PG4-week 1Good Morning!

This is our first weekly update for PG4!  The first part of the week I was directed to run energy through each of you, a beam of white light, from your crown to your foot chakra, to increase and heighten conscious awareness of energy.  Yes 2nd, this was so you could better feel your intuition throughout your physical body.  You may have felt physical symptoms that ranged from dizziness, or a vibration throughout your body, to a slight headache, sleepiness/sluggishness (as it went through your feet), to a vibration or tingling in your limbs.  This energy was to open channels for clearing and receiving.

I was given a beautiful energy vision of this energy (beautiful light pouring over, around and through you) connecting you to all things, and it definitely looked like a Torus (to my special friend who introduced me to this structure, through the movie Thrive, thank you.  I have often worked with this structure via Spirit but didn’t know what it was called!  You know who you are!).   Here’s what the structure looked like (but with you in the middle), with the energy running first down into your crown, then circulating back up (this time, and sometimes they reverse the flow.  They let me know that it was important to create a grounding force that allowed us to be one with the planet/animals, and earth energy).  As it went out, it encompasses universal life force, God Source energy, and began to bring it back into your bodies.  It was a slow process, as too much energy received in this way would cause even more physical symptoms until the body adjusted to the frequency.

The intentions that we all set were heard by our Angelic Team, as they are fully aware of our Soul Plans, and what is needed, as well as wanted.  They (our Angels) came and formed a huge circle around the entire group (and they were very bright), and began praying and running energy of enlightenment.  The prayer that they gave us all was:

Protect us on our journeys, as we seek to grow.  May we seek to help ourselves by listening to ourselves about what is truly good for us, so that we can better serve the whole (others on the planet).  May we do this with ease, and call in, and allow, multiple sources of support, through our belief in Universal Love Support (Angels, God, Source Energy, etc.).  May we be open to elevated, intelligent, dimensional, healing frequencies in all forms; knowledge, emotional, physical and energetic.  Help us to clear all resistance as we learn to create all that we are seeking.  We are open to learn.

Because of the full moon it was an amplified energy.  This is a time where we are all being asked to look at our relationships as a tool for growth and learning.  What have you attracted to you and why?  This includes relationship to self and to money.  And in the relationship to self, relationship to health.  What do you believe about you and health?  As we are asked to sort out these beliefs about relationships, they are going to help us have some ah ha moments about what we believe; to see how it has impacted what we have attracted.  It is a good time to start some writing about this.  What do you believe about money?  Is it hard to make, does it require a lot of hard work?  Same with relationships?  What about happiness; is it hard to be happy?  As see these things, they are flowing strength to each of you to begin purging these old stuck beliefs.  We are working on Chakra’s beginning tomorrow, clearing each one.  I am keeping notes and am excited to let you know exactly how they are doing this.  They have let me know that we’ll be starting with the Root Chakra, and working our way up.  They want you to pay attention to your back, your organs in the lower abdomen, your legs, knees and ankles this next week, as well as your foot chakra.  We will be doing a lot of work in those areas.  This will help clear you to receive abundance in all areas.

Be gentle with yourselves as you go through these processes.  We are here learning lessons, and it takes time.  You cannot rush through the lessons of your soul, or you’ll miss important collection of data and information for your growth.  They urge us to slow down, give thanks for where we are right now, and that will ease the passage of time; creating ease in the process, and will serve the world as it shifts frequency as a whole.

Peace <3

Also, look for actual angel wings!  They are wings of support; they are reminding you that you came here to fly!  Be free from worry!  Be free from fear of not being supported!  It’s here for you, you just need to remove those blocks in order to experience it!

That was the message regarding signs (and I always ask them for signs).

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