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Final Friday Weekly Wrap-Up #5

  • Highlights regarding any healing, clearing and release that I was directed to do
    • any physical aspects of the body that may have become activated/infused or cleared
    • any parts of the body that may have experienced symptoms due to the activation/infusion or release/clearing of low frequency, toxic energy, and increasing our frequency.  *PLEASE NOTE:  These will dissipate as we continue clearing, and often don’t last long.  If you are having discomfort, write to me and I will help you clear it. 
  • And, the most fun, Angelic Symbols.

Please feel free to email me with questions and/or stories during our week.  I often share them anonymously, so the group can learn and connect with any learning that has occurred.
Monday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas:  Lips, upper arms/shoulders, upper mid-back/lungs.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Lips are indicated as a tool for speaking and outward show of love.  The release of fear from “showing” affection, caused an activation of “love” toward self and others that may be seen in an outward “show”.  Upper arms are a place of strength of direction – release of “muscling through”.  Ease will be the activation regarding some tough actions that need to be taken.  Lungs/upper mid-back is about space – having breathing room as you create your new way of being – so release of over-bearing opinions (yours and other peoples).  Results in activating deep breaths and a feeling of freedom – releasing heaviness in chest of worry about what others think.
  • Symptoms:  Any symptoms will disperse as you read and recognize what your body is telling you.  If you are one learning to speak up and show love, you may feel tingling in the lips/mouth.  You may want to wear bright lipstick, when that has not been typical of you.  You may find yourself being drawn to the “kiss” symbol, and using the emoji more, or kissing the mirror to make the lip marks – have fun with this!  Upper arms may seem a little tired or shaky.  Rest!  Don’t lift anything heavy now!  You may want to try to “do too much” – not advised right now!  Stop and give it to your Angels – watch how help magically materializes.  Tough choices make keep you up at night – again, know that all is well, and everything always works out.  Let go and be guided!  Lungs may feel the effects of lack of oxygen – do some deep breathing.  Soreness in upper back may also show up – let go of worry and fear and find a quiet place to meditate and pray.  This will help you release and come back into alignment.  Think of all of the things in your life that have magically worked out!  Make a list and read it daily!
  • Angelic Symbols: Frog, as a symbol of transformation and Deep Cleansing.  Soothe your soul with healing water – take a salt bath and relax fully.  It will help you to draw the positive.  Too much healing of others can drain you right now.  Feathers, circles, pennies, and gold fish (again, random symbol that the Angels just gave me!  Wealth, good luck and abundance, especially in relationships, are the symbolic association.)
  • Affirmation:  I easily ask for support.  I am supported.

Tuesday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas:  Again, all of us are placed in a “heart shaped circle”.  The energy is running through all, moving counter clockwise.  It is a gentle energy, full of love and healing.  Hips are engaged, as a system of support that is being cleared.  This is an area that allows us to rest/sit comfortably.  Very important to us in balance as well.  Our tailbones were engaged as well, running energy into the earth – like a rod of support and allowing energy to flow through us, connecting us to the planet.  Again, all of our prayers and healing are also helping the earth.  This was a part of this function.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:   Hips/hips joints were activated with the energy of healing and balance.  Comfort felt throughout the body and into the heart is a part of the activation.
  • Symptoms:  Stammering, as if we are out of synch with time and space is happening, as we are trying to adjust to the faster frequency of the time.  Motor functions, like typing (along with speech), walking, etc. may be a bit out of synch as well.  This will lift, and it is a time to sit and rest!
  • Angelic Symbols:  White flowers, like roses and gardenias are shown as a symbol of this higher wisdom connection and spiritual support for our growth.  Green grass, butterflies, nickels, pennies, and other Angelic symbols that have been given will seem to be everywhere.  Set your intentions.  Also, you may be offered a cup of coffee – symbolic for receiving from a magical source – an unexpected gift.  This may come in other forms as well.  Stand in gratitude!!!
  • Affirmations:  I love myself.

Wednesday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas:  Releasing through the aura was the target today.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  The energy extending around the body as it holds so much historically.  It was gently cleared and received healing energy of love; love of self, increased awareness of thoughts/words.
  • Symptoms:  You may have felt energized, or there may have been a fumbling of words, or you may have felt a little forgetful regarding your words.  Again, a gentle clearing and release is going to resolve these vibrational adjustments.
  • Angelic Symbols:  White roses, and other flowers were shown as a reminder of all of the “layers” that create “us” – in reference to the clearing of the aura, which is in layers as well.
  • Affirmations:  I flow love out to the world.

Thursday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas:  Toes, (balance); root chakra around prosperity and safety/security.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Infusion into the cleared areas was safety, trusting that you are safe in the world, in your relationships, in your financial experiences.  Energy is seen as a flow; a faucet that is infinite.  So all things are infinitely available to us all!
  • Symptoms:  If there is any focus that makes you melancholy, remember that it is just so you can see what is causing it, and choose a better focus.  Through believing, you will achieve all that you want as you allow yourself to release and tap into the infinite flow.  Refocus on what feels good! If there is slight lack of balance in physical, it will disperse.  Use the affirmations regarding balance.
  • Angelic Symbols:  White feathers, and the Owl, as a spirit animal of guidance and wisdom.  Tap into your inner knowing and practice meditating for at least 5 minutes!
  • Affirmation:  I know what I know.  I embrace my wisdom.  I walk forward in balance.  I release anything that doesn’t feel good!

Friday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas:  Chakra Alignment.  This is the final release and is felt throughout the entire body.  It is fabulous to come into alignment and to feel supported; release is thorough.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  The entire body, and especially felt throughout the chakra’s; emotionally, and physically.
  • Symptoms:  Energy!  Clarity.  A higher wisdom and different way of “seeing” things!  Our Angels are supporting our growth!
  • Angelic Symbols:  Pink roses, for all of the love that we are receiving from our Angels and Loved Ones on the other side, especially as we get together with family/friends and celebrate.  Be aware of spiritual communication through “smells”.
  • Affirmations:  I allow the release of the old.  I embrace growth, and see it coming with ease.  I shift with ease.  [Repeat this several times throughout the day!]

You have all been infused with strength through this time, as well as individually infused with healing that is specific to your soul plan and divine purpose.  Some have written to me already that they are experiencing a divine connection to spiritual knowledge; a connection to the Love that is limitless; the force and source, of divine healing and growth beyond what we typically experience here on earth; for each of us, and for the world.  This is the connection that we are all striving toward.  This is the healing love that will help support ALL.
Have a wonderful weekend!  And I will chat with you all on Monday!

Connecting with Loved Ones – Symbols
While reading the email we received yesterday, when I came to Angel Symbols, I was surprised to see that hummingbirds are the totem or spirit animal for 2017.  Like many I’ve always had a hummingbird feeder in my yard and have recently planted many flowering shrubs and bushes in my front yard to attract them. So seeing hummingbirds flitting about is not unusual, but this past Friday when it was rainy and stormy all day long I was surprised to have a tiny little hummer sitting on one of my Christmas decorations throughout the day. I first noticed him early morning and then he would leave probably feeding off some of the flowers and then come back. He did this all day long until the sun went down. I was even able to go out and get a few pictures of him but of course not getting too close before he would take off. I told a couple of my friends who immediately thought it was my husband … just coming by to check in on me. I looked for the little bird the next morning and he was there for a short time but left and did not come back that day.

The other symbol that I can relate to just happened this morning while sitting here watching the news. For no particular reason my TV went off! I sat here thinking that it was the station that had gone dark for some reason and would come back on. Then I noticed that everything was off and I had to turn it back on manually.  I do tend to look for signs that my husband is near and I know sometimes I may read into them more than what’s really happening but I just wanted you to know that two of the symbols that you have mentioned have just recently happened to me.
Angels Answer
Yes, your husband … is always around you and is always trying to get your attention!  He has such a twinkle in his eye as he is saying this, and a fun sense of humor.  You are truly connected!

Feeling the release….

Thank you for all he information you provide us regarding the reasons we can  feel negative emotions in our lives. Understanding that cosmic pressures and changes in energy cycles can affect us negatively helps tremendously. The personal information you provide those of us that participate in the “Prayer Group” is incredible.
I personally have felt all that energy in the recent past that just seems to weigh me down. However, the lessons that I get from the Prayer Group allow me to feel and know when those feelings are released. Today is a perfect example. I am already feeling the fresh positive energy that is coming in the 2017 year. A “one” year, a time for new and positive beginnings.

From Thailand…
I am writing from Thailand. Know our light is spread all over the globe! Lower back and stomach have been big for me this week. I had a major Excavation on my Tue night- your Monday- which was an explosion of energy through my stomach in ALL directions. I knew even though this was a bad food event on my vacation I KNEW something energetic was happening! While it left me tender and low key for almost 6 days, the “event” itself was intense and almost felt intentional.
My elbow is getting better but not 100%. Achy joints have been an issue for me as well. I also scraped my knee! ….  Butterflies, toads and lotus flowers abound! I couldn’t snap the toads in the dark and they are too quick, but they were beautiful!

Enjoy your families and friends, as you gather together!  Remember that all of your Loved Ones are around you and celebrating with you from the other side!  Look for the symbols.
Look for all personal messages in the next 2 weeks, and if you haven’t signed up, please do so – it’s not too late!
Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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