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This first week of Prayer has been interesting and exciting!  Each day I call in our Angelic Realm helpers, and we spend about an hour in meditative prayer, visualizing and working over the group.  Some of the prayer is traditional, like the opening prayer, and is spoken; given in words.  Much of it is energy work and visual/visceral.  I am given information clairvoyantly (a knowing), and in other ways, along with the visuals.  I will try to explain (in short, because there is so much more that happens than what I am about to write – sorry for the length!!!).  I always set an intention with our Angelic Realm prior to beginning a prayer group, that all healing be for the greatest good of each person and their soul plan; that divine timing be a part of our work.  We do a lot of work, M – F, and then are assigned ‘Play’ over the weekend.  This does not mean that the healing stops!  It is a different way of doing healing over the weekend.  Mainly for our purposes I will journal M – F work, touching on the weekend work when directed.

Monday, day 1 Opening and first prayer

The first Prayer that was given was in regard to opening and allowing:

Bless us on this journey as we now allow for divine spiritual presence to guide us with greater ease.  We see, hear and feel directions from our Angelic Realm, as our walk becomes more purposeful, and as our specific prayers are heard and answered. We allow greater understanding as we receive this guidance, for our growth and learning process, and become more loving and patient with ourselves and others as we go forth.

As this prayer was being ‘prayed’, everyone was standing on a beach that looked/felt serene (it was deserted except for us).  Mainly white sand (but not like the Caribbean, a bit toned down), with fine crystals made up this beach.  The entire group was standing, just up to their ankles, in the water, which was a extremely clear with a touch of blue, and it was gently moving (again, not even like lapping at the shore, barely moving in small undulating waves).  The water contained pure crystal energy and after the prayer concluded, the crystal water was drawn up into each person’s body to cleanse and purify.
The next process was to open the crown chakras at the top of everyone’s head to allow all to receive the spiritual prayers, blessings, healing and to strengthen spiritual connection.  Some may have felt a little dizzy over this week due to this ‘opening’.  A lot of earth energy was used as well, some to ground, and some to heal and soothe. Chakra’s were aligned by using the earth and water energy, as it was being pulled into each soul’s body.   This was mainly preparing the group for the next 6 weeks.  So a gentle, general cleanse and alignment.

Tuesday, day 2 – sacral chakra – Love work

Spirit began to work on groups and individuals, and we concentrated on sacral chakra energy, having to do with receiving love from self and others.  Lots of clearing was done in this area of the body (including the mid/lower back area associated).  Some may have felt more emotional, or experienced physical symptoms in this region of the body.  As the clearing was directed, release of old energy was accomplished.  There was a lot of white healing light that was used in this area after the release.  Then it was infused with a golden light.  This was both healing and brought with it energy of knowing.  A relaxing happened after that.  Again, your physical body may have felt some of this, and it may even have felt a little like anxiety at some points as you were releasing old beliefs.  Some of these things have been with you a long time as ways of keeping you safe, so letting them go is a process.

Then they went back to the cranial/head area.  Clearing, releasing and healing.

Wednesday, day 3 Root Chakra – support, of self by self and outside of self

Several were separated out on the 3rd day.  The work was focused on the lower region of the body and the 1st chakra, the root.  You may have felt it in your lower back as well.  Strength was implanted for the purpose of growth and forgiveness of self and others.  This went all the way down and through the meridians in the back of the legs.  You may have felt some tingling in that area of the body.  Or you may have become more apt to walk, feeling restless, and not wanting to sit much – or you could have wanted to lay down.  All of this was to allow the flow through that area of the body.  You may also have experienced a heaviness in that area.

Spiritually I was given that we are being guided in all of this clearing so that we can more easily create for ourselves energetically.  It has to happen in the energy first before it can happen in the physical (both body and on the planet [earth plane is the term that they used]).

Thursday, day 4 Healing, Clearing

Lots of shimmering light in different colors was used.  Some were separated out into smaller groups of 3 – 4, and others were receiving individually.  Some of you may have felt a tingling in your toes/feet as you were being grounded while this ‘light’ work was going on.  You may also have felt lighter or ungrounded (hence the grounding).  There was a group of 3 that was covered in this beautiful blue light.  All of the work that was being done on our entire group was focused on the heart chakra, rebalancing, cleansing old wounds having to do with trust, and releasing the energy of those challenges.  The group was still on this land that resembled a beach, but water was not being shown or used.  I didn’t see any trees.  Just a beach like ground.  And it wasn’t bright, more like twilight.  All the focus was on the individuals within the group.  There was a single person covered in shimmering pink light, and one in an intense red light.  The colors had to do with the specific nature of the that soul’s challenge and level of healing, as well as how much they had worked through and released; it had to do with their ability to release as well.  All were still and engaged in the work of release and healing.  The level of pain for some regarding their challenges was different and that also affected the color/intensity of light that was used.  The intense colors, red and blue, were definitely a ‘stronger medicine’.  This was all having to do with the study of the virtue of trust, which is also having to do with our own trust of self, which is a part of learning to love ourselves.  The energy was dispersed throughout the body, rather than concentrated or directed to a chakra.  There was a curve to our line of people, and some were on a higher plane, a hill that was green (and those standing were covered in that green light), and some were in a different lighter shade of blue, up on the hill.  This was an indicator that those souls were not studying the virtue of trust in the same way; it wasn’t a main area of study, but they were receiving the benefits, and were engaged in holding the energy.  Group energy is also what makes this type of work so strong; so successful.  I am given the understanding that the work will continue beyond my hour of meditation.  Then a beautiful wash of cooling energy (almost like water) will be run through each soul, and rest will occur (and may be required – so you may have felt a little tired, or possibly more energized, depending on your unique energy and souls growth).

Friday, day 5 – Foot, Knees, General Release & Clearing (aura’s + energetic bodies)

Although the focus was the resistance around the foot and knees today, most of the energy was still being concentrated on the whole of the body.  And I was a glowing energy almost throbbing around the bodies of some, affecting and adjusting the energies in the auras and other energy bodies beyond the physical.  This may feel like you have more energy, but initially may make you want to sleep.  This is preparing everyone to walk forward/work forward.  Again, energy jumped to the cranial area, adjusting energy of thought and releasing, in between.  It was ‘fast’ work today, meaning it moved more quickly between areas of focus.

They are saying that this week is a ‘game’ of release.  The symbols they gave for communication are white feathers, and leaves.  The leaves were shown on the ground, ‘released’ from their tree to begin the next part of their journey.  So the leaves are a sign to remind you to release for the next part of your journey to begin.

You will continue to see pennies and flowers, other symbols from your Angels, as well as your loved ones, as they strive to let us know that we are not alone.  We are being helped as we face all of the challenges that are leading us to where we really want to be; to our soul’s purpose in being here, both parts.  Remember, there are 2 parts to your soul plan, the part that pertains to your personal evolution and the second part, where you take all that you have learned, all that you are becoming and ‘give back’ in some manner.  Sharing your gifts of knowledge, and beyond, is where you are going.  An expansion beyond that is what is desired.  So embracing all of this ‘life’, the good, bad and beyond, are necessary.  Since we have to do it, we may as well learn to make some of it easier by adjusting our attitude regarding it.  Remember, keeping your end result, your dreams in mind helps.  You can’t get there without embracing and loving where you are right now.  Like attracts like, so the trick is to find something/aspect to love now.  That way you are standing in higher frequency energy that feels happier – on purpose, by choice.

Thanks to our Angelic Realm helpers, and to you for doing this with me!!!

Have a fabulous weekend, and PLAY!!!
“Supporting you in Creating Your Dreams!!!”

Love and Peace,





Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP Intuitive Counselor
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Reverend and Spiritual Advisor
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