If you are ready to commit to what you want, and need help, then you are the perfect candidate for my Intuitive Coaching program!  This program is the one that I use with my corporate clients, and some individuals and I only offer it to those who are ready to move forward beyond their challenges.  I put this program in place because I was finding that many of my clients needed more than just a session where specific solutions were given – they needed help implementing and that required more of my time, and accountability to help with that implementation!  They needed weekly help – so, here’s what I am offering…  More time and more help specific to your needs!


My type of coaching differs in that it offers strategy with accountability to change your brain so that you can be super productive and powerful in whatever you want to create.  My Intuitive Coaching Program is a bit different from a session, although there are always spiritual aspects included when creating/channeling strategies that work for you uniquely – which is why it’s so successful!


Coaching retrains your brain to go from just being interested, to being committed.  And to being successful – with ease – it takes more than just being interested, you have to be committed.  If you are only interested, you find excused to avoid taking actions.  Read on to see what the difference is, and to find out if you are just interested or if you are ready to be committed.…


Are you interested in changing or committed?  The difference is that when we are just interested, we make excuses based on that energy, and do what is comfortable (neuroplasticity kicks in, and our brain snaps back to old vibrational ways of operating), and we are unable/unwilling to walk through changes that are uncomfortable.  We may have all the clarity in the world, but we are unable and unwilling to take any action.


When we become committed, we are willing to learn to overcome all emotional and mental energetic challenges, and we put a strategy together to do just that – to  manage mental and emotional frequencies that may have stopped us previously.


Now, it takes commitment to do this, because the energy is used to flowing in a certain pattern in so many ways; the brain, with its waves and beliefs; the body with its feeling of emotions; and the mental aspect with its reactions to all of it, in a very set way; habitual reactions that are keeping you stuck; that are no longer working for you.


  • We create a strategy that works for you, that is customized to what you want, and your specific, unique energy patterns that need to be overcome.
  • We bring the brain, the emotions and the mental state all into alignment.
  • I use a 10 step base strategy that helps us create a customized personal unique strategy, and
  • I hold you accountable.


That’s why it takes commitment, not just interest.  It won’t work if you are not ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to get what you want.


So, if you are ready, and your Angels are telling me that you are, (despite your fears that you won’t be able to do it; or that you will may continue your resistance in a myriad of ways), then let me know and we can set up a session to get you going.  Again, this is coaching and is a bit different than just a regular session.  I offer this to a lot of my business clients, but have been advised angelically to offer it to you as it is what you need.  It’s the best way to create a different result.


Coaching includes 1 initial 60-minute assessment session for mapping; weekly accountability checks for interior energy actions, and exterior energy actions; 4 worksheets, and weekly support for worksheets; a custom meditation to project and align your brain with your new reality; plus, a 30-minute session during the half way mark.  [Basically, you will be forced to step through fears – don’t worry – I’ll be there with spiritual guidance – and take action. Which is the only way through the muck and mire!  The only way to get to the other side.]  


This tool alone, the custom CD, which you will use over and over again to retrain your brain’s NEUROPLASTICITY, is priceless. 


Coaching is $597 a month, a discounted rate is available if paid in full within the next 24 hours, of $497 (that’s $100 dollars off!), or you can do 2 payments of $275  (still a savings of almost $100!).  This offer is good for the next day only though (because of challenges with accounting, I can’t offer too many extensions or varying rates!).  I have created so many results and I want you to get what you want and deserve – you just need a little help in staying focused, motivated, and on track.  And then, you can magically watch your brain shift, and you will begin to do things, think things, and feel things differently!  Soon this new way of being will become a habit and you will look back at this time and be so happy with YOU!  YOU will think – I DID IT!!!  I finally made that change, or hacked that fear, or created that business, and more!


You will have to be committed though!  No more procrastination or letting fears drive you….

So, when you are ready to move forward, and create a more ease around income within your soul-purpose based business, let me know and we can schedule now.

Contact me at www.WestCoastMedium.com, or email me at Vicki@WestCoastMedium.com

I’m super excited to add you to the growing list of souls who are creating success through my Intuitive  Coaching Program.  Hurry, available space is limited and I already have clients signed up.


Here’s to YOUR Results!  

Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP




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