PG5-213 x 203I’m jumping right in because a lot of prayer was accomplished this week.  Please write to me with your stories, I’m getting ready to share some!  You can check out our Event page and share there too!


This is when the infusion of higher frequency is occurring for each of you, and is specific to your dreams, wants and needs.  Those working on physical aspects of their bodies, arthritis/joint work, backs, weight, organ function, and other systems of the physical body, were separated out and work was done in differing ways.  Some were standing, some were lying down. I was guided in flowing specific frequency to affect both belief about your physical state, and then to affect that actual vibration within your body that was related to that.  Much pink light was used in the beginning, and then white light was used in a more targeted way.  The white light went toward helping you forgive others who may have helped you create the challenges, and some of it went toward forgiveness of self. Since this (the new frequency) displaces the old, there may have been a feeling of loss or loneliness, or longing or grief/sadness.  It was temporary as the infusion began to ‘take hold’ shifting your frequency to a better vibration.  There may have been some aches as well.  The positive healing frequency will continue to strengthen and expand over the course of time.  This is a great time to take stock of what you remember about those sticky beliefs about your body.  Remember to check what you believe. It’s a choice. Look at how they became your belief and reach for forgiveness and understanding. We are all energy and energy is mutable, changeable, so it is always in flux and that means that every single thing can be changed.  The intelligent energy in the cells allow for us to heal when we cut our selves. This energy is present in all of our cells; so we can change the vibrational aspect of that to a higher healthier vibration using energy work. These sticky beliefs are in place to challenge you to think differently.  But it is your choice.  (Angelic message.)
I was aware that each group (of study) is being targeted on a separate day.  So those that were creating in other areas were lying in a circle with their heads pointed in toward one another, and their feet out.  The infusion that they were receiving had to do with strength.  A beautiful orange energy was coming down into the center of the circle and fanning out to encompass all.  A vibration or lack of balance may have been felt as the energy passed through. Affirmation vibrations were I am strong.  This worked in all ways for all.  Butterflies were seen as the symbol of gentle strength.


Those who were working on non-physical work were the select group today; emotional, mental.  The work on these souls was in and around the head, but also went into some of the chakras like the heart, sacral and root.  I was not surprised by this as we are one large soul group that has come together and we are working on some similar studies.  The light for this work was yellow in frequency; pure joy. This displaced a lot of old vibrational patterns of belief and because these have been in place for so long, the work (the holding of the light frequency) was quite lengthy and intense. Some may have experienced dizziness, light-headedness, stars, and/or headaches.  Due to the release of the old mental/emotional energy, sadness and or tears/emotional feeling may have been triggered. Again, all temporary. When the Angels are directing and working, we are all completely protected. We feel some of the work, as to be expected, but they are happy that we are willing to continue the practice of adjusting our vibrations.  Keeping it at a safe level is their number one concern; easy transitions their objective. The Sun, whether in a metal sculpture or in other symbolic forms, was given as an Angelic Symbol of support for this infusion.


For those working on finance, the work was really concentrated in the root chakra and the meridians of the back. Those souls were addressed and worked on while standing, as part of the challenge in allowing for the flow to be adjusted was to allow a better belief in support; self-support as well as support by others, including God/Source/Universal life flow. The heart chakra concerning trust was also infused with the energy of abundance; trusting in the existence and trusting in the belief that you deserve abundance in all things.  Other adjustments occurred in other areas of each person that was affected by abundance. The affirmation frequency was I allow myself to be supported. I am happy and safe no matter what is happening around me; no matter what chaos is about me. I choose to be happy as I am standing now so that I can create from that frequency.  Abundance exists!  I deserve abundance in all things.  They want us to stand in gratitude more and to laugh more.  This is a sure way to attract your flow more quickly and easily.  Rainbows are the symbol for finance.  They will be seen more and more as you give thanks for all that you have created.  Embrace the challenges that you have put in place; for they are here to teach and guide. If something is not working, then turn slightly in a new direction and try something else.  You are being guided by these challenges in this way. Take heart and choose to see it this way to become more and more happy and free from old negative thought patterns.  You deserve abundance!


For those that were receiving infusions for LOVE, the light was pink.  This was for self-love and then went toward helping within the soul plan to create love in relationship to others, including romance. Hearts were the symbol of the day.


This is the day we begin the “Ah Ha” energy; where clarity is creating moments of understanding.  The infusions continued, and on this day we worked on all chakras and cleared energies of past, present and future that were creating vibrational disharmony. We separated groups out according to chakras, starting with those that needed infusions in the root chakra. The infusion was the intelligent vibration of I am supported (by self, source/God, and others); “I am safe and secure”. The focus was a point near the tailbone.  Energy was brought up through the feet that replicated divine mothers love (a perfect love from God/Source).  This spread throughout the body. Many aches and pain will be disappearing in this area of your body. Again, we cleared past lives affecting, cleared present affectations, and went into the future to clear and pave the way for your creative energy to flow. Then we went on to the sacral where the infusion of intelligent energy was “I love myself”; allowing for love from self, God/Source, and others here on the planet. The work will help alleviate all digestive issues.  This is about digesting knowledge about self and allowing for the process of our soul plan and others.  It is about being inspired by synchronicity, so that each moment and experience is felt as love and nourishment, not feared.  Each thing is guidance.
We moved on to the solar plexus, and the infusion was “I love my feelings as they guide me”. Learning to embrace the yucky feelings as guidance; telling you that you are turned in the ‘wrong’ direction, or that something doesn’t feel good about a person, place or thing. This is fundamental, yet so many were cut off. The energy is being restored in a new way, and strength to feel is returning. So important to recognize and accept, rather than to hide your feelings behind a fake smile or gesture.
In the heart chakra the infusion was “I trust me”; I am strong and therefore can more easily trust others. I trust God/Source and my Angels are watching over me and I am completely safe (connecting to the root chakra energy – as each of these energy areas was prayed over, they all began to connect). Energy mutations/vibrations were pushed from the lungs, breasts, heart and ribs (all areas surrounding the heart chakra), as the love energy expanded.  Strength in belief is being restored.  You are strong and becoming more and more able to see your own strength. Breathe easy.
The throat chakra was infused with “I easily speak and am heard”.  I saw a bubbling laughter come out with this group, and it was pure joy as all of the chakra energy of love and support bubbled up in truth flowing out of you; your truth.  And your truth may come bubbling up (and you may laugh), and it will feel freeing and good.  Do not worry about hurting another’s feelings, you will learn to temper your truth always keeping your truth in mind; your objective. You are giving necessary information to others for their growth!  Do not hold back (do not be harsh, but truthful with love). This energy all connected through the other two main chakras (3rd eye and crown) and became strength flowing through all.  I was directed to seal all of the energy in at the end.
This is a fabulous time, this weekend, to look at synchronicities, get in touch with the truth within, and to watch yourself evolve and see new ‘ah ha’ moments!  Enjoy!!!!  Allow for silly laughter!  It is a part of your growth.
Angelic symbols are shapes in clouds, birds (yes, hummingbirds too, but others as well), feathers, pennies, nickels, roses (and the smell), rainbows, and beginning to have a dialog that you may hear.  Please share your stories.  I am getting ready to start to share some that have already come through.
“Supporting you in Creating Your Dreams!!!”

Love and Peace,

Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend and Spiritual Advisor
Corporate Consultant

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