Angelic Symbols & Weekly Notes from Healing/Clearing

Our Friday Weekly Wrap-Up contains:


  • Highlights regarding any healing, clearing and release that I was directed to do
    • any physical aspects of the body that may have become activated/infused or cleared
    • any parts of the body that may have experienced symptoms due to the activation/infusion or release/clearing of low frequency, toxic energy, and increasing our frequency.  *PLEASE NOTE:  These will dissipate as we continue clearing, and often don’t last long.  If you are having discomfort, write to me and I will help you clear it. 
  • And, the most fun, Angelic Symbols.

Please feel free to email me with questions and/or stories during our week.  I often share them anonymously, so the group can learn and connect with any learning that has occurred.
This week we worked on relationships; with self and with others; the journey forward requires it.  We worked on body alignment as a part of this (loving the self/weight alignment); joints for flexibility.  Material acquisitions are dependent on this foundational work.  A bit of numerology was included as well.  And the intuitive connection to our Angels with our symbolic language work.  Advanced received more direction with their Thursday Activation work.

Monday Notes:  [Body Work/Alignment]

  • Clearing/Release areas:  Sacral Chakra – working on the release of any extra weight, so body alignment.  *This didn’t apply to any who are trying to gain weight, as the Angel’s only apply specific healing that fits for each soul’s plan.  This is the area that we hold the energy of unconditional love of self (or the lack of Love).  This was interesting, as the Angels had you in the formation of a heart, and would work on each half of the heart in a different way.  First they elevated the left side (as I looked at it), and directed some releasing, and then on the right, there were beams of light going through each of you (the visual looks like spiritual acupuncture is being performed, and it is a technique that I have been directed to use often with clients in healing sessions.  It is an infusion of healing energy; deeply healing.)
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Hips, and chest area, are the areas that were infused and activated after the clearing.  The hips are about support and movement forward, as well as flexibility (as all joints are).  Be flexible as you move forward and do not get stuck in a specific way of thinking; i.e., “But, this is the only way we’ve ever done this “thing”, so we have to do it this way”; or “I’ve never seen it done that way before, so I don’t want to try that.”  Release and trust that there is no failure.  When we try it a different way, we can learn more; what works, and what doesn’t, which accelerates our progress forward.  Try new ways!
  • Symptoms that may have been felt:   Any aching in the hip area, may have radiated out to the lower back, or down legs; chest area; butterflies, any coughing to release; the ribs and all parts of the body structure in and around the heart, so into the back ribs as well.  All areas releasing any stuck energy.  May have also felt energy in the stomach area, sacral area, nausea, or digestive issues.  All symptoms will dissipate easily as the releasing is complete.  If need be, let me know if they linger, and we will clear them.
  • Angelic Symbols:  Cherries, can be the sweet/tart taste as well; hearts were a big one – green is the color though, for healing and for “giving” back.

Tuesday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas: Meridians of the legs, arms, hands and wrists, along with ankles and feet.  Having to do with allowing for help to come in, accepting and receiving help with forward movement.  If you find that it is difficult for you to ask for help, or to release control to let another help, it is often because it was a safety mechanism that you put in place in childhood to remain safe.  This will bubble up to the surface.  Arguments may be a part of this adjustment, as you are being forced to release control to learn that everything is o.k., and that you can trust that you are supported by others here walking with you (as an instrument of the universal life flow, and God Source energy that brings them to you for lessons and learning opportunities).

Sinuses are also engaged.This is an area of sensitivity in regard to your safety (think of smelling danger), and in regard to listening to your intuitive knowing (think of smelling roses from Loved Ones).

  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Foot Chakra (time to get grounded and release fears about letting go of control); Smaller Chakra’s in the knees, wrist, and all within the hands and feet.

Sinuses and ability to smell; releasing any blocks to allowing your connection for the purpose of spiritual communication.

  • Symptoms:  Some aching may occur as the transition to a higher frequency is being completed.  Sinuses may feel blocked, or runny, as the clearing is taking place.  All areas will dissipate as it is completed.
  • Angelic Symbols:  White Feathers, as a symbol of our Loved Angels, and Loved Ones, helping us from the other side.  This is a sign of support.  The color is lilac.  The number is 2, relationship to self, and then to others will be an area of adjustment.  So, if you are one working on relationships, then remember to be kind/loving to self in order to attract that in another.  This is key!

Wednesday Notes: [Relationship work]

  • Clearing/Release areas:  All were in a close group that formed a circle.  A large beam of golden light was coming from above the group, and flowing through them, from crown to foot.  This beam traveled through each body, bringing with it intelligent frequencies specific to each person.  This was infusion energy of spiritual connection; wisdom, connection to higher self [for the purpose of cellular regeneration and healing, as well as intuitive spiritual connection].  Crown to foot connection and alignment was a large part of the physical aspect immediately, and then the beam began to expand to include all of our dimensional aspects.  We are more than our physical bodies, and so our energy bodies were a part of this clearing/infusion process; the auras, the chakras, the elemental bodies, etc.  This is important because we often get separated from ourselves in this dimension.  And we must have relationship with the self-first before we can be in relationship with another.  This separation happens the first time when we are born and are here in a physical body, separated from the spiritual whole; the all that is.  (Often we strive to connect at a deeper level for our whole lives here, as a result of feeling this subconscious feeling; the loss of the connection to the whole.)
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:   Allowing for relationship at a deeper level was the infusion energy today; trust, unconditional love of self, allowing & acceptance (of the “human [perfectly imperfect] condition”), and unconditional support of the self [emotional/physical].  So the major areas of the body [aligned with the chakra system, so heart, root, solar plexus] that hold energy of allowing close relationships with others (including romantic relationships, but all relationship abilities will be affected).
  • Symptoms:  Energy may be felt in the head, neck, chest, stomach & mid-section organs, back [especially mid and lower], and throat.  The reason this is so broad they tell me, is because so much of the body is used when working through the use of relationships (for growth and learning; relationships are a tool for specific types of learning in mastery within the soul plan).  Again, all will dissipate as the infusion energy settles.  It is just strength of wisdom, a re-connection to your higher wisdom, so that you can further release any fear energy you may have brought forth from past lives, or that may have been triggered in this lifetime.
  • Angelic Symbols:   White flowers for purity of soul and truth/integrity with self and others; the color deep green for healing and renewal.

Thursday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas: Skin, in its entirety plus eyes.  The skin is our largest organ, and the prayer and work was about removing toxins from this area of the physical body.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  When we clear the skin, we are releasing any rejection of the self; the wisdom that we hold within the cells is free to “surface” and to be “felt” (with all senses).  When the clearing and healing work was done on the eyes in conjunction, the activation is that we are able to see within our own soul’s challenges, the solutions in thought and belief.  This helps to accelerate our creative abilities and helps to release resistance (not being able to see our responsibility in all that we create – especially the unpleasant – by our thoughts, which become belief’s (about ourselves and the world, and all who are here with us).
  • Symptoms: Feelings of tingles, or chills, possibly some itchy areas related to your specific studies; i.e., elbows, having to do with receiving and flexibility in receiving; ankles/knees/joints, flexibility in thought and resistance to change (being released).
  • Angelic Symbols:  white multi-petal flowers, smell of gardenia’s and pennies & feathers (white and gray – the white is angelic support, and the gray is medicinal, sent to many who have shaman energy and guidance from the other side).  Whenever you see them, please acknowledge your team on the other side!  They are sending you love!

Friday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas:  Ankles, sinuses.  The Ankles are begin cleared and healed as many are struggling to walk forward into their creations (feeling of not deserving or that it doesn’t exist), and the sinuses as guidance to be “clear” in intentions and energy (watch frustration or anger flaring up, as these can show up in that area of the body). Even more importantly, the sense of smell is our gateway to our psychic abilities and spiritual connection.  This highly sensitive organ can allow us to sense what is not yet seen.  Great examples are seen in dogs who are able to scent danger, and/or find “bodies”, even when under 30 feet of water (an actual case).  When we degenerate the sense of smell, by breathing polluted air, we are affecting our ability to connect intuitively and sense things prior to seeing them or experiencing them.  This is also seen when animals sense a change like an earthquake or tornado prior to experiencing it.  We have strong sensory perception, and this is one of the organs that is the strongest.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  sinuses, clearing infusion, and release of old belief’s regarding our intuitive abilities/connection.  Ankles, clearing and release regarding our ability to “know” our direction; gain clear knowledge regarding our soul’s path and purpose.  Infusing confidence in our abilities.
  • Symptoms:  runny nose, sneezing (without any other symptoms); achiness in ankles/feet.  Don’t worry, these will dissipate.
  • Angelic Symbols:  Yellow flowers for happiness, Truck tires for strong movement forward as we push through some of the old ways of being.  We are being supported and the symbol of the tires (big tough tires) are a reminder that we have what it takes – it is within us.  Red motorcycles as a symbol of our freedom, and love of having the wind in our hair – a reminder to play in the energy in whatever way suits you!  The number 4 (see the story I’ve added below), and the color yellow for happiness.

As always, you have all been infused with strength through this time, as well as individually infused with healing that is specific to your soul plan and divine purpose.  Some have written to me already that they are experiencing a divine connection to spiritual knowledge; a connection to the Love that is limitless; the force and source, of divine healing and growth beyond what we typically experience here on earth; for each of us, and for the world.  This is the connection that we are all striving toward.  This is the healing love that will help support ALL, as we all journey together, and individually.
Have a wonderful weekend!  And I will chat with you all on Monday!


Asking for an answer from the Universe, regarding attending an event….

…I was really torn but asked the universe to give me a sign and ON the plane it did!  I had just gotten some food at the airport and was eating it during the flight.  As I reached into the bag there was a fortune cookie which answered my question … it said “be prepared to accept a wondrous opportunity in the days ahead”!  Well I was leaving two days from then so that was a sign.  Then I looked down … and there was ANOTHER fortune cookie!  I asked the universe to send me a message in it and got “your past experience will bring u great insight at work this week”.  How many fortune cookies say these messages?!  Just thought I’d share.

Pennies from Heaven…

While I was at work on Friday, November 25, a CD of Frank Sinatra was playing. I found it interesting that no one has ever used the CD player before this day. Before I knew it we were all singing “Pennies from heaven”.  My surprise when I arrived home a read the Friday wrap-up on angelic symbols. It is great to be reminded that are Loved Ones are always with us.


I’m seeing a lot of 444, which is the number for foundation.  As we are progressing, we are building a foundation, and our Angelic Realm is with us, helping us to grow.  All things/life experiences are good, no matter what they look like, and are leading us to a life of purpose – our soul’s purpose.  WE are always teacher and student in all situations.

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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