image002  I will attempt to explain/describe what I was shown/given throughout this week’s prayers and meditation. And I will share Angel symbols at the end.  Pay attention to how you are feeling, and what you are feeling in your bodies as this work is being done!  Pretty interesting stuff!  I want to share a quick story.  I was talking to a work partner (out of state) who participates in our PG5.  He began to tell me that on Tuesday he was feeling particularly tired and a bit sore, more than usual.  I started laughing and excitedly shared what was happening on that day with the prayers that were being done….  Read on to see what was happening on Tuesday!  You may find some answers of your own regarding what you were experiencing this week!

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On to the Prayers!

Everyone was in a circle on a secluded and peaceful beach.  It was misty so you could only see the circle of people and not beyond.  Beams of light were coming down from above, running through the core center of each person, and then into the ground.  First the concentration was on the foot chakra as the light passed through each person and then into the ground.  This was for grounding, but the light was also healing.  It brought strength with it.  Everyone was connected energetically in this circle (it was a big circle!).  In other words, it wasn’t that hands were actually linked, but rather linked by light.  The light between each of the sets of hands varied in color, from a warmer white to a softer blue.  Some were pale pink.  It began to actually change the color of light of each beam (the ones coming from above), so that if one person’s light was pink by their hands, I was able to watch that energy morph and change, running through the body, and then up so that it met with the light beam coming from above.  This merging was what allowed the infusion of energy.  It was as if the body, knowing what was needed at a higher-self level, was communicating that to (and communicating with) the light from above.  I refer to that as spiritual and energetically intelligent frequency.  It was beautiful to watch and the feeling was so peaceful.  You were all bathed in light, open and full of energy.  You may have felt sleepy or energized throughout the day.  There may have been tingling in your feet or ankles too, or a warmth in your head.  And you may actually have felt a bit cool due to the mist.

The awareness was brought to the physical form, as they had everyone lying down, in a circle (again) with all of the feet toward the middle of the circle (a bit of geometry here).  All were instructed to move their leg’s independently, up, one at a time, and then down.  The energy was aligning the spine/meridians, opening to receive.  Then they had each move an arm, independently, up and then down.  The entire body was addressed.  It was a bit like yoga in that you were on the ground, but none of the movement was done for very long, and there didn’t seem to be more to it, just the movement up and then back down.  However, the repetition was different as was the angle that they were moving the limbs for each person.  So you may actually have felt muscle soreness.  You may also have felt twinges in your back/spine that day.   They told me that this was necessary in order to bring the energy into the body, into the meridians, for the purpose of physical strength.  They are hoping to move our energy to a frequency that supports more and more physical activity.  This is perfect for each body, in various forms.  The Angelic energy is always supportive and gentle, and they are so careful with our physical bodies.  Angelically they view them with such reverence and value them on our behalf; an innate understanding of how these physical bodies are helping us to grow – a vehicle for learning.

Our digestive tract was the focus today and the cranial area.  There were objects that looked like stones, dark and warm, very soothing, and they were being used near the chest of some.  Drawing energy up from the sacral chakra was clearing energy of resistance within the digestive tract, the esophagus, and actually helped open the throat area.  Supporting the voice was part of the objective.  Many digestive challenges are aligned with the study of self-worth, and speaking up for the self.  They reminded us that in order to love yourself (which is required to create at the higher level of frequency to create what you want/desire), you must first ‘hear’ your voice yourself.  You must first be able to digest and nourish yourself first; feeding you with food, with inspired activities that feed and nourish the soul and with commitment to these things.  This was to bring awareness to this ‘feeding of the soul’ and to opening up to hearing the self; your needs.  Some were actually facing themselves and having conversations (I can liken this to looking in a mirror, but in that healing dimension, you were face to face with a total body that was an aspect of you).  This was also to erase judgement for needing and wanting whatever you do.  Do not judge yourselves.  It is counter-productive.  Take the information of that moment if you find yourself in judgement and change it.  Use it instead to know that you are standing in a lesser frequency in that moment.  Use it as knowledge and choose to grow by changing whatever that judgment is.  This is about forgiveness of self and the practice of that to align with your higher selves.  They directed me to  do a lot of release and breathing for/with all of you that day.  I saw a ton of energy leaving through the mouth.  You may have been particularly hungry that day, or emotional.  There may have been tingling in the throat or mouth area as well.  Or you may have felt other digestive challenges or feelings.  After each session, all energy is released and they flow a cleansing wave of water like energy through the body.  It is soothing and calming and supports the release and clearing.  It is like ballet to watch – beautiful.

Aura’s are changing.  People were being led to trees and putting their hands on the bark.  The bark was seen up close and was felt energetically.  Definitely a call to connect with nature and the natural ebb and flow of the energy of nature; all things, especially the trees.  Each person’s aura was changing, a communication between them and the tree; pulsing and undulating, definitely a bit more of sacred geometry in each of the auras.  The energy is like a Vesica Pisces, where you and the tree were sharing energy, which created a third space in between, like the picture below.
Vesica Pisces represents the coming together of 2 to create a 3rd energy.  This space within the 3rd energy is associated with birth/the womb.  That is exactly what you are all doing for yourselves, making space for the birth of the new you, the new dreams and desires, the new creations in your lives.  This shape is seen a lot in religious art.  See the pictures below.
Some people were touching rough trees and some had their hands on a smoother bark.  Emphasis on breathing clean fresh air and on clearing the lungs.  This also created a flow within the heart chakra that released a lot of resistance having to do with trust.  Trusting what you were getting from the trees seemed to be the objective.  Aligning yourself with the aura/energy of the tree was actually felt.  You may have noticed nature/tree/birds more that day.  You may have wanted to go outside and smell the air.  You may also have wanted to touch a tree, or have felt a tingling in your hands/arms.  It is about releasing fears around receiving.  They were working on the fact that you all came here to receive and it is the only way to be able to give, for you cannot give from an empty place.  And you are a part of the flow of energy; to not be able to receive stops the flow.  That was the message.

We are now going to intermittently work on and with our home animals.  They will receive healing by being around us as we adjust our frequency.  They will pick up on this and may be more of an energetic presence.  If you don’t have an animal, you may note that the animals of others are attracted to you.  They just see and feel the energy of the shifts that you are making.  Again, it goes to the energy of flow; cycling in giving and receiving.  Becoming a part of all of the life forms and sharing energetically strengthens the whole for the purpose of evolution in our growth.  (Again, part of the message.)

A light shower of rain like energy is coming down on all as cleansing and purifying energy.  It is allowing all toxins that have been surfacing from the weeks work to be gently washed away.  They have everyone move in to a circle and then they are reaching their hands out, palms up.  There are orbs of light that are on the palms and all are just standing and receiving – like a gift of energy.  Some are taking the energy and ‘washing’ their faces in it.  Others are holding it to their hearts.  A buzzing in the sinuses may be felt as an effect of the energy of forward motion; moving forward. The upper back is being supported as this movement forward takes place. Two circles of people within our group have formed, a small one within the larger, and in looking down at the ground in the middle, energy of the earth’s core/source is coming up and all are throwing their hands up with the energy as it comes up (and the hands stay up feeling and enjoying the ‘wash’ of energy.  It is a way of completing the week by connecting to the entire flow of the planetary energy – but it is beyond our dimension.  Angelically the use of the illustration of the planet is for our ease in understanding what is being given (for the purpose of visualizing it).

I keep getting a red gas tank on a motorcycle and feel it is for one of you, so I want to deliver that message.  It is from a loved one on the other side, a male, and feels like a ‘husband’ or ‘boyfriend’ energy.  Feathers will be abundant.  There is a smell of roses that is being given, and it has to do with nurturing, mothering/grandmother like energy.  These are your loved ones trying to reach out to you.  Flowers, darker pink with longer multiple petals (I would say they look a little like a plumeria) are being shown as a symbol of love from your Angelic Realm.  And yes, the pennies are showing up again!  Love our pennies from Heaven!
Each time you see one of these symbols, please stop and take note.  Thank those who are walking with us and encouraging us from the other side.  They know how challenging it can be here in the physical.  They are trying to tell you how proud they are of you in taking on this growth that you have.  They deeply respect what you are doing, and want you to achieve all that you have packed into your soul plans.

Take time to visualize how you want your lives to feel!  Use those movies!  You definitely have help from the other side!!!  Also, you can set up your own system of communication with your Angels and loved ones.  When you meditate/pray, ask for a symbol, or if you like you can set up a symbol, letting your loved one know that you are now going to associate the number 333 with them (or whatever number you wish – you choose!).  They are listening!!!  Then be prepared to begin seeing that number (whatever it is) all over – clocks, license plates, etc. ! I had to change my belief about technology in regard to my abilities!!! LOL!!!  Just keepin’ it real!!!  <3

Energy 210 x 210


This is the Vesica Pisces, the coming together of 2 to create a 3rd energy.  This is associated with womb like space.  As I said above, it is exactly what you are all doing right now – making space by connecting energetically.  A space is made by connecting to create an additional space – not subtracting to create and additional space!  Think about that….



Angels 210 x 210

This is an example of the Vesica in religious art – just thought you’d find it interesting since it is in part about space for birth….  I believe that we will begin seeing the Vesica more and more as a symbol from our Angels too.




“Supporting you in Creating Your Dreams!!!”

Love and Peace,


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Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend and Spiritual Advisor
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