The Lizard’s ability, as a reptile, to shed the old, and become renewed, brings a message regarding the need to peel many layers to get to the heart of the matter; a need to shed to grow.  The lizard is a master of change and is one who does so often to “hide” to observe.  As a master of change, the lizard has much wisdom to impart.  To see what your message from the Lizard is today, ask yourself the questions below:

Are you caught up in repeated patterns, and the boredom of everyday life?  Lizard may be showing up to urge you to focus on your personal dreams.  Are you taking actions that will help you align with what you truly want?  Or is it time to shed a layer; to create a new reality for yourself?

Are you afraid to “lose” someone or something; afraid that you won’t be able to create or find another person, place or thing that fits you better?  The lizard reptile easily regenerates that which is lost, and may be reminding you to adjust your beliefs.  Do you believe that if you think differently it will create a different reality?  Lizard does, and doesn’t buy into any limiting beliefs!

Are you using your gifts?  If you are still not sure what they are, then the message from Lizard is to try different “colors” on to see what fits you best; explore!

A keen sense for danger keeps the Lizard safe.  If you are about to embark on a new journey, the Lizard is reminding you to tune into your innate ability to recognize danger, so that you can stay out of the way of any impending challenge.  Are you aware and tuned in to your intuition?

Are you relying too much on ego?  This beautiful messenger is calling your attention to this so that you can detach and operate from a higher perspective.  What do you value, and why?  What are you doing to support this – is it in integrity?

Are you stuck in a pattern of attachment out of fear?  Are you avoiding things you fear, hiding out camouflaged and hoping to slip under the radar?  It may be time to face your fears and to be seen!  The lizard is telling you it’s time to face your fears and know that you have answers beyond this dimension.  Tap into the imagined solution, and you will be rewarded.

The Lizard easily moves between worlds, that which is seen and that which is hidden.  If you master the art of observation, and adapt, you will be able to see the perfect path.  Are you listening and observing, or are you rushing in?  When you listen, are you really listening or formulating what you are going to say or add to the conversation.  Practice truly listening, and you will no longer want to hide.

Lizard is calling you to become the observer, and “swivel your eyes” to gain important information from the past and the future for your growth.  Is there something that you are not seeing?

The Lizard often wanders into dreams and brings important messages about how we are walking through our lives; spontaneously or with heaviness that doesn’t allow freedom.  Are you stuck in the past?  Which way are you moving through your life; with flexibility to move quickly when motivated, to enjoy a wonderful opportunity when it is presented, or are you stuck in fear, worrying that you may make a mistake?  Lizard is not afraid to act, and is calling you to take an action to move beyond any fears from the past.  Stay strong, and calm, so that you can think and move – sometimes quickly if need be.

But don’t worry, if an opportunity presents itself, and you are not able to move on it, it will be presented in a different form again.  We have many opportunities for growth here as we shed our layers.

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