RainbowNow, on to our stories!

I was guided to share a prayer that I say before I begin my work with you and others each day.

Dear God, help me pray, reach and teach others so we can create harmony; help me create more shared positive life experiences, more laughter, and create more support, for ourselves, from ourselves, as we learn, so that we may help support others in a healthy way.

Here are some of our success stories!  Please do contribute!  There’s no story too small, no symbol that isn’t significant!

Symbol from our Angels:
…I had a dream where I saw a big white feather on the ground underneath a wood plank.  I was aware that it was a sign, but wasn’t able to get completely lucid.  Then later I there was a smaller one in my hand!  Same night – still dreaming.  Again, I knew it was a sign, but didn’t become lucid.  Oh well, they really did a good job of giving me symbols though 🙂  How cool is that!

…I have to share that a hummingbird nest has been outside my front door for the last month. I always thought it was a sign of an angel. When I first noticed it, I felt pure joy and was in awe of how beautiful the hummingbird was.

…I was reading my horoscope this morning.  It mentioned rainbows. …Just saw a rainbow the other day! Haven’t seen one in ages!

(This came in from a PG participant’s son!)  He said that he had drawn something special for her!

…As far as signs go, I have had numerous moments when I suddenly smelled cigarette smoke (at home where no one smokes!) and other moments when I smelled roses! Very cool! Love this work we’re doing!

…I am finding more and more pennies! …This week I have seen lots of rainbows even days after the rain. …had a very tenacious one [grasshopper] on my windshield that stayed with me while I drove around town sometimes going 30 mph! …I saw a written reference to a rainbow and pot of gold at work on a chalkboard – ha.  Saw feathers in the clouds – love those!  Having dreams within dreams with lots of symbols.

Stories of creating:

…Thought I’d share with you some of my experiences the last week. First, during our initial phone consult, I mentioned that one of my goals (in addition to increasing my self-confidence, which the angels told you was actually increasing trust in myself) was to find a job. Well last weekend, completely out of the blue, my sister-in-law calls me and says the company she does part-time work for has an opening! It is part-time, lots of writing involved and I work from home! EXACTLY what I wanted!!! I already had a phone interview this week and should hear back from them next week.

…[At my salon] I have been creating flow of clients in my chair.

…one [goal] I feel confident in is my weight. I been going to the gym. Making healthy food choices and just envisioning my body responding in a positive way. Envisioning a cycle to release toxins and hopefully lose weight.

Dreams, reality crossing over each other, and tales of synchronicity:

…Last week in your Fri PG5 review lots of the things you mentioned I saw or happened so interesting. This might be something coming up this week too! This week I have seen lots of rainbows even days after the rain. But this other situation that I will explain has happened 3 different times.

When I was at T Mobile store this beautiful tall gal came in. One of those [where] everyone in the store turned and looked at her. But she was next to me and asking for a temporary SIM card for 3 days because she was visiting here. She did have an accent and said she was from Milan. Visiting friends for a few days and wanted the card to use to call home. This is the strange part, that night I was on FB and through my news feed someone posted something in a group I’m in. As I was reading what was written there was a comment from this girl I saw at T Mobile so I thought that’s interesting [then I found out] she live[d] in Oceanside … and came from Milan…..

Second one that happened. Went to a … class in La Jolla on Monday. Two guys were there… but I did not know them. That night again on FB and in my newsfeed [someone] posted in a … group I’m in [and under this] post was a post from one of the guys in the class that morning…

Last one the other day at the store this lady started talking to me. Last night I had a dream and this lady was in it but I do not know her…

Angelic Message regarding synchronicity:

These incidences of synchronicity show us how we are all connected and able to create flow of energy to align with people, places and experiences with ease – without even trying (so imagine if we were trying!).  As we learn to harness our creative abilities and to enlist the help of our Angelic Realm helpers, we can create more and more of our Dreams with greater and greater ease.  We can call in love relationships, create job opportunities, and create all kinds of realities!  As well, we are increasing our frequency, connecting to higher vibration of energy will allow us to open more and more to our intuitive gifts.  We may know things more and more that we couldn’t know, we may get information to help us, and we may begin to experience our Angelic Realm with greater clarity.  

“Supporting you in Health & Happiness!!!”





Love and Peace,

Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP
Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend and Spiritual Advisor
Corporate Consultant

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