The Aspen tree, also known as the Goddess Tree, is aligned with the planet Mercury, and symbolizes protection and the process of overcoming our fears; which is a part of our ascension process.  This magical tree brings messages to the sage, making it a fabulous tool for transformation.  There is much wisdom within both the symbol of the tree and it’s leaves.

To discern what Aspen Trees message is for you, see the questions below. . .

This beautiful tree is a source of strength, and the ancient Celts used the wood of the Aspen for battle shields for protection.   The Aspen shelters our soul from our innermost fears until we are ready to “bloom” and take them on.  This applies both to groups, as well as individuals.  Are you ready to take on your fears?  Are you being called to bring your wisdom or to make an effort to help with adversity; within a group or community; or your family?

The Aspen’s network of roots allows them to multiply and connect with many others, and as always, there is strength in numbers.  Are you being called to combine efforts with others to achieve the best result?  Or are you trying to go it alone?  Which is for the best?

And because their roots are underground, they are protected; safe from fires – and usually fires do not destroy the grove/group because of this.  This connection also makes them a single organism; connected at a soul level – and because of these ways of growth and connection, Aspen trees are strong and often live to be about 100 years.  A grove can live and propagate for thousands of years.  As well, a grive cab replenish in as little as 50 years.  This harkens to immortality, and is a symbol for a long, and fortunate life, filled with the support of your community/family/others.  Are you allowing for strength in connection to others for the greatest good of yourself and or others?  Are you feeding your “community soul”?  This may be a good time to bond with others over a creative project, or a community endeavor.  Are you afraid to ask for the help of others?  Are you able to listen to the group’s advice or accept wisdom from others?

As well, Aspen’s have an ability to continue growth even through the winter months, giving them another symbolic aspect pertaining to nourishing the soul through adverse conditions.  The groves must have a multitude of ages in order to thrive, and that illustrates a strength built on diversity and inclusion; strength built on a community united for a common cause.  Is diversity something that you are exposed to?  If you have a fear of anyone that is different, the wise Aspen may be pointing it out; a message regarding your growth around inclusion.  Are you unique and different and feeling like you are not included in a group?  This is a message to “find your grove”!  They are there for you, but may be hidden by your fears.  If you fear being seen in your unique way, you cannot be seen by the very group who is like you!  Don’t hide your gifts!  Let them be seen!

Aspen leaves make a beautiful noise in the breeze, and is soothing to all who listen.  Native cultures thought that the wind was the messenger of God, and thought of the Aspen leaves as sacred whisperers of spiritual messages; messages of peace and calm.  Are you listening to your soul?  Are you allowing yourself to tune in to what is soothing?

The bark of the Aspen contains healing properties, both anti-inflammatory and analgesic.  And according to ancient wisdom, due to the “quaking” of its leaves, it was thought to cure the “quaking” of palsy.  Native American women would use Aspen leaf tea for cramps, and to cure diarrhea, as well as UTI’s.  Because of these healing properties, the Aspen Tree asks, are you taking care of yourself properly?  Are you grounded in self-love and self-nurture?  You must be loving of the self before you can attract and elicit this response from the universe and those in it.

Aspen is the teacher of fearlessness and brings a message of strength in facing that which is unknown.  Are you standing in fear or worry?  Are you ready to embrace your inner strength and overcome all that is standing in the way to your success?

Aspen’s leaf, a shimmering beauty, asks us to embody our inner Goddess energy; to tap into determination and overcome fears and doubts.  In Mesopotamia, golden crowns located in graves that were over 5000 years old, were found to be shaped like Aspen’s leaves.  The Aspen leaf is thought to have magical properties, and is said to help you speak with clarity, if you place a leaf under your tongue (don’t do this if you are allergic!).  It is also thought that the protective energy of Aspen can ward your home from thieves, and that the incense can be used to protect from unwanted spirits.

If Aspen has shown up in your life today, it may be bringing messages of community, fearlessness, and the wisdom to look within to overcome obstacles to your success.


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