  Light violet was also used around the head of some within the group.  The group was seated on blankets in the forest, surrounded by spiritual light and green trees (looked dream-like; soft).  All were barefoot, and the energy was sometimes being directed by Angelic workers who were working on aligning the energy of your feet with your purposeful path.
  • Symptoms:  May have heard whispering; the higher self & Angels were standing by having beautiful conversations about all that you want, need & deserve, and describing them.  You may have had colorful dreams as well.  Physically you may have felt slight discomfort in the areas of the body where the energy was being infused, including the feet where the energy was being directed while we were seated in the forest.
  • Archangel:  Ariel, [AIR-ree-el], “Lioness of God”, protector of our animals, and the planet; nature.  Ariel’s message helps us with support and guidance for activities that align with “natural” energies (beyond the nature on our planet and beyond, out to the universe).  This was who we were calling on as we sat in the forest, seeking to connect with the energy of love in all infusions.  Ariel is also the ruler of the planets, and, through her, we were calling on planetary support regarding our dreams and desires.  Ariel helps us maintain a natural flow of resources to support us as we move beyond surviving here; food, water, shelter and other energies of support (material, and non-material).
  • Angel Symbols:  Quarters, caterpillars (lots of spirit animal energy, including the Ant.  Here’s the link to see what the messages are: https://www.happypsychic.com/ );   birds (doves – love, and song birds – clearing the throat chakra for joyful infusions of energy vibrations, throughout the body).  Hearts were shown as well (see the picture that I’ve included).
  • Affirmation/Message:  I will fly!  I am opening to all possibilities.  I am open to receive!

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you feel stuck!  Or if you have symptoms that you need some help with.  Here are a few stories, but I will be saving the majority for Friday….

Due to the fact that I have received so many, I am splitting them up, and may offer a mid week email again next week.  This PG is different due to the planetary alignments, the Full Moon, and the Eclipse, and is promoting supper empowerment, regarding the shifting energies of all of you!  Be aware!  And share!

Hi Vicki,
Haven’t done the meditation yet, however this morning, probably as you were drafting your email I was driving on the freeway. Warning: Graphic details: As I was driving, I went through a wall of feathers and wondered what the heck was going on. Just a few more feet up, I saw that someone had hit a pigeon (I think) and that’s where the feathers were coming from. I thought of the angel signs and wondered if this could be one although sad and violent. I filed it away as I got to work but then your email reminded me of it again.

[My response:  Yes, and it’s important to think about what you were thinking about just prior, or feeling, just prior to having such an explosion around you!  Often we are being directed to pay attention in that moment.  We may be receiving important information regarding a dilemma that we have been contemplating, or receiving information that is in some way profound.  So do a little meditation and take yourself back, asking your Guides to reveal your special message.  When we are feeling overwhelmed or chaotic, we can also be the recipient of messags in this form, as our energy is helping to create realities all around us. 


Also, this evening while I was watering plants, I heard loud thrumming, almost like a mini-helicopter. I looked up and saw a hummingbird. Once I looked at her, she sat still on a branch for a stretch of seconds. I stopped moving and watched her. Once I made a slight move, she flew off. It was a sweet 20 seconds or so.

[My response:  Beautiful!!!!  Yes, the symbolic energy is about JOY!  And you are being directed to open and receive all that is already there for you!]

Hi Vicki, thank you for the mid-week message.  My emotions have been so strong today and now knowing about the full moon, that helps me understand.  I also have been having a lot of digestion discomfort starting this week.  I have two instances where Angelic systems were presented to me.  Yesterday we were placing flowers at my husband’s parents and sibling graves and a dragonfly came out of nowhere and hovered by us and last week as I was sitting outside taking in the “Stillness” of the place we are staying, I was enjoying the butterflies and birds and made the comment no dragonflies, and right at that time two flew by where I was sitting.

After reading your Friday wrap up I journaled how I felt those days and would like to share.  Last week, I have had growth in my ability to communicate my needs, understand the viewpoints I have am trying to learn to keep or let go of these patterns as being outdated for my growth.  Monday’s message spoke to me as I have an Amethyst grid in my bedroom.  One day all of a sudden my knee seemed to go out on me, it last for about an hour.  Wednesday message to you showed up to me early  on Thursday morning as I had a ocular headache in my left eye.  It passed and by the end of Thursday I didn’t know why I felt I needed to take a swim to stretch out and move.  I did and found myself after a short swim laying in my recliner outside drying off and basking in the sun, relaxing and quieting my mind.  Also, passed fields of sunflowers last week.

I am looking forward to hearing this week.

[My response:  Thanks so much for sharing this!!!  Yes, the full moon is super strong as we enter into an intense eclipse season.  These energy are supporting us as we shift our energy, but it is not always comfortable to be shifting this rapidly!  So, I’m so happy that you have listened to your soul, and have taken time to find the “stillness”.

Dragonfly’s are a symbol for feminine strength; a symbol of the Female Warrior.  She was on the move to show you how quickly your beautiful energetic strength can manifest things!  And to remind you of your power.  This is a time of change, and we are being supported in a multitude of ways!]


Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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