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Rainbows were the symbol that was given and I am going to post the pictures to the event page and try to send them to you as an attachment!  The energy of the rain was incorporated in the prayer in the form of cleansing.  All were standing with their palms facing up, arms out to the side, allowing the rain to gently fall over them.  I watched the rain become light blue, a soothing energy, peaceful. I was told that this helps to remove the residual energy of any challenges regarding relationships,that may have been challenging.  So if over the weekend you had any weird energy around relating or relationships, this was what was targeted.  Further the relationship can apply to your relationship to self.  And since several are here studying self-love, this is effective for that study; to release challenging energy or any negative thoughts/feelings about yourself.  In this particular prayer/visualization, this also helped to clear toxins regarding body alignment (weight) and nutrition.  I saw the energy go into the cellular layer, and vibrate there (if you’ve ever experienced the energy of a Tens unit, it was like that – think medical grade of about a 4 – 5).  This helped release toxins.  The rain energy helped to ‘rinse’ them out and away, neutralizing them.  There may have been a feeling of hunger, and a desire to eat a more healthy meal (like craving fruits/veggies/salad).  The tailbone was targeted with a feeling of being grounded after the entire visualized prayer, was how it was given; tethered to the planetary energy.  In becoming one with the planet in that moment, you may have seen aura’s more clearly around plant life, or felt energized or perhaps you were wanting to go outside to be in the rain or to see/connect with nature.

Everyone lined up to be the next to sit in a chair within a circle of Angelic Healers (the Healing Council is what I was taught to call them).  Each person took a turn individually.  As they sat, the council would work on adjusting frequencies doing some healing work within.  However, most of the work was around the throat that day, and also working with the Thyroid; detoxing, clearing & release was created.  This brought that area into alignment so that the ability to speak up on your behalf, speak your needs and wants, would be amplified and easier.  This clearing was also effective in supporting the release from trigger energy here and past life residual.  No one touched that area, all were in a circle, but you could see light indicating the area that was targeted for healing.  It was a soft light, barely there; gentle.  I got a distinct feeling of tired, being tired.  You may have wanted to sleep in or nap.  Some knees were targeted as well, so you may have felt tingling in the area of your knees.  Again, it was a gentle clearing and release.  They are telling me that as the alignment is achieved they are going to begin infusing energy in different ways in the coming weeks.  This will help create what you want; to align not only your body/soul to its highest frequency of health and wellbeing, but to align to that which you desire; the frequency of the creation.  Remember, in order to do this you must put the vibrational aspect of ‘why’ you want that created reality in place.  So begin asking yourself ‘why’ you want a specific thing.  Try to remove ego from the equation.  For instance, if you want to have more flow of money, think about all the good that you can do with it, not any of the recognition from having it (or doing something).  This is the highest form of giving and receiving; how will you help facilitate healing for self and others with what you want?

We continue to see rainbows!  This is a transitional day, one where some are already beginning to be infused with intelligent energy regarding what they are wanting to create.  So it looks like this.  Relationships and relating; you are being approached more in odd places, like the grocery store by friendly people asking questions or just striking up conversations.  The reason is the vibration that you are emitting is beginning to change to one of allowing for you to begin to trust that you are safe.  The activation is “I am safe” and it is a high frequency vibration.  It can cause a bit of discomfort and/or a little bit of fear/anxiety.  You may feel a bit jittery as if you had too much caffeine.  Your body will adjust, allow.  Activations around the feet took place as well, making them feel either sore or itchy.  This was in regard to an infusion of intelligent frequency of ‘I AM’.  And a vibration may have been felt up the legs and into the knees.  This is a strong frequency that is necessary to implant, to have it ground and balance you as you strive to move forward.  It may have caused a little dizziness.  It is connecting to all of the other chakras to bring them into alignment.  This is a good time to walk or do yoga to help your physical body adjust to these new frequencies.  Again, if you felt sad, it was because the Angels were having you release old ways/belief vibrations from your body, and you see those as old and comfortable, even if they are not working for you!  You were told to take it easy for the rest of the week, and so may have been inclined to be ‘lazy’ and might have felt tired.

Partial eliminations in the hands.  Fingers were especially targeted and joint pain and swelling may have increased before it released.  This is regarding the ability to receive; to empower you to choose from an inspired place.  It’s time to try new things and a beautiful beam of golden yellow light was sent down through the crown chakra carrying this frequency of strength.  As it expanded it pushed out residual fears around all that you desire.  This happens in layers as you progress.  It may have caused digestive issues.  This is all part of the restoration of your higher frequency.  Self-doubt may have been a part of this as it is old resistance trying to continue to take hold in the mind.  Be present and conscious and thank it for sharing, but tell it you are not buying it today!  A special Prayer:  I am at peace with who I am being presently so that I can bring in all that I want from my higher level of self-love.  I love myself as God/Source intended; I was created perfectly.  I am grateful for this physical growth experience, and begin to see the beauty in all things, as I begin to see my own beauty in all ways.  I am love.
After this prayer, all were led to the water again, and were walking into the water completely covered to soothe all of the release energy and to allow the frequency to shift and be supported with greater ease.  Hands began to tingle and cool.  A sleepy feeling was felt afterwards; relaxed.  A knowing that all is well was flowing in, around and through each person.

Inspired actions are being presented for many.  This may come in the form of ads seen, words spoken and by happening upon conversations/situations with strangers.  The doors are beginning to open.  Watch for synchronicities in the form of seeing connections that almost seem magical; people, places and things begin to line up.

Rainbows, feathers, pennies and multiple petal flowers (roses, gardenia’s, plumerias) and their scent are some of the symbols that have been given.  The emphasis is on the scent of things, like chocolate, coffee and smoke.  These are the newer ones that spirit is highlighting for the coming weeks.  More about the smell of symbols as a marker of presence of loved ones, and our Loved Ones are definitely helping us here.  Often they are part of our Angelic Team, wanting us to understand more and more that our karmic challenges are in place to help us grow; wanting us to reach our soul plan goals.

Thanks for your patience and understanding in the delay of the delivery of these messages!  I’m working on resolving the technological challenges (my growth).

“Supporting you in Health & Happiness!!!”


Love and Peace,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP
Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend and Spiritual Advisor
Corporate Consultant

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