pg6-image-jpg-310-x115Why am I offering PG6 for FREE?

Each day for 33 days, I will be creating WITH OUR ANGELS AND GUIDES to specifically pray over the group, as well as each of you INDIVIDUALLY.  This entails clearing, chakra alignments, dimensional releasing from past lives, and infusion of peace, healing and direction for future creations – your dreams and desires!

WHY am I offering this Prayer Group?  Because I am on a mission to support all who wish to grow and raise their consciousness, their frequency, to ultimately help the planet.  Offering FREE Prayer, helps me to support spiritual shifting, vibrationally, and to help those who are not on a conscious spiritual path as well; for those that aren’t necessarily motivated to do spiritual work!  Yes, believe it or not, as we are shifting our frequency, we are supporting all who are here at this time.  That’s why I offer to “do” the work for you for FREE in the first option – you are invited to engage, and it certainly makes it more powerful when you do.  So whether you want to work at the Advanced Level, or at the FREE Level, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!  Sign up!

A little about PG6
This is the 6th Prayer Group, and there have been amazing stories of spiritual connection, healing, and increased intuitive connection with our Angels and loved ones on the other side.  In PG6, we’ll put the Law of Allowing in place as we explore how you carry energy in your body, and learn to release more specifically.  You’ll be given tools to help you connect intuitively as well.  Using a Monday Morning Prayer, gifted by our Guides and Angels, and specific to all areas of our energy bodies.  On Friday, we’ll do the Weekly Wrap Up.  We’ll be setting some powerful intentions, and exploring the Law of Allowing, Intuition and more.  I’ve asked that we are given specific clearing prayers that helps us reach deeply, and target each area of the body, mind and soul.  I’m excited to get started!

An Angel Reminder:  YOU HAVE THE POWER!  Every cell of your body is coded to grow forward, and contains a beautiful spark of God Source Energy within that is reaching for growth!  Despite what is going on around us, none of us are powerless! 

PG6 is designed to help you learn to use the Power within; to tap into your Inner Greatness!  Learn to allow all that you are, and know that you’re here at this divine time, in this divine moment, to help the world shift; to help bring peace through your personal growth, and then through sharing your gifts, out to the world.

For those that want to work at an Advanced Level, I am offering Option 2 & 3.

Option 1 – FREE
And all you have to do is send me your name and birthdate (I need the birthdate for private messages at the end of our 33 days).  The work is done for you!  You will receive a
·         Monday Morning Prayer that will tell you what area we are targeting for that week, and you will receive
·         A Friday Wrap-Up that gives you information regarding spiritual signs for the week, and talks about any physical, mental and/or emotional information necessary to your release and clearing.  Toward the end of the 33 days, the information will include infusion information as our Angel’s and Guides flow energy of support to us.

Option 2 – $25 (Receive a message about your dreams and desires, looking into 2017)
For those who would like to work at a more advanced level, you will receive all of the FREE items above, plus I am offering
·         A weekly abundance activity and accountability worksheet, simplified – to be completed at your leisure!  What illusions are keeping you from your greatness?  Learn techniques to release and clear them.
·         A Magnetizing Monday Worksheet, that will target what you wish to accomplish and create and to help you align your energy specifically to that “thing” – or person or place (in conjunction with the Monday Morning Prayer – truly powerful work!)
·         Thursday Action-Visualization for support, to boost your energy and help to keep you engaged with high frequency energy.
All for only $25.  This is like having a personal session each week!  For FOUR WEEKS for a one-time fee of $25!

Option 3 – $100 Session (You get all of the above PLUS a power packed one hour clearing session, that will support all of you wish to create, and help you see what is causing resistance, and release what is stuck within.  Limit 4 to be used during the 33 days*)
And for all who join the advanced group, and want to work one on one, you will receive all of the above, plus I’m offering a special session price for a limited time when you sign up for Option 2.

Your Option 3 Session will include a Power Packed, Comprehensive Healing and Guidance session, at the special rate of $100 (that’s a 1/3 off of the regular cash price!).

In the session you will be able to

  • Look at what your energy type is, and learn how to best support it!
  • See what is stuck where, regarding what you want to create.
  • Construct a system for you to use to help you raise your conscious awareness regarding your dream desires!
  • Experience a deep spiritual, soul clearing that will help release origin-energy from multiple dimensions, including past lives.
  • Release expectations, release pain that is buried, and reshape energy to move forward with ease!

*Special Sessions may not be gifted, and must be used between 11/21 and 12/23, during the 33 days.  Offer expires on 12/23/16.

Please join me in raising the frequency of the planet, and creating more joy, better health and happiness in all aspects of our lives.  The time is now, and I am here to help with all guidance, questions, and to offer tools and wisdom from our Angels to help us all.
Contact me at, and let me know which of the levels you would like to participate at.  We will begin on November 21st.  Send me your name and your birth date and you will automatically be included in the FREE portion!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,

Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP
Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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