Hope you are having a Wonderful Week!  Sorry for the late messages today!  You will be receiving Wednesdays from yesterday, and Thursdays today as well.

Mercury is in Retrograde (and was during the Full Moon & Eclipse).  To see what that means for you…  

THANK YOU again, for all of your stories during our week. STAY AWARE! Your Angelic Team is working with you! Please do write to me regarding any symptoms that you may need help with and all of the symbols that you are seeing!  I’m seeing a ton!



Prayer – Faith & Trust; Help me trust in my own worthiness, my value, and in supporting myself; Please help me allow for trust in the energy of Universal Support (God, Angels, Our Loved Ones on the other Side, Guides, Saints, and all of our Dimensional Support Team).  Help me see tangible results in my journey, as I create my dreams, and in my support!  

  • Infusion Energy areas:  Jaw, vocal cords, eardrums, ankles and the right side of the body (yin/yang energy).  The jaw and vocal cords align with the Throat Chakra, and the ability to stand up for yourself; your needs and wants.  And the eardrums align with the ability to hear clear guidance, and to hear others speak a truth, that may be guidance for you; to be able to hear it and then accept it, and to see the positive in their words (even if they may have hurt your feelings).  This is a challenge that Mercury influences; communication.  [Side note, if you are at the dentist, as I am, this may be a part of the cleansing!  Mindset shift:  I am loving my body by supporting all aspects of health!]    
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Activation’s and Infusions are “strength”.  Some were fed a bubbling brook energy, clear and cool and it flowed through them to clear energy and bring in new life energy; a drink for a thirsty soul.  Others experienced a golden rod of energy, entering head to toe, and then the rod of energy move straight out from the center and cleared energy throughout the body.  The activation on the right side is about the energy of allowing for balance; allowing for both male/female energy within you to harmonize in career (speaking directly, asking for what you want, healthy boundaries, and nurturing but not enabling).  Again, this will be felt throughout the body.
  • The color of light frequency:   Golden light (the rod), and cool blue (the brook), were used as well as white light (sometimes soft, and other times was used to brightly burn away stubborn Akashic challenge energy – contracts).  The cool blue was soothing, and the Gold was warm, but not hot; strong, not soft.
  • Symptoms:  Loss of voice, earaches, throat challenges, vocal challenges, miscommunication, difficulty with contracts and agreements, tiredness (from not allowing self-nurturing – jaw energy), cravings (jaw energy), anger and frustration/anxiety and fear; Overwhelmed.  Much of the energy is exacerbated by the Mercury Retro that has been in effect for both the Full Moon and the Eclipse.  Read more here: https://www.happypsychic.com/mercury-is-retrograde-august-13th-september-5th-2017/
  • Archangel:  Uriel [UR-ree-el], Angel of Transformation, is stepping forward to help us align with ease through all of the changes.  This allows us to see things with wisdom, and to accept that all changes are always leading us to a better place, even if and when they are difficult.  Take heart in Uriel’s strength, and know that you are being guided.
  • Angel Symbols:  Gold rings – a symbol of love and cyclical energy; infinity; infinite love.  These can pop up all over and are both from your Angels, Guides and from Loved Ones on the other side.  Your Animals who are on the other side are reaching out as well!  Red balls may be seen more often, as they are trying to tell you to “play” more!  White feathers are being shown (still and again), and are “love” from your Angels – they are luck and a sign that you are on the right path; that you are headed toward a reward!
  • Affirmation/Message:  Do not hold on to your limitations!  Don’t justify them – for you or for others.  We (Angels) understand why you are holding on to them – but we want you to trust in us, and know that we are standing by your side, and therefore you have nothing to fear.  I trust that I am supported here!  I am supported.  I support myself in my growth, my unconditional love of myself; and in my needs and wants.  I support my dreams.  I know that I deserve all the greatness that I am – and all the greatness that is here for me!  Read more here, and see if you are doing this and why:  https://www.facebook.com/WestCoastMedium/  Or if you don’t Facebook, go here to see the information: https://www.happypsychic.com/angel-message-dont-justify-your-limitations/ 

Hi Vicki
I have been going over the last couple of weeks in my head and I realized a significant shift in my confidence. Opportunities have presented themselves to me recently which has helped me boost my confidence level as I work towards my new career goals. My thoughts have stayed positive and I have not allowed doubt to manifest in my head. I feel elated and I know that my shift in consciousness is going to help me reach my dreams!
Thank you!

[My response:  Yay!!!  Love this!
And yes, this is an amazing time energetically!  So happy that you are consciously creating through this process and releasing more and more – this is a great tangible result of all of the growth that you have put in place!  Super excited for you and can’t wait to hear about the details!!!]


Have a fabulous day!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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