Houses represent how we view ourselves; our identity as we see it.  And any dwelling that we “house” ourselves in, a trailer, or other, is included.  So, you may see a trailer, or a tent; a hotel room, or an apartment.  It’s the aspect of the home, the way you see it, front, back, basement, etc., that brings you the meaning of the message.

The front door, porch or entryway, of a house is a portal, and represents that which is “incoming”, or in the future.  The front of the house itself connects to what you show the world; how you project your image.  While the back porch, door or entryway is a portal for outgoing energy, and the back of the house itself, represents what is hidden; what you don’t want the world or others to see.

If you are seeing the side or other angles of the house, it represents a partial hidden truth, or view, and indicates that you may not be fully showing someone who you really are, or feel as if it may be dangerous to do so, or to be seen fully.

Further, If your emotions are sad, or fearful, or if you are seeing the house at night, during the dream, then you may fear others seeing an aspect of the self.  And if you are happy and peaceful, and seeing the house while it is sunny or bright daylight, then it may be an indication that you feel safe with an aspect of who you are.  These will differ depending on who else, if anyone, is in the dream with you, and can be a good omen if it involves someone you are in relationship too, if it’s daylight.

If you are in the attic, this is an indication of high self-esteem, while the basement is the opposite, and may be showing you a belief about how well you like and or love yourself.  Beautiful green grass in the front indicates a message of wealth and good fortune, while green grass in the back is symbolic of the end of a cycle of growth.  Brown grass is a sign that you may be feeling stress about money and support, or fearful that others may see you that way, if it is in the front.  If it is in the back of the house, then it may be a secret fear that you have regarding your own financial security.

Seeing a mansion or larger home, depending on how it makes you feel, can either be an indication of an over inflated sense of self (ego), and is usually accompanied by anxious feelings or fear.  If you are dreaming of a mansion, and the feelings are positive, then it is a sign of good luck and expansion in the future.  This may be about the expansion in business, or in the family either with a pregnancy or marriage.  If you are stress about growth and expansion in any of these areas, then you may dream of a home that is in ill repair, or small.

If you have dreams of destruction, like a fire, it symbolizes that it is time to take on change for renewal, and there may be a subconscious fear regarding these changes.  If you are looking down on a house from an aerial view, you are being guided to gain perspective, and may be too close to someone, or to a process regarding change, to see what you need to clearly.  If you are seeing yourself in the past, especially as a child, then it may be time to clear and heal energies of the past if the energy of emotion is anxious, sad or afraid.  If the energy is positive, it is symbolizing that it is time to reconnect to the happy creative energy of self, and play!

These are just a few of the interpretations, as each soul’s plan differs, and so the symbolic meanings within our dream imagery does as well.

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