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I’m so excited about all of the stories of progress that you are sharing!  I’ve included some here and yes, please continue sending them!  I will include more on Friday.  Today’s prayer is very powerful – and I thank the Angels for their words and guidance along the way!  Happy Monday!  Don’t forget to read your intentions regularly, and listen to any guidance that you are receiving.  To learn to tap in further, I will be helping all who are interested by offering a class in January.  You all have abilities that are a part of your innate gifts.

3rd Monday Power Prayer of Intention

Good Morning Angels, and all who are helping us dimensionally!

I ask for help in accepting myself unconditionally; in learning to love myself as I am, in the perfect divine body, mind and soul.  I ask for support that I may love and accept others unconditionally; accept and allow for their soul’s plan that is divine and perfect for them, despite what it may look like to me.  I ask for help in releasing control.  As I do this, I am allowing myself to love myself deeper and more unconditionally.  I ask that you show me how to love as I long to be loved; unconditionally.  I ask for ease in releasing all conditions and expectations that I, or others, may have placed within my energy.  With your divine guidance, I ask for strength in releasing all judgements against myself, or others, that I may carry.  As I raise my frequency of love, I ask you to support my ability to easily love others, and lend beautiful energy to support the shifting of the frequency across the world.

Affirmations:  I am strong enough to love myself unconditionally.  Today, I accept love from myself.  I allow for perfect health.  I feel my happiness coursing through my body.  I have connection to infinite wisdom.
(Areas engaged:  Sacral Chakra to allow release and creation of unconditional love, and Crown Chakra, spiritual connection)
Thank you, or Amen, or So it is
Me (or Your Name)

Hi Vicki from Florence!
I just wanted to say once again, I experienced many
of the images you are talking about–feathers,
lilac, the number 2, white flowers…and in my hotel room
(numbered 122) the curtains are decorated with coffee
cups! Remember them from last week? It’s amazing.

[Love the numerology!  1 is a new beginning, and it is amplified and specified by the 22, amplifying the growth in relationship to self, and with another (friendship or love).  As well, it breaks down to a 5, which is the number of change, and 5, change, is always at the root of growth!]
I’ve never seen curtains with coffee cups…

A comment from the subsequent PG6 Prayer that I sent out….
FYI, these words resonated especially clearly with me!
So this season, please celebrate each breath.  Celebrate the sky and the sunsets; the sunrise and birds.  Celebrate each illness, for it brings new knowledge.  Celebrate each challenge for the same reason; it brings new knowledge. Celebrate the new knowledge.  Each ending is growth and is making way for the new beginning.  Energy must move forward.  There is no “backward” here.  There is only collection of data and knowledge that leads us to a “choice”.

Success creating a new reality!
I want to share something I feel miraculous and so grateful for this morning.  I just received a notice from the landlady asking to vacate the property by April 1st.  I was pleasantly surprised her energy did not affect me, enough though I saw her wording was harsh.  It was awesome!  Then, I realized something even more amazing — I had some fear and worry about a potential cross country relocation including giving her notice, the moving out process, etc. as she can be extremely difficult and harsh.  I realized I am free from it all.  Since she requested first and since she said she will be putting this place on the market, I will not need to worry about anything when I move out including cleaning the place spic and span as this place will be completely remodeled and her being difficult and harsh for the move being my own choice.  What a blessing and comfort!  I started giggling inside then sobbed with gratitude.  A huge part of the fear, worry, and burden I felt has been lifted.  I am free, I am free, I am free!!!  I feel it is the start of the unraveling for my new reality, just like pulling one thread for everything to come apart.

Thank you so much again for the session last week.  I finally got to speak with [a new college] yesterday and asked for a better moving allowance.  It felt good I did.  It was very interesting how nervous I got on Wednesday when I called and left them a message.  It was not like I have never negotiated or asked before.  Funny.  I also noticed I was “sighing” while speaking with the hiring manager yesterday.  It was a very good experience regardless of the outcome.  Thank you so very much again for all your help, Vicki.  I greatly appreciate it.  Looking forward to [our second session next week].
[So excited that the creative flow is happening so fast for many of you who are doing the energy work, and being bravely lead; taking on your challenges and any fears.  Warms my heart to see all of your successes!!!]
On clearing…

….  I have been experiencing random out of the blue sneezing attacks.  I don’t have allergies that I am aware of.  I feel I am clearing with a huge broom!
On symbols and growth…
God thanks for your words.  I am working intensely on Trust.  Trusting myself.  I am trustworthy.  The Angels and I have been having a fabulous dialogue about clarity and trusting what I don’t see. They say Earth is the experiential planet and remember that is why we are here.
I continue to see white feathers and pennies in the most interesting places and feelings.
Love and Peace,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP
Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium5 Steps to Increase Positive Energy Flow
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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