I am beginning to channel the personal messages for all who opted in to the advanced level for $25.  It’s not too late to opt in if you’d like a personal message.  The messages will contain Area of the body/energy that is indicated; Actions; Affirmations; Tools for growth; Time line; and Your Personal Symbols.  Here is a sample message:

Area of the body/energy that is indicated:  shoulder on the right side; standing in fight stance or trying hard to create situations; control is indicated.
Actions:  Release and know that everything always works out for self and others, despite what it may look like.  Release by looking back at how you first learned to “do” life; when you first started to believe that you could/couldn’t trust that you were going to be ok, and when you decided that it was only going to work out if you did it yourself.
Personal Affirmations:  I am beginning to let go of control.  I allow for others to learn and for it to be o.k. no matter what it looks like.  I believe that everything always works out.
Tools for growth:  deep breathing is a great tool as you release tension from your body.  Let go of the weight of the world as you exhale.  Remember that each soul challenge is perfect for that soul, and they are blessed with an opportunity for choice.  But that they can’t learn if we make the choices for them.  Let them fall off of the bike, knowing that they are learning how to ride.  For self, lots of self-care and babying you is required!  Your inner child has been holding on too tight for too long, and she needs you.  She needs to know that you care about her, that you love her, and that everything is going to be o.k.
Time line:   January begins a new cycle of growth for you, and may have some challenges (as a way of offering you further growth to let go).  It smooths out in February, and money is coming up in that first quarter (possibly in Feb) as a tool for growth.  Remember, everything always works out!   And don’t let money be your guide if a new position opens up for you.
Angel Symbols:   Feathers in white.  You are safe and supported by your Angels and Loved ones on the other side who are trying to visit with you.  T.V or electrical interference may be a vehicle.  Don’t be alarmed – they want you to laugh more with them – to laugh more in general.  Your totem or spirit animal is the hummingbird.  Look for hummingbirds as a reminder to feel Joy!  You may have to practice if you are “out of practice” with the feeling.  Mind your vibrational focus; seek and spread joy on purpose.  Choose to see the positive to flow positive energy to yourself.

This is the time to set your intention for 2017!  Bonus Angelic Message.  Here’s what was channeled, but feel free to make this your own: 

The New Year, 2017, will be filled with laughter, joyful conversations and meaningful connections that bring happiness.  I feel beautiful and abundant and am connected to my higher self wisdom; I feel great! I use my energy to amplify my intentions, practicing positive thoughts and actions and feel so supported. These positive thoughts and actions bring harmony to myself and others, and help to shift the frequencies around me; I experience peace and freedom.  Personally I fill my vibration with ease in all things and am having so much fun creating new beginnings.  I love this feeling of balance in my life, and love that I am helping to support change all around me.  The collective connection elevates the world consciousness and vibration!  This is going to be the best year yet – and I am excited!

Now, on to our last PG6 prayer….

Good Morning Angels, and all who are helping us dimensionally!

I ask that you help allow for my voice; for me to speak my needs and wants, to be heard first by me, and then to be able to share them with others.  Please give me strength as I learn to support my emotions, and embrace them as my guidance. I ask for strength to feel all; the good and the bad, and to allow for the truth of my feelings to be felt.  I ask for strength to support these truths, by myself, and then to ask for Universal support through others.  I ask that I be strong enough to allow for the feelings of others here on the planet, knowing that their divine soul plan is perfect for them; for their learning.  I ask for grace in this.

Affirmations:  I speak easily and calmly.  I am heard with ease in all that I ask for.  I easily feel my emotions, and am gaining strength and guidance through them.  I embrace all feelings; good and bad, as tools to guide me to my purpose.  I am supported in my needs and wants, by myself and by others.
(Areas Engaged:  Throat Chakra to clear the ability to speak for needs and wants, and to easily be heard.  Solar Plexus Chakra to engage easily with feelings as a tool for guidance, and to support all feelings; mine and others in the world.)
Thank you, or Amen, or So it is
Me (or Your Name)


Here is my shared story. So the last several days, i keep having this vision that I’m in a darkened, square, empty room. Suddenly the back half of the room splits off and falls away (like when a section of a space rocket separates and falls away as a rocket launches into space). A beautiful pale gold light is revealed as the back half of that room falls away. And somehow I know that that back half of the room represents my past (beliefs, expectations, routines, experiences, etc.). I feel so much lighter and free. Like moving forward I can do things however I want, not to be dictated by how I’ve done things in the past or what has happened to me in the past.  I don’t know if I received this “vision” because of the PG6 work, but I’m thinking YES…. I plan to finish out the last week dedicated!

Success but feels the efforts…
Today I made it a point to be very aware of my thoughts and energies at work. I created a fast trip through the Starbucks drive thru lol. I attracted nice, happy customers, and the day did seem to go quickly. At the end of my shift, even though I had created all of these things, my thought was that it felt hard lol. My next thought was that it only feels hard because this is something new and I’m putting a lot of energy into maintaining higher thoughts. It is exhausting but my intuition is telling me that I am on the right track. Is there something I can do to help with feeling like it’s exhausting to think consistent positive thoughts ….am I ‘falling off the bike’ in some way or is it just because this is a new way of being?
The Angels answer:
The trick is to create “other” focus, so you are less aware of how “hard” it is; less aware of how much effort you are exerting in creating the new vibration.

Excellent work!!!! Now, when you feel tired, take 5 minutes to meditate and rejuvenate. Focus on the desires that you want to create and envision it/them, using all senses, as if they’re already created. Remind yourself that this is why you’re making the effort.

Or, find a focus, like puppy fur, to focus on. Mind your thoughts and snap the rubber band to stop yourself from going into low frequency (like those you mentioned).

Don’t worry – as you push through the transition, as you practice, it will get easier!

Dreams with fear…

I have also been experiencing vivid dreams. More than usual. Specifically each dream always has a past lover in it…..And every dream has the element of fear.  So, each dream had a boyfriend from the past that was different. The 3rd dream which i had last night, had a male friend whom I’ve known since college and we’ve never had a serious physical relationship, but always wished we had….Needless to say I’m trying to connect the dots. The energy though in each dream was that of fear….
I am also experiencing humming in my left ear on occasion. Very annoying…..lol
The Angels Answer:
The left ear indicate you are holding on to some resistance to a challenge that has presented here in this lifetime.  It has everything to do with listening to yourself regarding intimate connections; making yourself vulnerable.  You have chosen those past loves as a subconscious way of avoiding intimacy, as they could not commit fully in a healthy way.
Check what you believe about yourself and what you learned of relationships – having to do with your studies and mastery around trust.  What were you taught to believe?  What are you willing to give up and to change?  The dreams are just a way of bringing it to the forefront as it is a time where much change is being supported (the mercury retro starts on the Monday, the 19th, and we are just coming off of a full moon, and this year is a “9” year, so it is the ending of a growth cycle and requires completion).  Personally, as you walk forward and are asking for love in your life, these things need to be looked at.

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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