feather 928x500Thanks for all of your patience!  Here are the final messages for Prayer Group 4- part 2.

03/1969 Spare, pure, sound; spare yourself!  Don’t buy into old beliefs about who you are, and what you can create in this lifetime.  Experience your pure nature; who you really are.  This is what you came here for, to live, and sometimes that includes feeling pain.  It is the best tool for growth, and allows us to grow more quickly.  Believe in you and your ability to be strong.  It is a choice, and one you must make this year.  Sound and vibration are a tool for you in particular; they resonate with your specific unique vibrational frequency.  So indulge yourself!  Learn about sound vibration, and use it to heal your soul.  You deserve this chance to change your frequency and experience happiness.  Fight for you!  You are a warrior, and you are just now stepping into your truth; your warrior being.  You are loved and have huge capacity to love.  Stop wasting it on those who don’t want it.  Only allow those who love you!  Draw healthy boundaries.  Think highly of yourself and you will attract those who are healthier and are able to love you fully.

01/1991 Force, clarify, sudden; you must let go of control and stop trying to force yourself to ‘fit in’.  You are unique and a beautiful soul.  Allow yourself to love you, all of the nuances.  Clarification will come in January.  You are seeking, and your Angels are there to answer.  Know what you know.  It is the truth and real.  You really can see what you see and feel what you feel.  Now, how to use it?!!!  You are beginning to understand how to use your energy to create.  Stay focused on what you want it to FEEL like!  Difficult?  Yes, but you can do this!  This is a good year for you if you let it be.  You can attract and create all that you want in your career and in love, if you stay tru to yourself.  Don’t startled by the suddenness with which you create!  Your frequency is coming up, as you get happier and happier!  And that will allow you to create with greater ease.  Go for your dreams, and don’t stop!

09/1971   Shore, tone, flat; its tie for you to shore up your boundaries, and supportive forces.  You too easily allow for others and not for you!  This is the cry of your inner child, and she wants to be protected.  Love her/you first.  She deserved to be protected and to be loved best!  Take a positive tone when speaking to self, and allow for your old voices to be identified, loved, and forgiven and to be healed and dissipated.  The y are not serving you!  Take flat energy, and examine it. What are you missing?  What is your soul longing for?  Yearning for?  Find what makes you happy and follow your bliss!  Try unique things until you find what answers your souls call for happiness.  You deserve it!

08/1967 Happiness, Calm, reserve; Peace is at hand, as you battle outside forces.  Don’t look at things the same way.  Think outside the box as you are introspective.  Yes, you have plenty of help but are stubborn to see the future.  It is wide open, and the sky is the limit!  Yet, you place limits on self.  Why?  Let yourself sit in meditation and ask your guides and Angels answer you.  Trust.  Know that as you make discoveries you may feel a bit of fear; let calm take over and know that you deserve the support that you are getting.  Dream big, and don’t think in terms of reserve. There is abundance here, and there is no ‘holding on to something in case something doesn’t work out”!  Let go of fear and worry!  This is your time!

10/1963   Forest, succumb, shelter; there is no reason to shelter in this storm.  Take it on, and throw your chest out to the wind.  You are strong now!  There is no forest to shelter you, but you welcome being out in the open.  Being seen is a new thing for you, and you are attracting others who are not afraid, and who are welcoming the ‘real’ you!  Do not succumb to fear.  You have come too far and know that all is well no matter what the perceived ‘real world’ outcome is.  Don’t’ succumb to the fears or realities of others!  These can change energetically, and you know how to change them.  Release, relax and allow.  Let go of any control, for if you attracted it to yourself, then you are doing the very thing that you attracted.  It is for you to see it in yourself.  That is the only reason that we attract anything!  So be introspective.  What are you standing in; what do you believe about yourself, and what do you WANT TO BELIEVE about yourself.  You are a super being!!!  Sent here with a higher purpose!  Do it!!!

08/1966 Shamrocks, notice, advance; Luck is on your side as you grow forward.  It may seem effortless at times, but if you look beneath the surface, you will see the efforts of all; notice it.  Don’t discredit all that you are facing or have walked through.  It is often that you walk through others journeys/hardships in order to avoid your own growth.  Relax and know that growth happens, even when we don’t want it or are not looking.  You are on an advanced path, and that means work!  However, the work will be rewarded.  But it is coming to a time when you must look beyond the surface.  You are faced with a decision and only you can choose.  It is coming toward the end of the year.  Know that you are strong, and happiness is on the horizon.

09/1976   Fledgling, voyage, entertainer; you have to follow your dreams and bliss this year.  The doors are wide open!  This is a voyage that you must take, even if it isn’t exactly as you had hoped!  It is the only way to experience life and to gain information that will guide you. Fresh new hope is on the way!  You are the entertainer of your own thoughts; share them!  They are magical and those who get you will understand them.  You only want those who vibrate like you anyway.  Not those who don’t understand.  Allow the release of the old and allow the new to come in.  Don’t let fear stop you from moving forward!

09/1975   Shard, follow, chapters; don’t take pieces of yourself, but know that it is work to develop the whole!  Disallow others who are only focused on parts/shards of you.  Demand that they love the whole you – and to do this you demand that you must love the whole of you; who you are.  The good the bad and the ugly.  We are all human, and imperfectly perfect.  Relax and allow this transition, this will allow you to love more wholly.  You are perfect as you are, so don’t be too hard on you.  It is the only way to be less judgmental on others.  This is a safety tactic and keeps you at a safe distance from any that may be able to hurt you.  You are ready for the next chapters in your life, and welcome them.  Only allow others to follow if they are worthy and love you.  Stand tall!  Don’t settle.

03/1966 Fabulous, frantic, chase; there is a lot of energy about you right now.  Delirious with praise; tired with rage; content with all.  You bounce around this next year, trying to find your footing.  You are fabulous, and you do not need to try so hard.  Don’t avoid feeling!  It is what you came here for.  It can be fun if you laugh at all of it.  Practice laughing at all of the absurd growth that is here for us.  You are on the right path.  Chase your dreams on paper, then they will become reality.  Seek ease, and let go of the frantic, as it only clouds your pursuit.  You do not need frantic energy, as it is that of fear.  Identify the fear and put it at ease.  Talk with and to it, and tell it that it is misguided, and that you don’t need it right now.  Tell it that you are surrounded by love and that you are strong in that love.  All will be well.

07/1989 Sighted, discernment, truth; you must be true to self.  Trust what you are getting and feeling.  It is imperative right now.  You are sighted and must receive no matter if you want to or not.  You are here for a greater purpose.  However, growth and discernment is what you are walking through in your human form. What is it all for?  You are seeking happiness, and must remember that it comes in many forms.  Your walk here in human form is on purpose, and it is to seek a human condition and experience that we cannot replicate in non-human form. So please have all of the experiences that you are wanting.  Don’t delay, as there will be plenty of time for the rest.  Your abilities will not fail you, and are with you for a lifetime.  It is time for fun now!

09/1962 France, sorrow, pestilence; time to release old ways, as they are like the pestilence of old.  See the sorrow releasing from your physical form, and clearing as if it were locust retreating.  They have done their damage, and you are not allowing them anymore.  You are being applauded for your healthy boundaries, and for all the work.  But look beneath the surface.  What is there?  Is it fear driven?  Do you not believe that you are worthy?  Do you not believe that you deserve all that you have?  Rejoice! You are so blessed and have created all of this fabulous life, the good and the bad, to learn from.  Allow the tears when they come, as it’s natural to grieve the loss of what others could not provide us, or could not be for us.  They are set in place to challenge us karmically, and are also children of God.  They are to be thanked for the challenges that they have put in place, and then the energy can be released for good.  No more victimization.  You give others the value; their words and actions.  So if they hurt you, you have only yourself to blame.  There is freedom in this.  You get to decide how much value you are willing to give them.  Free yourself, and wake in France!  You are free to fly!  Dream bigger!!!

07/1974   Float, vigilance, wisdom; creeping in to your subconscious mind is the wisdom.  You really know what is right for you!  Don’t allow the wishes and the feelings of others to pull you off course!  That is only an excuse for you to avoid any confrontation.  So avoid it, it will only get you more of the same!  Stand up and be brave!  It is time to speak out on your behalf.  Vigilance is what is needed now.  Be aware of all who are around you and their motives.  Are they good for you or are they only self-serving?  Use the wisdom of your Angels, and know with certainty.  You have a line to the sky, and your Angels are trying to communicate with you every day.  Allow for it.  Believe what you are seeing as signs.  Float when you are in dream state, and imagine all being as you wish.  Feel it the way that you wish it to feel.  These are the tools to use to create what you want.

05/1962   Super, illuminate, overcome; your energy is super-sized this next couple of months, so don’t worry if you are feeling a bit tired.  It is because you are shifting into a higher state of being.  Your path is illuminated and you need to pay attention!  Don’t delay.  Overcome all of your fears by listing them on a paper.  As you do, speak to each of them. Where did they come from?  What are they protecting you from?  So introspection is imperative right now.  You have asked for help, and it is here.  You want to move forward into a better happier state, and it’s there for you, but takes the effort of walking though some fears.  You can do this.

09/1974 Water, celestial, specialist; as you move forward this year, your career/life balance is highlighted.  Lofty ideas are taking birth.  Pay attention to the sky’s and where and when the stars align, as you are sensitive to that.  Patterns will emerge as you do, and these will become a form of guidance; celestial interest will increase during this next year, as all of the questions regarding universal truths arise.  At times it will feel like you are under water, slogging through.  This is just a physical feeling associated with all of the frequencies shifting within you.  You have a choice in how you see the world and others.  The way to make it positive is to see yourself in a positive light; to love you.  This will allow you to love others unconditionally.  Loving yourself is what you came here to learn to do better; an area of study.  Through this, the specialist within you will want to branch out, and experience other things that you find of interest.  This is a unique aspect of you, and is longing to be seen, instead of hidden.  It’s time to have fun, but do you remember how?  Do you remember what that means to you?  Or are you having difficulty loving yourself enough to make time for you?  This is coming to the forefront these next 2 months, and into the next year.

11/1987 Accelerated, magnet, boost; as this is an accelerated time for growth for you, take care of your body.  It is shifting and changing and needs an energy boost; nutrition and sleep are key here.  If you want to become the magnet that you are, stepping fully into your ability to attract all that you want, then you must take care of you.  Healthy boundaries are another way of caring for you, and it takes practice.  This is not just about protecting yourself, but rather a safety measure that allows you to try all things.  When you trust in your ability to have healthy boundaries, you don’t really fear getting hurt.  It is freedom to discern; this person/place/thing does not fit my vibration, but I allowed myself to try it to collect that information.  That is growth, and walking through fears.  You are a leader in this, and are teaching others by modeled behavior.  Super-fast energy in January will be tough, but will bring rewards in mid-February, and into March.  Lots of change.

03/1967 Sleep, range, stop; feeling depleted is natural on occasion, but if it is the majority of time, then listen to your body and the message.  It is time to stop.  When you lose touch with your feelings, what brings you joy, because you are giving too much, ask yourself what you are striving for.  What are you hoping to get from those that you are giving to? Your Angels want you to reduce your range for the sake of you having enough energy for you.  If we don’t listen, they sometimes help us to stop, but making us too tired to do anything but baby ourselves (and sometimes we come down with a cold or virus that forces the same).  So if you’ve been feeling run down, pay attention.  We learn these ways of being by observing them in others.  So where did your idea of how to be originate.  This is what the real lesson is.  To change our vibration and move into our happiness (which you have already started to do), we need to find the reasons we do certain things in order to let go of the habit.  Many love you and are looking to you for guidance.  Teach then well, and you will find rewards in March.

03/1965   Vision, boundless, destiny; your vision is clouded through these next months, and you may feel a lack of trust in self.  Relax; it is natural and temporary as you come back into alignment with trust and faith that all is well.  No matter what it looks like, all has specific soul purpose.  Your boundless love is what others see, but you know how you really feel; it may be time to let them know.  Boundaries are a way of loving yourself and of loving others.  You are not super human, and need a break.  Treat yourself every day as you go through all of these shifts in energy.  You need to allow and rest your fears.  Destiny is just that; what is meant to be.  Fear cannot keep it from coming, nor create anything good.  That just begets more low frequency, keeping cycles intact.  So check your fears and allow yourself to release them to God.  Determine to change destiny by creating new habits of trust.  That is the only way to create new pathways.  You deserve all of the good that is there for you; you worked for it!  By example, you are teaching.  Just be careful of what else you are teaching by running fear.  Let others learn for themselves what you have learned.  Being too tired to worry has been working, but it’s a new year and you will rise above it all.  Patience!

03/1958 Fly, simple, power; watch the birds and see how easily they fly.  This ease is coming into your life in this next month, as you finally give yourself permission to fly.  It is simple if you allow it to be; don’t let the voices in your head beat you down.  You have the power to put them at ease.  You and only you have the power to change what they are telling you.  Speak to them, and forgive them and yourself for allowing them.  Forgive self for creating the challenges, and drawing them to you, into your life.  For we all need to take ownership of what we are creating.  It is a mirror for our growth.  Simplify in all ways and all will become easier and easier.  Look to begin even more growth in fun/career in January. This is a new theme running throughout the next year, if you can manage fears.  You will be abolishing fears for good, fully taking charge, toward the end of next year.

03/1980    Strength, humility, perseverance; this coming holiday season will require strength, but not in the way that you think.  There will be chaos that is liable to set you back, zapping your strength.  Your job is to say ‘no’ more often, and to set healthy limits.  It is difficult for you to say ‘no’ as you fear disappointing others.  This is part of your growth here.  You are learning to love and honor yourself, and when you do say ‘no’ you are actually modeling healthy behavior.  You are giving others a chance to grow, rather than allowing them to stay stuck in the same patterns of behavior.  You’ll need strength because it will be a bit uncomfortable and because this new way of being may cause a reaction in others.  Don’t let fear be the prevailing force.  Persevere!  You will win them over with humility; tell them the truth!  Do it with love, explaining that you are merely trying to do what is right for you, that it is not ‘against’ them or anyone else.  It may be a great way to have a ‘real’ conversation that will be healing!  Take care of you and rest through the end of the year.

07/1970 Charity, soft, lesson; you are teaching others along the way, and a fabulous teacher you are!  As you gain more and more strength, learning to love yourself, others notice, especially around the holidays.  Love is in the air in the beginning of the year, when you reach out to gift others.  A cause or charity has caught your attention, and you are aligned with this endeavor.  Take care to remain balanced, as this will continue to be a lesson for you over the first part of this next year.  But rejoice, it is a symptom of manifested all that you want and desire!  Challenges show up in February regarding some changes in your life, but they will be dealt with by you with a greater ease.  Standing in your power now, you will see and experience things differently.  You will be attracting all the right people in this next year!  Enjoy them, don’t take anything too seriously now.

09/1945 Fusion, balance, walk; you experience much growth, even though you may not even be aware of all of it, in this next year.  This is good and a testament to how far you have come in your vibration.  It is this type of ease of transcendence that you have been seeking.  Don’t think about it too much as that is where you create your resistance to this ability.  Focus on the future; fusion of all parts of the whole you is coming into fruition.  You are stepping into the place that you have always wanted to be.  Get comfortable with this vision and it will allow you to transition with ease.  Maintain balance through all of these changes, reminding yourself to stay grounded.  Food and diet are important, as you become aware more and more of the vibration that foods/beverages hold.  You can use this as part of your new study, and direction of growth.  Incorporate all new information to aid in the process of this fusion; becoming whole, unlike you have experienced before.  This year will be fortuitous and chaotic at times, but is leading you to your goals.

10/1955 Flexible, transition, sight; you are walking into a new reality, shaping what you have discovered a new.  This is a great time for you as you wander into your new life.  This transition will take some flexibility as you have begun to experience freedom, and still need to let go of some out dated ideas about how things ‘must be done’.  Love is in sight around mid-summer of next year, as you are still unsure of what you want or how it would fit into your new life.  Demand equality so you do not fall into old habits.  Believe that you can have it all; that you deserve it, and that it exists for you!  Having fun is a new way of life and you are showing everyone that it can be done!  Applause!  Do include more habits of exercise and healthy eating now.

05/1966 Involved, centered, sure; seek to be involved in this New Year.  This is the opportunity to establish boundaries with you, and by doing that, with others.  Stay focused on all of the silver linings, and when they are not easily seen, find them.  Each life experience has one, no matter what it looks like.  By doing this, you are stepping more and more into who you want to become; leader to many by becoming happier and happier.  It’s an adjustment and there will be physical feelings associated; possible headaches, but as you are studying trust too, watch for health symptoms in areas of the heart chakra (any cough’s, etc.).  Add more ease in physical movement; exercise light in a way that will not impact your lower back or joints.  You are working out some flexibility issues in your life, and so joints must be babied.  Baby the whole you!  You deserve a trip, so listen to yourself and go.  Find your bliss in the small things to help you through this transition.  February things will calm a bit.

04/1964 Foundation, philanthropic, subtle; look for more changes going into December, and a lighter energy around the end of January, through the beginning of March.  It’s work to implement some of the beautiful ideas that you have; the time is right.  It doesn’t mean that ‘the’ idea is going to look specifically the way you imagined, but it is the journey and learning to allow for it to take shape that is necessary.  Let go of control and use affirmations of ‘I am safe, secure, and guided’.  ‘I trust in my guidance, my feelings’.  As you get centered and prepare to move forward, remember to have fun in each moment.  There is no race to get there.  We are already here!  And if we let these moments go by unrecognized, we miss important information for our guidance.  We miss precious nuances that will lead us to joy.  Your work will lead to a foundation.  This will lead to a better ability to express your philanthropic nature in a way that leads to all that you desire.  Be subtle and look for subtle changes in others around you.  It’s working!

06/1976 Tough, sugar, wisdom; as you walk toward all that you desire, the going seems a little tough.  Listen to this feeling.  It’s simply guiding you to step back so that the easier route can be accepted as it is seen.  Let go of control here.  Sweeten your free time by letting go there as well.  You are teaching others how to be in the world; do you want them to learn how to struggle or go with ease?  Trust in the process, and allow.  Remind yourself of all of the growth that you have taken on (pat yourself on the back), and remember all of the miraculous things that have happened to prove that you are being helped and supported.  Make a list and revisit when you are feeling any frustration; or to just stand in gratitude, a daily ritual you need to put in place now.  Challenges are always present, its how you look at them that makes them difficult or easy; the way you understand their presence.  Freedom comes in March when you may free yourself up to travel for fun.  It’s a choice, and would be a good one.

07/1954 Release, connect, surprise; as you continue to release thoughts that are no longer helping you, you increase your ability to connect spiritually.  It is growing stronger and your Angel’s want to make their presence known to you.  A surprise is around the corner; you may have an unexpected visit from a friend, and reconnect in a different way.  Let go of fears now, do not buy into other’s fears.  It is just an old habit and doesn’t serve you now.  You need your strength to go play!  It is truly what we are here for.  So find what you want to ‘play’ in; geology, other earth connected activities are showing up as a good way to help you reconnect and stop any low frequency patterns.  All is well!  Head up as you enter this next phase of growth and experience here – you don’t want to miss anything!

03/1964  Falter, fabulous, shut; as you shut the door on more and more past life experience, understanding all of the challenges, you allow for all of the good to flow with greater ease.  Watch any faltering steps as you move forward, and forgive them.  The child within has just learned how to walk and is working on running.  Slow her down until she can adjust to the new frequency (watch physical aspects like feet, legs, knees).  Act cautiously, but without worry, as you are coming to terms with this new reality; all is well, and you are a fabulous creator!  As you are continuing into the New Year, you seem to be outside of yourself seeing yourself a new.  This is fine, and a good way to observe all of the fabulous creations that you are bringing in.  January is a month of cutting ties.  Allow is the word for the New Year.

09/1952 Archangel, joy, fulfilled; you are completing some tough challenges, and your Angels are sending you a lot of strength and encouragement.  Look for the symbols, you have so many who love you.  Yet sometimes you do not let them in; sometimes you are trying to protect them, and sometimes you are trying to protect you.  In both cases, you are not trusting that all will be well, and not allowing for you to support self, or for others to help you.  See what ways you may be doing this, as it is time to let go of old ways.  Embrace the new as you enter into 2016, and you will find you are happier allowing more people around you in a happier way.  Tell stories, let people see who you really are as you become more your true self.  How do you want to see you?  Are you a positive person, one who treats herself as well as she treats others?  If you need to step back to examine, this is a good time.  When you realize that protecting anyone is only enabling them to stay stuck, you will see the beauty of loving yourself and setting boundaries in a different, healthier way.  Energy is being released in your back, so go easy on that area of your body.  You are loved!

11/1970 Safe, opportunity, faith; you are safe, no matter what it looks like.  Each new challenge is an opportunity to allow for your Angels and guides to step in and provide.  You are great at taking action, but make sure it is an action filled with faith that you are protected.  There is nothing you cannot create!  Remember that, and allow for the release of those things that are no longer working in your life.  They are all just lessons.  Were you creating with some fear?  Were you holding on with fear, or for some wrong reasons?  Possibly you don’t believe in your own power.  Look again!  See all that you have created and take heart!  You get to create with more and more ease as you begin to believe in yourself, and this unique ability to create.  It becomes easier to let go toward the end of the year, and creating begins again in February.  Use this time off to relax and put some new habits in place; walk, sing, celebrate life daily!

03/1968   Setbacks, soul-food, creative; setbacks are not really setbacks at all.  They are guidance, and as you are beginning to understand this, you are able to see how and why you created them.  We draw to ourselves what we need to learn from.  Allow your path to unfold.  Feed your soul, and turn inward.  It will be good for you and for others who rely on you!  If your soul is starving for all that it loves, a good beach walk or even just going to reconnect with the trees will help you realign with some of your joy.  What are you doing in your life?  Who are you doing it for?  Do more for you so you have more to give, otherwise your deleted energy won’t be good for anyone.  Love you, you are safe and protected.  You can do more than you know, and this year, you will walk toward more creativity; music is indicated.

09/1952   Hope, Dreams, Wishes; this life is more than you imagined, and many dreams have come true.  But are you standing in gratitude and allowing yourself to enjoy the fruits of all that you have created?  Sometimes the body is speaking to us, and it’s difficult to move beyond that to get to the positive.  You will do this in the New Year, as hope returns.  Write down your wishes, for written word is like a prayer, and the Angels see, feel and hear all that you are experiencing.  Peace is there for you if you focus on things that are peaceful.  Get your mind on a different focus to allow for release of any negatives.  Worry or fear just begets more worry or fear.  And those just get in the way!  Release them, and focus on some fun!  What does that entail?  Time to make a list and start walking toward those goals.  Set them and celebrate all the little accomplishments, for without them, we would never reach our ‘bigger’ goals.

01/1962 Shout, create, breakthrough; shout out all that you are frustrated about and all that you desire (you may want to go someplace remote to do this!); it will help clear your throat chakra.  You deserve all of the good that you have set as goals; you are continuing to walk toward them and experiencing greater ease in the New Year around February.  Chalk drawings are a great tool to create with, as they remind you of your child like energy.  This energy of the child wants to come out to play and she is feeling a bit held back; some fear is in the way of completion.  Progress is being made though, and a breakthrough regarding support (possibly in the form of money) is seen in the new year in March.   Allow for Angelic messages to be seen and heard through unlikely sources.  Don’t doubt, but choose instead to believe what you are seeing or hearing.  It’s good for you and will allow an opening to more and more spiritual communication.  Release and let go of fears.  You’ve got this!  This will be a profitable year for you.

08/1995 Sleep, limit, shine; as you limit your energy outgo toward others, you are coming to the realization that over giving to them is not for their greatest good, and not for your greatest good either.  You are a nurturing soul, who needs to nurture and love herself better first before stepping into gifting others with that love.  Rest and sleep is indicated; you are coming out of a period of time where things were not so clear, as if a part of you were sleeping.  The irony is that this huge shift is making you tired, and you need physical sleep.  This rest will allow you to fully shine, as you walk into your future.  This year will allow you to create much of what you are wanting, if you care for you!  Write down what you want with feeling, as it is wide open for you; a great time for you to step forward, not backward, so check yourself and your choices.

06/1955 Fluid motion forward will give you pause; it seems to happen too easily, and is hard for you to trust.  Do trust it, and try to see it for what it is.  Sometimes motion forward looks a bit scary, as we need to let go of old things that were weighing us down.  Release them so you can accomplish your purpose here.  Standing in fear just begets more of it.  You are making some changes this year, and need your energy of belief.  You are guided and guarded.  Rely more on your Angels and this will create ease as you take action.  It’s time to belief that everything happens for a reason; a greater purpose.  It’s a choice.  If you make it then it will become your new reality.  If you don’t then you will continue to attract the same things until you choose to change what you believe about you.  You deserve all the love that is there for you!  You deserve happiness!  Look within.  What are you really afraid of?  Are you willing to let that fear be pervasive?  No, and your Angels applaud your efforts!  Look for more positive energy coming around the holiday’s as you stay focused forward!

12/1980 Shape, feel, putty; your destiny is like putty now, and you have cleared much of the fear from the past 3 years.  Continue to release and feel any fears that come up.  They can only be released by feeling them and making friends with them as part of your natural guidance system.  The less we fear, the less we draw those things that a create fear to us.  A simple truth, but one that Angels want repeated.  As your new destiny is taking shape, you are taking shape, in ways that you didn’t expect to!  Great joy and surprises (some experienced as good, and some with a bit of reluctance) are coming your way this spring!  New love is indicated, and it will change your world.  As you allow for it, balance is key.  You are doing it though, and again, I see Angels supporting you through all the changes in January and February.  All good things come to those who are willing to wait!

These messages were given in unique ways this time, and I hope that you enjoy them!  Keep running your energy and creations within your mind; feel them!  We are busting through major blocks!  I’m here to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask!  We will be continuing our Prayer Group in 2016 with PG5.

‘Supporting you in Health & Happiness’

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Love and Peace.

Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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