Good Friday Morning!

This first week of wrap up is usually a bit longer (I promise they won’t be this long every time!).  Below are the directives I received over this last week as I prayed over the group.

Over the courses of the 33 days, you will have aha moments, and feel clearing energy around your dreams and desires. Your prayers are being amplified, and so is your Angelic connection.  That means you may have more motivation to take actions that will help you achieve all you are asking for.

Take advantage!  Whether it is body alignment (weight), or finding love, creating a new purposeful career, or creating more financial freedom, this will help you use the energy of this 33-day prayer intensive.  Listen and take note of all that you are feeling, and feeling guided to act upon.

Please do write to me!  Let me know what you are experiencing.  And, PLEASE complete your registered for your private channeled message or for your special 30 minute PG7 session, if you are one who has claimed one of the last few spots.  I only have a couple of these amazing breakthrough sessions left.  Stories will be shared anonymously regarding breakthrough moments, so please do share with me so we can all be energized and empowered!

Here’s what you will be receiving in these 4 email during the 33 days…
First Official Friday Weekly Wrap Up #1

  • Highlights regarding any Healing, Clearing & Release that I was directed to do
    • any physical aspects of the body that may have become activated/infused or cleared
    • Energy Color Frequency that was given (NEW)
    • SYMPTOMS, physical, mental and or emotional, within the body, that you may have experienced due to the activation/infusion or related to the release/clearing of low frequency, toxic energy, and increasing our frequency.  *PLEASE NOTE:  These will dissipate as we continue clearing, and often don’t last long.  If you are having discomfort, write to me and I will help you clear it. 
  • Archangel Guidance & Help – It’s not necessary, and you can call on your general Angelic Team, but the brain sometimes like to have a name to focus on, and or a specific energy that is aligned with all that we are healing and creating.
  • And, the most fun, Angelic Symbols. *Please send me your stories!!!

Please feel free to email me with questions and/or stories during our week.  I will share them anonymously, so the group can learn and connect with any learning that has occurred.

O.k., here are the experiences that I have been having as I prayed throughout the week.

At times, you were all in a circle.  Other times, within a heart shaped circle.  There would be a beam of light directed to one or a few, and sometimes that frequency/color of that light would be the same, sometimes it would be different.  For example, sometimes someone would be in a beam of pink light, and the other 2 would by in white light, while the group was mainly being infused and cleared with green light.  This would shift and change from time to time, and it was beautiful and peaceful; soothing.

Crystal grids were a part of the configuration, but they were at the periphery of my vision; sometimes under the energy of the group, as if underneath the circle of the group, and sometimes the grids were formed above the group.  Sometimes there would be individual grids above and below specific people.
Through both the energy of the light frequency and the crystal grids, the frequency of the molecules in the physical body were receiving a lot of attention, so I know that many of you may have experienced symptoms.  I have included that part in each day’s re-cap.  However, to get a better idea of what is happening and what your body is saying to you, I urge you to get my guide to the body’s energy.  See the end for more information.

On to the Angel Message:  Your dreams and desires are known to us, your Angels, and are already created for you.  All you have to do is step into “receiving” them.  We are here to help you clear so you can do just that!
– Your Angels & Guides, Your Loved Ones and Pets

Clearing and release. 

  • Clearing/Release areas:  I was directed to clear and ground the group working in and around the root chakra; the knees, the hips, lower back, and legs – so, all of our physical support systems.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:   Infusion into the cleared areas was safety, trusting that you are safe in the world, in your relationships, and in your financial experiences.  Energy of abundance is a flow; a river that is infinite.  So, all things are infinitely available to us all!  This infusion helped to release of fear of “walking forward”, and or “fear of failure” (fear directed toward the self by the self, and or by others).  Divine Soul Purpose, is activated. Resistance to flexibility, represented by the knees and joints, and is being cleared, supported by this infusion.  Release expectations and the need to compare.  Gentle motions to support this area of the body are recommended.  This will open the energy centers and help release the energy.  Comfort felt throughout the body and into the heart is a part of the activation.
  • The color of light frequency:  Yellow and white.  The white was cool feeling, and the yellow was like warm sunshine.  These frequencies ran through the body, and expanded.  First the white for clearing, and then the yellow for support in healing and to support the new beliefs/frequencies for healing, that are being installed.  You may have begun to be aware of seeing yellow, as a color frequency of connection to your healing power; your creative powers.
  • Symptoms:  Any symptoms will disperse as you get in touch with all that your body is telling you, and as you clear the energy and allow for the healing energy. You may have felt energy of warmth, or other indications of release and shifting energy in any of those areas of the body, including any aches, or tingling, a feeling like you need to “adjust” your tail bone, as well as an urge to walk or move.  Do any activity slowly, as your body is adjusting.  Support your need to rest!  Low back/knees may have been a bit sensitive.  Support your spine and make sure you do some deep breathing, and meditate in a quiet place.  Make a list of all of the support that has magically appeared in times of stress, and have that list handy.  Read it daily so that you can remember that “Everything Always Works Out”!  Remember, all of this clears as you release any hidden energy that may have been stuck there; fear of walking forward; fear of support (money) challenges; and or fear of being supported by the Universe (love/money).  The release will feel like you let go of a weight in this area, as you connect to the divine energy of the God Source Universal flow, and open to it – beware, this can trigger both physical symptoms and emotional ones at first.  Walk through the fear of having more than enough, more than you may feel you deserve yet, and or any other resistance that surfaces.  And you may also feel like an energy is moving up from your tailbone, supporting you and making you feel a bit lighter.
  • Archangel:  We call on Archangel Michael, [MY-kuhl], “He who is like God”, to help us with our healing & growth toward our purpose.
  • Angel Symbols:  Yellow was the theme today for sure, so look for yellow flowers and cars as a sign that your Angelic Teammates are all around you.  Yellow is the energy of happiness, and this is the time to align with what brings you joy.  Make a commitment to do this daily.  Don’t forget to heal you and support you as you go about the world healing and giving to others!  Baby yourself and make something healthy to eat or drink, or take a soothing salt bath.  Hawk feathers as a symbol of strength; you are being supported in your freedom!   And the numbers 555 were the number for the day, pertaining to our changing energy.  Know that you are supported as you shift and release.
  • Affirmation/Message:  It’s time to love yourselves!  I am supported.  I love ME!

Healing – allowing

  • Clearing/Release areas:  I was directed to bring this energy into the sacral area, the stomach, and all of the mid back, as a system of support of the area of clearing. This is an area of supporting our release and healing of self-love, worth, and self- esteem.  The release is helping all on the planet as well.
  • The color of light frequency:  Emerald green frequency was given, and the healing energy was soothing, but had an intense vibration.  Definitely one of great healing support.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:   Support emotionally to “allow” for an infusion energy of love, after the green energy did its work releasing energy that may have been hidden there.  This is the area of the energy body and physical body that holds our ability to receive unconditional love (from self or others).
  • Symptoms:  Any symptoms will disperse as you get in touch with all that your body is telling you, and as you clear the energy and allow for the healing energy. As the energy cleared, you may have felt emotional as a part of the symptoms of release; sensitive to the words and or actions of others.  You may have felt energy in and around the stomach, and this could have created more hunger as your body was detoxing and releasing, making room for the healing frequency of ease in allowing.  A lightness will become the norm as the shift occurs, and you will connect with divine creative purpose within all areas of your soul journey.  You may feel a yearning toward all things creative.
  • Archangel:  Archangel Jophiel, [JOE-fee-el], “Beauty of God”, to help us connect with our joyful, healing, creative energy.
  • Angelic Symbols:  7 was the number – introspection.
  • Affirmations/Messages:  Believe in your abilities!  I am gifted!  I have a divine purpose.

Attunement to our Angels – Connection

  • Clearing/Release areas:  Third Eye Chakra, Brain, Dimensional Connections to Spirit; The head, the pineal gland, the master cell, DNA (infusion and clearing of contractual genetic coding).
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Infusion energy was gentle and brought in the intelligent frequency of “God Source – All That Is” energy.  The infusion of knowing and understanding that our intuitive information is “real” and divine; knowing that our intuition is a safety mechanism, guiding us toward our truth and soul’s purpose. Clearing and infusing our connection to vision, problem solving and clear knowing, regarding insight and choices.  This infusion will also clear areas of creative energy like writing, conceptualizing, and during tests, and or areas of study.
  • The color of light frequency:  Light Violet Light was used during the infusion and clearing, and created a “lightness” of being, that may have been experienced as soothing chills.
  • Symptoms:  Any symptoms will disperse as you get in touch with all that your body is telling you, and as you clear the energy and allow for the healing energy.  Dizziness and or headaches, or eye challenges may occur.  Also, neck may be activated, for some who have experienced a past life demise based on their abilities to connect intuitively. But take heart!  The result is great!  Energy, and clarity; a higher wisdom and different way of “seeing” things will become apparent as the infusion of energy is received.  Our Angels are supporting our growth!
  • Archangel:  Uriel, [YOO-ree-uhl], “God is Light”, helps to illuminate challenge areas, so that we can see and transmute the energy; so that we can see things differently, with more clarity, and receive Angelic information regarding “solution”.
  • Angel Symbols:  Angel Wings; yellow circles, representing the sun; the number 11, or 11:11.
  • Affirmation/Message:  I am made perfectly.  I am in perfect and divine timing always; in my journey and in my learning.


  • Clearing/Release areas:  Ears, shoulders, and spine.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Infusions of energy to be grounded as we release and clear will help transmute the energy as we come back into alignment with our “true” higher “soul frequency.”
  • The color of light frequency:  Blue, both light and deeper, are being used to clear and release, as well as to infuse the intelligent healing energy of peace and calm.
  • Symptoms:  Symptoms will disperse as you get in touch with all that your body is telling you, and as you clear the energy and allow for the healing energy.  This may cause a slight ringing in the ears, or achy shoulders.  Also, your back may be affected as you are being guided to relax and rest.  This takes “trust” that all is well and will be fine if you take a bit of a break.  Gift yourself with rest; listen to what your body & soul need.  Emotionally, your relationship will be a focus, and it’s a great time to strengthen the relationships around you, beginning with you.  “SEE” yourself and others clearly.
  • Archangel:   Chamuel, [SHAM-you-el], “He who seeks God”, is bringing us unconditional Love of Self, and the ability to allow it to come to us from others.
  • Angel Symbols:  White multi-petal flowers, including roses and gardenias; smell all around you!  Be aware!  Songs with the words “Heart” in them; dimes from relations & Angels who want you to see your value.
  • Affirmation/Message:  I deserve ease in seeing clearly.  I am safe in my journey.  I am at peace with all that I am learning.

Balance and Forgiveness

  • Clearing/Release areas:  toes, feet, and etheric aura.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:
  • The color of light frequency:  A swirling light, blue and white, was given, and that energy entered the crown chakra.  The word “amplification” was given.  As well, some of you have clear quartz crystals placed on your crown (top of your heads), while others had green crystals (emerald in color) placed on your heart area.  Again, this is all dependent on what you are praying for, your soul plan and its objectives.
  • Symptoms:  Any symptoms will disperse as you get in touch with all that your body is telling you, and as you clear the energy and allow for the healing energy.  Energy sensitivity to the touch, and emotionally may be felt.  And this may move down into the feet and or toes.  Watch your balance as we clear this area and infuse it with energy that better supports you.
  • Archangel:  Calling on Archangel Jophiel (yes, this is the second time this week, but for a different purpose.)  Rebalancing, and the realignment of body, mind and soul, are the objectives.
  • Angel Symbols:  Pennies!  Do look for them everywhere – they are the symbol that you are connected with your loved ones on the other side, and are being watched over and guided.
  • Affirmation/Message:  My eyes are wide open, and I see all the beauty that is around!  I release any focus that is low frequency regarding where I am in my journey.  I breathe all the way down into my toes, and fill my body with peace.

Please let me know if there are any symptoms that you are concerned with, and I will help you release further.  It’s just your body talking to you – it’s our greatest tool for growth and creation, with it’s ability to use the brain, the imagination, and all of it’s sensory abilities!

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