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 This is our last week for our Prayer Group – wow!  The 6 weeks have gone by too fast!  However, I am going to do our 6th one much sooner so we can continue on what we have built on.  If you have participated at the message level ($10) then I will be sending you a message in the next 2 weeks.  Please allow me time, as there are many of you and I truly go in and channel specific to your dreams, desires; your journey here.  If you haven’t received a message by the 3rd week of April, then please let me know!  And if you have selected that option, for a personal message, it’s not too late!  Just go to my site and select option #2 under the Prayer Group Info.  This is basically a mini reading for $10.  I’m doing this to help support you in your walk here – so take advantage!!!
First, experiences that I want to share… keep the stories coming!

…Just sharing a little story… Well maybe two. I have “found” some pennies.  At the grocery store I had one penny, a new bright one. I thought about my angels and happily put it aside; I didn’t want to lose it, it was my special coin. Well no pockets in my clothes so I put it in my bra…. I forgot about it. At night I went to bed, no problem ( I don’t sleep with a bra on). Next morning as soon as I woke up, I thought about my angels and asked for a good day etc., etc. I stretched and I heard something falling on the floor. My shiny penny!!! I guess it got glued to my skin, so when I stretched there it was. That made my day. ?

…My second story, I have problems with the heel spur on my right foot, for months I had continuous pain, wore flats and was in pain most of the time. By the second week into the PG5, I noticed that the pain was more tolerable than before, now the pain is very minimal, and I’m very happy to be able to walk more and be more active.

Thanks for that share!!!!  This is a real and powerful result of what we can create in our lives!!!

O.k., on to our week of prayer!

Spiritually I was directed to do more infusion work and to continue to release any blockages so that the motion forward could continue.   Balance was a huge theme this week. This was a week that was impacted by the residual planetary energy of the moon, and eclipse, as well as the beginning of Spring.  This change in season with all of the plant energy changing frequency, coming out of a more dormant state, beginning to bloom again, has an impact energetically on all.  This can serve to amplify growth (sometimes to an uncomfortable level).  The result can be mood swings and/or feeling overwhelmed emotionally.  Since this is a birthing cycle, you may have experienced an amplification in the lower region of your body as well (possibly physical symptoms, like anything typically aligned with your cycle if you are female).  This is all part of the process of re-birthing the self into a new way of being; a new higher frequency.

We focused on the eyes on Monday, and Spirit directed us to ‘look up’ so that we could see more clearly.  For some this may actually have created some neck stiffness, as some were not used to looking up.  Some were so focused on either work or other things (some as distractions from working on self), that it took great effort to release the energy of the resistance.  So if you have felt a little light headed, or possibly overwhelmed as you ‘look’ up and see yourself and your dreams, some for the first time, and ‘see’ all the work that you need to do (becoming conscious of what you need to do), this may be a part of the process.  As we continue to release all of that will subside – this will help with balance, both literally and figuratively.  The energy infusion was “I see myself clearly”; “I see my dreams with greater clarity”; and “I see support coming from multiple sources”.  A feeling of peace ensued.

The color was blue and the symbol that was added was white birds.  You may have seen heard or felt bird energy, and/or you may have been particularly attracted to or aware of the color blue.

The focus today for our prayer was on the lower back, and the energy bodies (aura in this case).  The aura can be seen as layers of energy around our physical body.  When there is an emotionally impactful incident in a person’s life, the aura may be seen to have a hole or tear in it.  This can create physical symptoms, like a backache (or any number of other physical symptoms).  As we did the work on the physical body, I was able to see energy being released in and around the aura bodies.  As the resistant energy was released, Spirit directed a smoothing, healing motion to be performed over all of the aura bodies.  This helped repair the energy flow.  The energy of infusion was “I am allowing the process”; “I release control”; and “I am of value – supported in my dreams”.

The color was red and the symbol was a red rose, and in addition, an apple.  You may have craved the flavor, or seen this symbol more often, or experienced it in other ways.  You may have been prompted to wear something red.

The energy of focus was on past release; both from this life (all triggers) and from past lives (all origins).  Again, most were laying down, and water was involved.  Some were standing in the crystal water, up to the tops of their feet only, and some were laying down with only their feet in the water, with the rest of their body prone, but not in the water.  The energy was drawn in and out of the body, several times, cleansing and clearing further.  This had the effect of bringing more energy into the body.  You may have felt a release that day, a letting go of some fear or worry.  You may have felt tingling, or perhaps you felt a slight headache as the release occurred.  [Words were (and almost always are) being chanted over you by the Angels as they are doing this work, and I am spiritually directed to allow this information to pass through all.  Sometimes I am holding my hands out, over all, as I was directed to do on this day, and the energy that flows forth goes through all, supporting the work being done.]  “I am free”, “I allow excitement for self”, and “I am progressing” were the energetic infusions.  Now, don’t worry if you have had some more resistance come up, this is natural.  We are told that the study of patience as one of our virtues is about having the strength to learn to trust.  Learning to trust in support of self by the self, and to learn to allow that you are supported by God/Source/Angels, and to see the evidence to strengthen your belief, is a part of this study.  Physically you may have experienced a little frustration in this study here’s why.  You know in your highest-self what it is like to instantly manifest all things – it is a left over memory from before birth, when you were one with all of the energy of God/Source in spirit form; soul form.  When you experienced quantum physics as a normal thing, and were in a higher frequency state of being all the time.  So to be here in a slower frequency, and to be using a ‘linear, time and space’ platform to learn can be a bit frustrating to many.  [Especially us, as all of you are attracted to this kind of work because you are more evolved; higher frequency beings.  This work is not for sissies as I like to say!  And therefore, not all are able to do what you are doing; you are brave.]

The color was purple today, and Irises were the symbol, as well as Angel wings.    This may have been a day that you wore or wanted to wear something purple, perhaps an amethyst, or an item of clothing.  And you may have been drawn to see purple flowers, like the iris.  Angel wings were seen in the clouds, as well as other places (if you were one who saw these symbols, please share!!).

This was the day that most could feel the energy speeding up.  It is sometimes a struggle to slow down at this moment in your growth.  You have become more focused, and although energized, you can wear yourselves out.  Slow down on purpose.  It is a time to remind yourself that nothing is going to ‘disappear’ or go away if you don’t get it done, or get to it.  And the world will not end.  But instead you will be pleasantly surprised at the level of support you receive when you support yourself this way on purpose.  Allow!!!  The prayers and words were all about allowing support and letting go of any controlling thought and/or action.  You may have felt tired and been forced to slow down, either by a physical manifestation, or you may have been guided to nap.  Again, allowing yourself to listen to these ‘directives’ will allow greater ease.  Your Angel’s want to show you their support, but you have to give back the reigns.  Your only job is to relax and to play so that you can be guided to all that you want.  Stay in higher frequency and the feeling of ‘tired’ will dissipate, and you’ll see more miraculous occurrence’s in your support; people will show up, messages will come through in strange ways, through papers, billboards, and strangers.  So this day was a day where Spirit directed us to align and connect with trees.  The green vibration help oxygenate your physical bodies to help restore balance.  The balance was a theme throughout the week, as we went through the prayer process.  You may have felt your lungs clear, and may have found it easier to breathe.  You may have wanted to visit with the trees; attracted to the mountains, or wanted to actually touch bark.  Things made of wood were a part of our symbols for this day.  The infusion energy was ‘renewal’; “I embrace the new”; “I love and allow for change”, and “I relax my body, mind and soul”; “I am loved”.

The color was tan and brown, as an energy of grounding, earth energy.  Symbols were bark and trees, including the leaves.  Green was also a color associated with this work, and you may have smelled fresh cut grass (or had experiences of green grass/lawns within your day).

Further work on stepping forward; physical effects felt in the feet/legs will be released.  Some were still tired from yesterday and so they were lying down, on the beach area (all crystals, fine sand made of crystals), with feet in the water.  All who were standing were in partnership with both others who were working in the group, and some were with Angels.  Two would be facing each other, and have one hand down and the other up, and vice versa, so that they were exchanging energy; playing with the energy and better understanding their own power and how to use their power to create and to heal.   This was exciting to see.  It was a complete day of play and of celebration, energetically.

The only infusion was of a playful energy; “I love me”, “I embrace joyful opportunities”, “I choose to be happy in thoughts” and “I allow better patience and understanding of me”.

The colors were pink and orange, and represented love and the energy of forward motion.  It was a feeling of energy and excitement and I believe you will feel it more throughout the weekend.  Symbols were yellow flowers, dandelions included, and hearts.

I will begin channeling personal messages later today and over the next couple of weeks, so look for those messages!  I have loved all of our work during these 6 weeks, but honestly feel like it went by so fast – it is a drop in the bucket.  I will continue to work with all of you and will be in touch within a week.  Continue to do the work that you are doing with your ‘movies’ and be diligent in your energy choices.  All is speeded up and is coming to you!

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“Supporting you in Creating Your Dreams!!!”






Love and Peace,
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