Prayer for Wisdom, Strength & Truth

Hope you are having a Fabulous Friday!  Just a reminder, I’ve had a request to send the prayer work & messages each day, rather than all on Friday.  This makes sense, so that you can connect with the Angelic symbols, and the symptoms, as well as the messages and affirmations. The focus, will be infusion, in these next weeks, since we’ve done so much clearing!  (We’ll still be clearing too, but as we begin to move forward, we are going to move into this energy – creating our dreams and desires!)

Angelic Message:  Tune in to your intuition!  It is becoming a stronger energy within for guidance; to keep you safe, and to lead you to what is best for you!

THANK YOU again, for all of your stories during our week. STAY AWARE!  Your Angelic Team is all around you!  I’m sharing stories anonymously, so the group can learn and connect with situations, energy being released, any symptoms of the release, or Angelic signs, that have occurred. *There are a lot, so if you don’t see yours here, look for it next email.  Love all of the “dumping” and clearing, these past two weeks!  Definitely making room for all the positive creations that follow!  Super exciting!  Keep them coming!


Just a little side note and an invitation to listen to my radio show on live stream!  Lots of great channeled answers and clearing!  Here are 2 links:  or  We are live, giving Free Messages, on the 1st and 3rd Monday’s of each month, 9am Pacific, and 12 noon Eastern.

Prayer – Accept our Intuitive Wisdom & Allow our Strength to Increase; Lead us to our Truth.

  • Infusion Energy areas:  The back of the cranium (ocular connection regarding processing what we see, and the belief energy attached); the “All that is” energy connecting at the tailbone; Akashic connection and wisdom from past experiences regarding what we wish to experience ad create here (pulling energy of the planet and the universal flow, in to feed/heal us).
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  An infusion of excitement regarding outlooks and perception – even regarding our challenges, as we begin to step into our true power.  Recognition that change is just a mindset and we have an ability to shape energy with our choice of thought and belief.  Giving up more of what is not working for us.  Commitment – to self, to our dreams, to positive soul food through our thoughts and actions.
  • The color of light frequency:   AYellow energy was gifted through the lower back, and ran up the spine to the back of the cranium, and then up to connect with the universal wisdom of the Akashic records.  Lighter Purple was run from the mid back, down to the tail bone, through the legs, and then allowing for the connection to the earth’s core energy for an infusion of the wisdom of the ages.  This planet holds wisdom, and the gift of this energy creates an infusion of strength (like the wild blueberries who have learned to thrive – see the symbols below).
  • Symptoms:  Up and down emotions, as we approach the eclipse on Monday.  See the article regarding how best to use this energy: .  Lower back tingling or a feeling of tiredness as you shift into the higher vibrations.  Lots of connections to past life realities and wisdom, which may create familiarity with people, places and other aspects of your life.  A yearning to connect to your passion, and a willingness to try new things.  An amplified intuition.  An amplified sensitivity and lack of patience with others who may not “get it”.  A release of old friendships that are no longer in vibrational harmony with your new frequency of happiness.  Headaches from the infusion as we allow for the “turning around” of the thought process (regarding beliefs and perceptions).
  • Archangel:  YUriel, [Yur-ee-el], Angel of Wisdom; God’s truth; or God is My Light.  Uriel helps us seek illumination and insight when we face tough choices.  He protects us from those who are of a lower frequency, by illuminating how we may be attracting the low energy by what we think, belief, and by our choices.  He leads us to wisdom, with epiphanies, and downloads of information, intuitively & Angelically, but ultimately it is our choice to listen, believe and then take “right” actions.
  • Angel Symbols:  Wild Blueberries (make sure you eat this incredible fruit to ingest the energy of wisdom that it embodies; they have survived through the harshest of conditions and have created innate survival strategies – with ease.  This genetic coding carries this vibration, and it serves to support this energy within you.)  Seeing this is a message from your Angels that you are wise and have access to the energy of thrival (vs. survival!).  Owl – funny story.  Someone mentioned it on my FB page, and asked for me to speak about the energy of owl.  Then, right after I read that, as I was near water, I heard a Screech Owl (at about 6am this morning).  The Angels are bringing us this wonderful Angelic Messenger regarding messages of wisdom.  To learn more about our Spirit Animal, the Owl, go here: 
  • Affirmation/Message:  You are strong; like the tree, like the wind, like the waves.  [Close your eyes and feel each force].  You are wise; open to your Akashic wisdom, for you have had many successful lives living your dream desires.  Tap that energy now.  You have knowledge beyond this plane of existence.

I’m … processing everything we discussed, but am feeling lighter. Interestingly enough, my upper leadership at work flew in to … meet with me. Usually, I would feel intimidated, untrusting and unsure of what my experience with them would be like; however, this time was different. I was excited to meet them for the first time and felt it would be an authentic experience and boy was it. We talked on such an intimate level that I never would have expected in our corporate environment. Afterwards, I felt the need to go purchase a new crystal (didn’t have one in mind). I was led to a new necklace with a carnelian stone which seems to be connected to courage & confidence to move me forward in my path. I literally laughed out loud when I read it since it was right in line with our discussion.
[As you release the “lack of trust” that is held in the heart chakra, you may feel another layer pop up that needs to be cleared.  This is common when you target an area so that you can move forward into what you want to create.  Your study of trust is what is triggering and is an area of focus right now, as you are clearing that energy area.  There is also a bit of past life energy that is effecting.  Let me know if it’s still hanging on over the next 24.  I’ll do a little light infusion.  If it is, I definitely suggest further clearing to support all of the releasing that you’ve been doing in that area – GREAT WORK!!!  Super exciting to see the shifting!!!

Hi Vicki – yesterday and the day before I found myself feeling so good it was a challenge to hold the high vibration
I remembered this and am grateful!
Much appreciation
From Tucson
[My response:  Fabulous !!!  Love it when shifts like this occur, and are felt in the physical sense!]

  Hi, Vicki!!  I had eye surgery on Tuesday for the removal of a cataract , the correction of my astigmatism and also the installation of a new lens to correct my distance vision.  My vision is improving but I’m still somewhat blurry in the “fixed” eye.  Could you kindly send some healing energy my way, to my left eye?
Also, I found a feather today.  Just seemed like a nice sign.
Thanks for all the great energy you are putting into this PG7 project!!!  We appreciate it very much!!![My response:  I am sending you some extra Reiki, and am smiling as I “see” how perfectly our prayer directives fit your situation regarding eyes and sight!
As I look at it all is well, and you’ll heal perfectly.  Let me know how you feel in the next day or two.]

I had [a challenging] experience the last few days and just wanted to let you know about my situation.  I had acupuncture done on Wednesday afternoon in LA and afterwards I headed to LA to work … On arrival to LA about an hour later I started to have bad chest pains and trouble breathing.  I called the Chinese acupuncturist and he said not to worry it was normal.  However, I didn’t feel good and was … I seem to be OK but [it began to] hurt even more. … I got progressively worse and it was harder and harder to breathe … I decided to go to the hospital to get checked out … and they did … tests and found that I had a hole in my lung and the lung had collapsed partially. … I’ve been calling on the Angels and the universe to help me through this and it’s been a real scary experience but I am OK which is all that matters. I am wondering why this situation happened with me and if you have any insight on it as well as healing or what I should be doing that would be helpful as well as any prayers for me.  Thanks so much for all you do.

[My response:  First, I’m sending you love and light, as well as Reiki.  Yes, you are o.k., and will continue to heal.  The area that is affected has to do with your study of trust.  This is further illustrated when you tried to continue on [to work], and didn’t listen to your gut that said that something was terribly wrong.  The acupuncture was the stimulus for the “healing”, which is what this is about; releasing fears.

When we say to God and our Angels that we want to heal, and take action to do so, like the acupuncture, we are often lead to a point of release that can be less than pleasant.  Another example of this [study of trust being enacted], beyond what you experienced, is when you wish to have Angelic assistance, asking for help to get out of a relationship, and something blatant happens that you can’t ignore, like infidelity.  Although it may be hurtful, it propels you out of the relationship.

Instead of focusing on the fear within the situation, try to look at it as a much-needed rest from work.  A time to gain perspective and to be introspective, so that you can tap into your creative force and work magic for the future.  Yes, the [ensuing journey] will be a bit long, but romanticize it!  Get a journal, and some snacks, and promise yourself to … explore [during your time off].  … The Angels have much to say to you ….  Be listening.  Here’s a great tool for you to use so that you can see what other fears you may be holding on to in regard to your studies of trust: …]


Hi Vicki,
I love being in this group and love hearing the stories. I’m having a hard time finding time to meditate and visualize etc.   I am always so busy at work and life I feel like I’m not putting enough into this group to make it worthwhile and have a bit of FOMO?.  [Fear of missing out – for those who may not know this!]
I’m so tired lately and I think it’s because I hate work and want to get out of this job (not to mention early morning calls, working late and not caring about any of it) and then feel panicked that I’m not taking advantage of the wonderful gift of this prayer group to help me find a way out. I keep asking for signs but am afraid I’m missing them. Other job opps present but they are all the same?.
I definitely have had highs when I can feel angel energy coursing through me ?. and then several down days. (Mean and irritable on Sunday!).
I’ve seen two white butterflies, hummingbirds, dragonfly (and one honking big ? lol). Fun to see them!
Thanks again for doing this for us❤

[My response:  Let’s install, I am worth listening to, taking time with and for.  I release the idea and belief that there is not enough time.  I expand time and my value.  I cannot miss anything, because the universe continues to deliver an abundance of opportunities, over and over again.]

Have a Fabulous Friday, and weekend! 
Please send me more stories of your Angel symbols!  We are able to connect with our Angels more easily as we clear – so look for the symbols all around!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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