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What is a Prayer Group?

The idea of a Prayer Group is simple – you’ll send me a request with your name or someone else’s, along with what you’d like me to focus on.

Each night, for 33 days, I will keep a list with your name on it (along with all who are participating) and pray over you.

I’ll cover prayers for you, your family, your career, finance, health, etc. Your choice!

I will direct powerful prayer energy to you and your loved ones toward your goals, dreams, desires, pains & challenges!

Begins November 1, 2023!


Request Prayer for Anything

Vicki Murphy holding coffee mug
Vicki Murphy holding coffee mug
  • Family & Relationship Challenges
  • Career Growth
  • Personal Finances
  • Body Wellness
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Emotional Healing
  • And More!

With Love & Inspiration

Vicki Murphy

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