PG5-213 x 203First I want to let you in on a fabulous event – the Wellness Summit, which is covering everything body, mind & soul!  Please check it out.  I’ll be the interview for Spirituality on Sunday – can’t wait for you to see what happened!  My friend and interviewer didn’t want to see something – but the Angels were pretty great at ‘making’ her see it!  Here’s the link to register.  Whether it has to do with vaccinations, or sexuality, or your intuitive gifts, this is the summit for you!  Register here now:

Now, on to our Mirror, mirror on the wall….  And our messages for the week!

I want to talk about reading your visualization (which I often refer to as your “movie”) in the mirror.  This is designed to help you in several ways.  The first is to recognize stuck energy. 

As you read your want’s, dreams and desires in the mirror, you may have an emotional response.  Often asking for what we want triggers old learned beliefs (that we are not worthy, or that we are not allowed to ask because it’s selfish or wrong in some way).  As we look into the mirror and tell ourselves that we are worthy by actually telling US what we want/desire, we are drawing the energy of those dreams into our consciousness; into our body.  Naturally they will push out the old, and sometimes that ‘letting go’ triggers a feeling of loss and/or grief.  Remember, those old beliefs have been there for a long time, and some have even been put in place to keep you safe (i.e., if I align with what that person thinks then they won’t reject me, or if I do what I’m told, keeping my thoughts/words to myself, then I’ll be safe).  So you are letting go of perceived safety mechanisms, even though they are false safety mechanisms that have kept you from voicing your dreams; from allowing yourself to feel worthy of asking for your wants and needs to be met.  So for some, letting go of these old ‘comfortably uncomfortable’ ways of believing can be emotional.

 The second is to force you to practice this new ‘less comfortable’ energy of asking for your dreams/desires; practicing them as you speak them, becoming more and more comfortable with them.  This is the first step in creating something that you may be completely unfamiliar with (like a healthy relationship.  You may never have seen one growing up, and so therefore do not have that familiar energy of ‘healthy relationship’ in your repertoire.  So you have to begin to create it from the ground up, and then become comfortable with what you want your relationship/dream (whatever it may be) to feel like. 

 So read away!  Practice!!! 

The other information that came up, that is to be shared, is that we may shift and release many things during this time; belief’s, people/relationships, etc.  The objective is to see this as a ‘cleaning of the closets’ rather than a loss.  These old vibrations don’t match your new vibrational way of being; they don’t match what you are wanting to create.  And remember, when we allow an outside person to be the definition of how valuable we are (whether they like us or not), we are not truly loving ourselves/valuing ourselves in a healthy way.  As you encounter all of these life experiences and you adjust how you look at them, as tools for learning and growth, as a mirror for where your energy is by what you have attracted, then you will be allowing them to be of support to you; allowing them to work for you as you intended when you created your soul plan, when you created the opportunities that these life experiences are bringing to you. 

 Your only job here is to just ‘BE’ you.  To play in the energy of who you are, and to allow for yourself to be supported in that play; to be supported in just being you.  Your Angels so want you to get this.  Their job is to support you be aligning divine timing for opportunities; people crossing your path, doors opening, etc.  So don’t worry about ‘how’ something is going to work out or come to fruition, but work on trusting your Angels to do their job (when you don’t and you try to manipulate things, you are giving them the message that you don’t trust them; that you don’t believe that they are there supporting you).


Heart chakra is indicated in our group at large, so everyone was engaged in the allowing regarding learning related to trust.  Some were working on allowing trust of self to be ‘imported’ (when they gave it to me like this it did make me laugh!  But they are using our language, which is not always familiar because our vibrations are different, yet, having said that, they do have a sense of humor – and wish we had more when we are facing some of our challenges.  It would make it easier to get through them).

Some were instructed to put their hands on their hearts, and others had the help of their Angels.  Some had more than one helping them, and others only had one.  It depended on the depth of the healing that was taking place.  You may have experienced a bit of sadness, or physically, some shortness of breath or a bit of a cough.  It was slight, and many may not have felt the physical, but only the emotional.  Trust is established first in self (by listening to the self) so that you can allow yourselves to attract vibrationally the support of others.  There was quite a bit of talking going on.  Some were sitting, standing and lying down, as they did this healing exercise.  Those that were lying down may have felt this tingling, as we held beams of light that went all the way through them and then into the celestial ground.  Others may have felt warmth in the chest area, especially those that were seated.  Those standing may have felt the warmth in the front and back, as the Angelic work was done on both the back and front.  I saw heart chakras expand, and become a beautiful emerald green in the process.  Some were quite yellow, and those were still being worked upon.  As always, they help us conclude by sealing in the healing energy and grounding us.  Much of this work is done when we are sleeping to avoid any tiredness during the day, or other symptoms like dizziness while we are awake.  However, some may still feel it.

 The symbol for Monday was hearts, and pink and green were the colors.


Throat chakra is indicated, and they seem to be working on the group this week, even though there is a separation within the group; some are worked on individually and some in small groups.  You may have felt a scratchy throat, or even loss of your voice.  Again, this is making room for the new vibration as it is being ‘infused’; it is an adjustment.  Soothe your throat with honey or other remedies.  This is all about becoming comfortable with asking for what you dream and desire.  The energy was given in ‘balls’ of bright white light and was held in front of the throat for the most part.  Some of the energy balls were actually overlapping into the throat area, causing warmth within that area.  The balls were both absorbing old energy, and renewing/healing what was there, as well as releasing.  Then the infusion of the new vibrational energy, the higher frequency of ‘knowing that you deserve all of the good that is here for you to create’ was slowly ‘fed’ into the energy of the throat chakra.  Some were able to allow it more easily than others, and the work was different with each soul.  Higher selves came forth to remind many of what their intentions were within their souls plans, and conversations took place.  This allowed some ease, some forgiveness of self and of others (those that may have gifted you with a specific challenge karmically). 

 The symbol for this aspect was stars (balls of light) and white was the color, or translucent. 


All were beginning to progress forward, taking steps forward.  Some were being assisted, and others were taking 2 steps.  This indicated varying levels of transformation.  As the work continues into this next week, more and more will be ‘forced’ in some cases to face some fears – but please remember, you wanted to grow!  And the fear, crossing over that threshold, is part of releasing resistance and is required for your growth.  There were very soothing vibrations being run through all as this was happening – akin to music, but not necessarily heard, but felt.  There seemed to be ripples of energy (almost as if you were walking in very shallow still water, crystal clear) around everyone’s feet.  It was beautiful and serene.  You may have felt off balance (especially those who were working on more fear, walking through more fears related to forward growth).  Some may have felt tingly and there may have been great moments of excitement! 

 Turquoise was the color given, and shapes in clouds were symbolic.  “The sky’s the limit” may have been heard or felt by some.


A quiet day of rest.  Continued forward progress.  Infusions of love, kindness, peace toward self were pushing out resistance.  You may have caught yourself being less patient with YOU.  This was a heightened awareness.  This allows you to make a better choice from within.  Again, don’t let outcomes be the measure of value.  But rather enjoy the journey.  Often it is not the finished product that is the art, but rather the process.  The message was given earlier in the week about letting go of your goals to help you get out of your own way.  I think it was something like “give up on your goals”, or something like that (often I do not recall exactly what is channeled).  This is a great way of releasing any resistance.  Remember to take a break from all of the asking – especially if it brings you to a place of being conscious of what is ‘not’ there yet.  Refocus on some soul food – like nature. 

 Blue was the color given, and Gerber daisies in orangey-yellow were the symbol.  The smell of jasmine is also indicated.  These gifts remind us that we are not alone here.  Allow for your focus to help your Angels – when you focus on happy things, resistance is released, and then they can help you line opportunities up.  You must be in higher frequency to attract a higher frequency ‘thing’.


Sacral work is happening today, and you may feel a bit hungry from all of the work that we did this week.  Beautiful rainbow colors are running through you all, and the colors vary within the rainbow energy, some are more predominantly blue, some yellow, some orange and some purple, as well as pink and red.  The blue is serene and giving strength to self-esteem as a form of growing your self-love.  The yellow is about letting go of sadness from early life experiences and is supporting you becoming more aligned with your real joy – what really made you happy as a soul (so think back to childhood; spinning, watching clouds, singing and dancing, doodling, etc.).  The orange is imbuing strength for those who are particularly working on creating more energy in their physical bodies; supporting the release of old beliefs, in particular about aging.  This is aligning you with your highest vibration of energy within the body (I had a lot of energy in the last two days – makes sense!).  The purple was about spiritually reconnecting both Angelically so you can hear guidance, and in trusting your intuitive knowing.  This supported the release of doubt that you deserve to be protected and guided, as well it helped support belief that you are guided.  Purple people were enjoying seeing more Angelic symbols as a form of working on self-trust.  Pink was about the support of love, and it ran through the entire rainbow, as if dancing within.  It supported the release of old beliefs of not good enough, and brought a beautiful inner peace; the awareness of self-truth was a part of this.  You may have found yourself delivering some truth’s both to yourself and to others.  Know that this is a part of loving you, and in loving you, you are gifting others the knowledge for their soul plan to work (you are giving them choices as well as modeling healthy behavior).  Red was about reigniting your passions, getting in touch with what you love and what really excites you.  Many ah ha moments happened to those with this energy.

 The symbols were feathers, and red roses for self-love – you may even have smelled them.

 I will be releasing some of the stories of symbols and fabulous manifestations later, possibly over the weekend.  So stay tuned – and if you’d like yours to be included, please send them to me!!!  Nothing is too small – it gives all hope and helps support everyone in seeing their own ability to create with our Angelic Realm.

If you are in need of a little support to make sure you are on track as you create your dreams, don’t hesitate to call for a session.  I am always there to support you and want to help you create all that you desire – for when you do, and you raise your frequency, you are helping the planet and everyone on it!

“Supporting you in Health & Happiness!!!”

Love and Peace,






Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP
Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend and Spiritual Advisor
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