Thanks so much for participating in our second Prayer Experiment!  As you know, my objective is to create health, happiness and well being through multiple moralities of healing for the purpose of creating that vibrationally across the world.  As we increase our vibrational frequency, becoming happier and happier, healthier and healthier, more and more people are affected both by seeing our modeled behavior, as well as because we are all connected (a bit of quantum physics for you).  So yes, my objective is to heal the world with your help!  And to have fun in the process!  I love all of your stories of success from our last PE and can’t wait to hear what happens this time!

We are going to be expanding our prayer focus in PE#2 so that we can include all areas of abundance:
Wealth, Health, Love/Relationships, Spiritual Growth & Career.  It will be so exciting to see the unique experience that each of us will create during this time, with Spiritual help.

For those who are new in joining us, I will be praying, clearing and doing what Spirit directs me to do over the next 33 days, in lots of different ways.  We will begin Monday, 4/20 and end on Sunday, 5/23.  I will give weekly updates and let you know what I am noticing and what I am being directed to focus on.  At the end of the 33 days I will share more of the process, my experience and anonymously share any stories that you send me.

Now, here are the optional instructions, but I highly suggest you do them.  You may share them with me if you would like, but do not feel like you have to.  Spirit will know what you are asking for.

Some of you may remember the next part of the instructions.  We will be creating a visualization, much like a ‘movie’ of what you want to create.  I will give you the guidelines.  It is best to write it our prior.  It helps you define what you are asking for.  Although this part is optional, all who did this got extraordinary results; more success than those who chose to forgo this part.  So I suggest that you do it and have fun with it.  By the way, there is no ‘right’ way to do this!!!!  Just do it however it comes out – even if it is one sentence!

1.  Set an intention to create  specific outcomes.
2. Write out how this will benefit your soul’s journey.
3. Set an intention on Monday (and I will be doing this with and for you) to open yourself up energetically to receive  healing and guidance from source energy.
4. Invite in your guides and Angels to help you heal and receive guidance for direction, and to show you what is for    your greatest good, and the greatest good for all.
5.  Now tune in and use your imagination and envision speaking to me at the end of the experiment.  You are telling  me excitedly what specific and fabulous results you have created.  Really get into the feeling of this! Use all of your senses; sight, sound, touch, & smell.  Make it fabulous.
6. Play this ‘movie’ over and over again as you lay down to sleep at night.
7. Pay attention to how you are feeling, and if you are experiencing blockages, feel where they are in your body.

Then send them healing love, in feeling and in word.  As you begin to experience things shifting in your world, begin to allow yourself to trust in the serendipitous timing, and other little ‘miracles’ that line up with your vision for what you want to create.  Why not trust?  What is it going to cost you?  What do you have to lose?  The reason I ask this is I find that we want to hold on to old ways of ‘not believing’ which have become comfortable.  And we do this for many reasons.  Just suspend your disbelief for these next 33 days!  See what can happen if you believe! This should be fabulous and fun, and I’m looking forward to doing this with all of you!

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