Angel Message for the Group!

On right thinking….

During a conversation with my guides and Angels, and studies with them, it was brought to my attention that “Hope” is a four letter word – for a couple of reasons.  When we use it we are standing in the energy of recognition that something is not in front of us yet, or is not manifest yet.  Further, it can bring our attention to a feeling that maybe that thing is not out there for us.  Inherently it speaks of doubt.  So, when we are hoping for something, we are standing in doubt of some sort.  I had to think about this – with lots of help from my Angels.  But I was able to see it and to decide to release that word.  It has always had positive connotations for me, and is often used in religious context.  So this was no easy feat to release it.  I chose to replace it with “I know” rather than, “I hope”.  To replace “hopeful” with “knowing” and “hopefully” with “excitedly”.  You can feel the difference in the words and their vibrations.

This is a “raising” of awareness; a “raising” of your consciousness.

Because you have to give thought to these words and your choice to use them or not.  You have to then give thought and be aware of the words (even beyond this one) that you are choosing to use; to what you are holding onto in vibration through your words.

This is the pathway to “right” thinking, and to your ability to tap into the higher frequency to create.  A reminder, all must be specified that it be for the greatest good of the soul and the soul’s plan.  We cannot wish for another to “be” a certain way if it is not for their greatest good.  And further, if it is not for their greatest good, then obviously it is not for ours either.  This often applies in relationships.  If it is a work relationship, and someone is not as compassionate as you wish them to be, send them love and do not let their words or actions rule how you decide to feel.  Take back control.  Decide to see it as “their area of growth” or challenge; don’t make it yours by allowing the words to mean something about you.

On creating a living situation or home, they said to release what you learned about what that meant.  If you had a home growing up that was filled with challenge, then the vibration of those memories can be impacting.  If you have early experiences where there was a lot of moving, then “fear” of lack of stability can keep you from creating it.  If you had a loving home and yet your struggles are regarding bringing love into your life, it can actually create resistance regarding creating a “home”.

Be mindful of all that you discover within your belief’s in this journey.  The Angels had me add that last piece for those who are working on aspects of safety & security, which deeply affects all aspects of our lives; our self-esteem, our unconditional love of ourselves and others, our trust in ourselves and what we are able to create for ourselves, etc.

O.k., that is all for this time.  I have signed off with my Angles so that I can get to work with individuals who are wanting to apply all of the learning to their lives in specific ways!  I love you all, and am super excited to be on this journey with you!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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