First Prayer for All Early Birds!

Thank you all for joining me – together we are helping support a happier, higher frequency energy that flows out and helps others, as we are creating better happiness for ourselves!

Here’s a little overview of what we are doing, and following is our first prayer and information as we get started early.

As soon as you joined PG7, I put you on the prayer list and began praying over you – even before I knew what your objectives and dreams were.  I call upon our Angelic Realm and God, Source Energy, and ask them to please step in to help.  Then I meditate.  I usually do this early in the morning, although when we are in the 33-day period, I may pray up to several times a day.  I stay connected during that time, and record in writing much of what I am seeing and any messages that I receive.

Over these last couple of days, and the weeks prior, I have been directed to send love and light to you, and your families, including your pets.  I’m often given imagery like specific colors of light frequency, specific crystals, and placements related to your soul studies, as well as vibrational sound waves.

I may also be asked to channel and include specific clearing energy processes, and or to target specific areas within your body; Chakra’s, Aura’s, knees, etc.  All of this is unique to each person, their soul type, and their soul plan objectives.

An Example:
For anyone who is studying “trust”, which shows up in the heart Chakra, and is aligned with the support of self, [sometimes through the use of money, which shows up in the root chakra], you may be challenged in attracting either individuals that you trust, or money, or having physical symptoms in that area of the body, including the upper back.

1) The energy would be directed to those areas of the physical and energetic bodies, and 2) energy vibrations that are not healthy would be released and cleared to make room for the infusion of new healthy belief energy.  Then 3) healing waves of positive energy would be infused at a molecular and cellular level, and may include some of the aspects mentioned above. You may actually feel these shifts occurring.

See my Bonus Chakra Chart below.  It’s a glimpse into what is channeled in my book.  You may use it to see what symptoms may be triggered (these are only a few, so be open to the fact that symptoms will be unique for each person).

Remember, as we are doing releasing and clearing prayers, you may feel it in your body, in places that are associated with where the “stuck” energy is located that may be blocking success.  This is important information that your body is giving you!  So make a note of it.

It’s a great time to journal!  And I encourage you to note any signs you may see from your loved ones and your Angels.  Usually there are several of these given in the messages.  We are always walking with the support of our Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones!  Further, if you’d like to read further information, pick up my book, Reiki Body Energy Guide Book.  I’m offering it at a special PG7 rate for those participating, and you can get it for $15.00.  This is a book with lots of bonus sections, and it retails for $25.  Just Click Here to get your copy now.

In the meantime, here’s my Bonus Chakra Chart to use:

There are seven main Chakra’s that I will be targeting to create healing support, clearing, and other directed spiritual processes.

The first is your Root Chakra located at the apex of your legs, adjacent to your tailbone.  As an example, if involved in karmic challenges, some symptoms may include the lower back.

The second, your Sacral Chakra located approximately where your belly button is.  As an example, if involved in karmic challenges, symptoms may be felt in the stomach.

The 3rd Chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra located at the brow.  As an example, if involved in karmic challenges, symptoms may be felt in the diaphragm, gallbladder, and or the mid back.

The 4th is the Heart Chakra located in the chest, and if involved in karmic challenges, symptoms may show up in the lungs, and or heart.

The 5th is the Throat Chakra located in the throat, and if involved in karmic challenges, symptoms may show up as symptoms in the thyroid, and or vocally.

The 6th is the 3rd Eye Chakra located in between the eye brows, and if involved in karmic challenges, symptoms may show up in eyesight, and or headaches.

The 7th is the Crown Chakra located at the top of the head, and if involved in karmic challenges, symptoms may be show up as headaches at the top of the head, and or scalp/head issues.

Prayer for Initial Clearing

I pray that all low frequency energy that is hindering my success, specific to my soul plan and to all that I am praying to create, be shown to me.
I pray that I gain this clarity so that I am able to release and replace the energy with a supportive positive energy.
I pray for this for the highest and greatest good of my soul, all that I have come here to learn and for the greatest good of all of my soulmates.

[I was directed to the Crown Chakra, and to send healing white light through to clear, beginning with this area.  This will support a great connection to your Spiritual Guides, Angels and helpers, as well as to your higher self and the wisdom of all that is.  Symptoms of this shift:  tingling in the scalp or head area, possibly headaches and or some dizziness, as the release of any negative energy occurred.]

I pray that I feel the directives and the clearing in a gentle and loving way.
I pray that I am strong enough to do what is right for me, for my studies and my health, and in all ways, including what may be right for others.

[I was directed to send green healing light to the heart chakra for all.  This helps clear and release any resistance to trusting that you are guided and supported, and that you are strong enough to help yourself.  Symptoms may have been felt in this area of the body as well, as negative or low energy was released; lungs, heart, ribs, upper back, and or into the shoulders.  Know that it will pass as you relax and let the energy shift occur.  Focus on the positive movie of what you want to create, and note any resistance that is felt in the body. Send that area extra love.]

I allow for your directives to help guide me and I listen with an open heart and mind.  I am gentle with myself.  This love flows out into the world, and I thank you for your support in this clearing.

Amen, or So it is

Angel Symbols:  

Hummingbirds, for joy and to bring messages from your loved ones who are on the other side.  They are walking with you always!

Yellow Butterfly’s for family ancestry energy – loved ones who have crossed over; they are sending support as you create your higher frequency of healing and move toward happiness.

So, look for those symbols this week!

Please invite others to join, and don’t hesitate to write to me about what is occurring as we journey through this time.
Have a Peaceful Weekend!!!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP





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