feather 300x300Well, our group has grown and I thank you for your patience!  The messages this time are rather long, and so I’ve had to split them into two emails.  Each message is channeled; this is part one.
The first general message is ‘Hang On!’.  We are going through significant changes, emotionally, and physically.  There is actually a shift that is creating a specific change in our DNA and this is making us feel terribly uncomfortable.  But it is necessary for us to go forward; individually and as a society, and as a world population. I have done some significant prayer work on the group as well as individually. The areas that we worked on are the foot chakra, as we all need grounding.  We then worked on the third eye chakra, so we could be clearer in our guidance.  The root chakra is another area that was targeted.  Dizziness may have been a symptom, as well as headaches.  We need to relax and allow for abundance.  So many are fighting it in idea, and belief.  Let go!  Trust!  Look around!  There is so much here for you and so much being shown by example; others are being gifted with abundance, why not you?  You deserve all that you came here to experience and to become. So here are PART of the messages.  The rest will be sent as soon as I finish in the next day or so.  Do not worry if you are not on this list, but after the second list, then you can worry and email me!  LOL!  Keep laughing with me!!!  It’s the only way through all of this growth!  Warning, these are long messages!

09/50 Blessed, Love, sure; as you begin your unfolding into this next year, you will see more and more signs from loved ones.  You are loved, but sometimes struggle to love self, and it comes up in ways that are reflected by others.  You will become more confident and sure of yourself and your choices in this next year.  A great year for growth!
03/1962 Priceless, fun & Joy; you are beginning to see things differently, and are allowing more and more ease into your life.  This is allowing you to experience true joy and laughter more often (and in a different way than you have before).  Freedom from what you used to value is what they are referring to when they said priceless; you cannot put a monetary value on what is really of value….
1-10-1984   Love, space, unite; love is an area that you have challenged yourself with; a tool for your growth, both in love of self and in relationship (trusting love).  You will give yourself more space to grow this year, and unite with other like-minded people that will enrich your life.
01/1967 Provide, Gift/giving, release; Spirit will provide for all of your needs.  Your Angels are supporting you as you step into your gifts, and release all of the old.  This next year you will see more growth and release furthering your walk toward happiness.
06/1982 Upward motion, further cause, healing; I see that you are on the way to all that you are wanting.  The directives are for you to let go of fears regarding career, and further your cause.  Healing is happening; be patient.
04/1952 Failure is not an option! Strength, Aplomb.  December is a strong month, and your inner strength will be renewed.  This will help you release all worry and fear; control is on old habit that you will be releasing.  You don’t have time or energy for it now.
11/1961 Gratitude, health, faith; standing in observation of all that you have created and reaching for gratitude is of importance right now.  It is challenging to stand in gratitude of the perceived negatives in our lives.  But we must in order to get what we want.  Let go of everything for your health.  Faith will be gained in this next year.
02//1983 Celebration, façade, release; a celebration is in order, and it’s time to drop any façade of happiness and get truthful about how you feel.  Relationships are the tool that you have chosen for growth, and it’s time to release fears.  You are loved!
2//1974 Fear, Heart Chakra, Love; Love is all around you!  Release all old belief about trust, and trust YOU.  Sit and contemplate how you can love you best to bring it out in others.  They will really respond in February.
03/1986 Details, filigree, golden light; Clear your mind and stand in faith; all is well.  You have attended to the details, now it is time to enjoy the light of joy!  The filigree is a symbol from the other side, and looks like lace.  A grandmother is standing by your side guiding you.
04/1977 Frontward facing, timing, birth; it’s time to act on your thoughts.  You are in alignment with perfect timing and are ready to give birth to a new idea; a new way of being.
05/1952 Let go, allow, purchase; send all thoughts of worry packing.  You are beginning to understand how to allow for your greatest good.  The purchase of your dreams is before you and it’s good.  Don’t delay as you learn to love you in a healthier way.
06/1966 Beloved, Beauty, Sage, Your wisdom is a beautiful thing, and attracts all that is beautiful to you!  You can relax (and if you can, than things can happen more quickly) into this next couple of months.  This is a good time for you to release.
8//80 Enjoy, Relax, Begin; Fabulous new beginnings are on the horizon as you step forward through the thick fears that have been surrounding you.  Fertile ground lays just ahead; keep going.  Faith is required for your new beginning; don’t let go of what you have found.
08/1956 Left overs, feeling, forward; this is a time to examine all that you have released; take stock and release all the rest.  You are finally getting in touch with your ability to feel and to ask for all that you deserve.  Moving forward is inevitable this next year.  Excitement is in the air.
9/1982 Flow, benign, beneficial; don’t let yourself misunderstand the nuances; they are important too!  As you fall into the flow, let go of things that worry you.  Spirit says you can make them benign (or you can make them count.  If so, make it positive and beneficial.  You are in charge more each day as you understand your power.
1-23, 1943 Fellowship, Brilliant, worthy; fellowship of man is important now more than ever as you test your new trust in self.  You are only as vulnerable as you believe you are.  Your brilliance is noted and may create a poor reaction in some; pat their heads with love, for they cannot injure your light if you do not allow it.  You are worthy of your new goals, and completely supported.  Go for it!
02/1973 Fondly, Tribute, Bold; fondly see who you are becoming, especially your physical body.  Pay tribute to all of your hard work and the hard work of another; mutual admiration will feed your soul.  This is a time to step out into your true self and be bold!  You will be admired.
01/1991 Feelings, Fatigue, Longing; as you feel and engage with your truth, you will gain ground.  Don’t let yourself become fatigued as you move forward; it is a sign that your thoughts are not aligned with your actions.   Believe in you!  Longing will abate as you notice signs of all that you have accomplished and stand in gratitude.  You will create more with this positive focus.
03/1943 Diligence, flight, create; your diligence is necessary in your practice of all that you know.  It’s going to get easier as the month goes on.  You are at the pinnacle of all that you want to achieve.  Allow for flights of fancy; imagination is required to get you through, and to create what you want.  It’s all here for you already, just open the door.
09/1961   Folding, crows, gambit; folding in on time is not an option right now, even though you may feel like it.  You are too close to some of the truths that you have come here to see.  The crows are messengers of all that is changing so quickly around you in your life; take heed.  See things for what they are, not for what others want you to see.  Strategy is needed as you walk forward into a career change.  All is well in January and the dust will begin to settle.  Rest.
09/1962 Helping, set, fast; everything is moving so fast in your life.  As you reach out to help others, know and take heart that all is preplanned and moving so fast right now, that sometimes there is little that you can do.  They must make their own way; learn their own lessons.  Don’t be set in your ways as this all takes flexibility over time.  Trust is your area of study and you are doing well as you teach others too.
03/1982   Fantasy, grateful, phosphorescent; look at what is not easily seen, and when you do, you will never again be able to miss it.  All that is seemingly minutia, is important to your soul’s growth and release of what is behind it all.  Stand in gratitude for all of the process, especially that which is troublesome.  It is through this that we learn, and learn how to create better and better.  To ask for your fantasies you must be able to dream and visualize them.  Take the time; you DESERVE it, so don’t be afraid to ask, despite what you may have been taught.  It is up to you to grow your soul group to a higher, healthier frequency.  And you can!
09/1970 Pleasant, spinet (small piano), servitude; play to your strengths and do not think you have a lesser place of standing in body, mind or soul; you are rising above it all.  Your attention to positive, pleasantries is appreciated energetically, both by your body, and by the energy of others.  They are learning by example.  As you set your healthy boundaries and let go of preconceived ideas of how your role looks, you will release many in your soul group who have stood by those antiquated standards; grow you & you will grow them.
06/1988 Beyond, fully, sweat; this beautiful hard work is paying off.  You have risen beyond where you thought you could, and are about to embrace your life fully.  Sweat is necessary as you cross this final bridge, and walk freely to the other side; this effort will pay off, and allow you to see what you have been searching for.
06/1969 Crawl, abstinence, fortitude; as you have been crawling, you are now able to walk and run in the coming year.  Darkness is lifting for you and you are free.  Abstinence is suggested until you gain a firm footing, as the new flow can be a bit heady and induce a drunken state of being.  Joy is at hand.  Fortitude is required even in the task of abstaining, and in your walk into your plan.  Now is the time.
08/1958   Plentitude, physical, spontaneity; abundance of ideas are yours.  Don’t let your physical body become tired as you work your way through all that is coming to you.  Pace yourself, there is no rush and they know that you know that.  That doesn’t mean pass up opportunities for fun; spontaneity is the key.  Let go of fear of the unknown and walk forward.  You are strong and now is the time to try something new.  Love is around you, but be wary.  You must stay focused on you.  Let the rest come to you; create ease.
12/1977 Prayer, release, forgiveness; you will be rewarded for your journey here as you move forward into the next phase.  All is to be forgiven of self and others in order for you to release low frequency energy and achieve all that you have come to achieve and create with others.  You are a teacher.
01/1983 Fall, pertinence, chatter; allowing for all to fall as it may is freeing; letting go of control is necessary.  Don’t pay attention to the chatter in your mind, you know best and are starting to trust your new way.  This new way of being is relevant to how you want to be able to create.  You have a new direction that is pertinent and with purpose.  Follow it!
10/1954   Show, blade, crops; as you reach out to teach others, you are showing others how to reach out and teach.  Don’t let the blade of others jealousy cut you.  They are jealous of your joy and new found freedom and happiness.  Imagine the new growth as crops that will feed many, including those who don’t get it or are afraid for you.  You are shining your light and are an example of what they can create for themselves.  Abundance is your friend, and you are surrounded by support.
04/1969    Supposition, choice, following; your ideas are changing, and that is changing how and what you are able to create.  This is the time for you to reach out to others, and make the choice to toss fear of what they think of you!  You are fabulous, and you need to know this; look in the mirror and love yourself best on purpose!  Quite following those who are negative, you know better.  Create your own following with your beautiful positive bright outlook, and with who you really are inside.  Let your light shine!  Dump those who don’t get you!
12/1959  Beauty, blended, groups; your inner beauty is showing and you are finally getting comfortable with the scope and depth of all that you are, all that you are capable of becoming.  Daydream!  Try on new looks and be your fun self.  This is the freedom that you’ve been seeking; its right here now, so don’t forget to indulge yourself.  Blending your business self with who you really are is necessary to build all that you want to.  They will see you and will come – integrity is the key.  Join groups this month, and sit back and observe and absorb.  Ease is what you want, and can create.  Let others teach for a while; learn from them, and relax.  You deserve it.
12/1953 Funny, dire, spark; let the good times roll, as you let go of all worries.  You are truly blessed and it’s time to acknowledge all that you have created.  Laugh at yourself more; the things that strike us as funny are the things that bring us perspective and joy.  Your spark for life is finally being seen, as you let it free, and allow for others to really see you.  Don’t dabble in anything dire or too serious in this next month.  There is a lot of fear to latch on to always, so decide to let go, and if you miss it, you can go back to latching onto fear in the New Year.  It is time to practice something different and new; healthier.
04/1951 knowing, filter, challenges; as you walk forward into this next month, many are relying on you.  You see the bigger picture, while they may not.  Your knowing is not always appreciated, but necessary as you are teaching.  But choose your words carefully; filter is necessary if you want others to hear you and not react defensively.  You will need them to assist you through your challenges of growth, intellectually and emotionally.  It’s about allowing love into your life from unexpected sources. These are fabulous times, if you choose to see them that way.  You deserve all of the joy and love that is coming for you!  You are already surrounded, so lap it up!
10/1953   Beatitudes [3Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.  5Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.  6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled. 7Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy.  8Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.  9Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.  10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  11Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you], fallen, troubles; you are done feeling sorry for yourself and are finally seeing the blessings bestowed upon you!  Even the hard challenges are blessings.  We learn from those and become stronger.  If your spirit is fallen, pick yourself up by leaning into those who love you for support, but do it with fun.  Ask them to go out with you and begin celebrating your life!  Let go of troubles, as you do not want to create more of them.  This is a message of faith.  Everything happens as it is supposed to and in perfect and divine timing.
08/1959 Chop, simple, use; it’s time to chop off the ways of being that are no longer working.  Chop is also shown as a way of releasing stress by reconnecting with your creative nature; cooking.  This is also about creating healthy options and they are applauding your efforts in that direction.  It’s time to simplify in ways that you have not; in ways that you are not aware of, so look outside of the box.  See ways to simplify that are unique; ways that will create further ease.  Use all of your senses, as your Angelic Realm is communicating with you every day regarding this purging process.  This chaos will abate and peace that comes from releasing control, submitting and releasing a desired outcome, will be yours in the coming year.
09/1956   Delegating, devour, substance; this year will be filled with rewards as you allow others to help you; asking is the key.  Delegate things and let go of control.  Others cannot help you if you need it done a certain way; how important is it to get it done that way?  Devour any free time; read, relax and rejuvenate.  The burden on your shoulders has been heavy and it’s finally time for you to release and relax.  This new life is one of substance, and you will fill it with all that you love.  Get in touch with your soul food; what truly makes you happy?  Don’t define yourself by others too much, but remember who you are.
11/1949 Feature, charge, senses; as you watch you take a stand for yourself, it is a bit mesmerizing.  You almost feel out of body at times.  Who is this new stronger version of you?  You are featured in your own life film, and it’s good!  Charge into the future with a new sense of faith and trust.  You are supported.  Your senses are on fire and you’re tuned in to Angelic communication more and more as you advance through your fears.  Rejoice and celebrate you!  Some may fall away; make room for the new.  January is a time of strength.
10/1956 Words, images, force; you are writing a new story.  Definitely time to do some automatic writing and to capture all that you are ‘growing’ through right now.  You don’t want to miss a moment (even those that are not as pleasant as you’d like them to be).  Huge growth for you this year.  Images are not always as they seem, but yours are useful for your growth.  Share them with your words to complete this cycle of growth.  Do not force things, but rather allow them to come with ease.  They are there, and will come when you allow yourself to believe.  Beautiful support is yours as you wander spiritually into the future.  Relax and let go.
07/1967 Shadows, flight, timelessness; transcending our physical form is advised; meditate.  The shadows are beginning to abate and you are ready to take flight.  This is all that you’ve been battling and are seeking freedom from.  It is here now, and you can be brave.  Do this with purpose; step into the new reality that you’ve wanted to create for yourself.  Time is irrelevant; instead embrace timelessness.  Don’t judge – there is enough of that here on the planet, and certainly give up judgment of self.  It is a useless endeavor.  Instead embrace all of the process that you have ‘grown’ through, and reach out to help others as they reach realization.  You are a leader, and will be finding your place in the sun this year as such.  You have gifts – time to share them!
10/1973 Chapter, foundation, nuances; don’t look to the overly large, and the obvious.  Your growth can be seen in the nuances; patience is necessary.  You are called to build your new foundation, and you are.  This year will bring a wealth of information, and progress forward.  Trust others and let them help you.  Don’t fear.  There are no mistakes and any that are perceived are just direction so that you see more clearly how to adjust.  And the nuances show up again, as they define some of the adjustments.  All is not lost, and at the hour that you fear, reach deep and see how everything always works out.  Allow for guidance as you approach this New Year, and especially in February, when many changes are at hand.
06/1953 Jubilant, fresh, wholesome; time to let go of judgments against self and others.  Your direction is guided and a fresh new look at how far you’ve come in your growth is required.  Be jubilant in your appreciation of all that you’ve created.  Gratitude is a frequency that will help you create what you want; a new habit of thanking yourself for all you’ve created will lead to better self-love.  As you approach this new cycle of growth, your attitude will undergo a wholesome change and be ‘fed’; soul food.  It’s an important indulgence.  Look at what you can incorporate on a daily or regular basis.  You are teaching another close to you, and they are observing how you are creating here.
04/1968 Florid, fervent, social; it’s time to break out of your shell of safety.  Be the florid beautiful spirit that you are – dancer to your own beat, artist of your soul.  Time to let others ‘see’ you.  This passion for life is a renewal and will stay with you a lifetime, despite all that life brings, if you let it.  It is a new way of thinking; a new way of being that will serve you. Allow for social connections to be of value, and let go of those that do not resonate.  You are taking back control, and it will be uncomfortable at times.  You have become dependent on the ideas of others, and have been in the shadows much.  So as you get back in touch with what makes you happy, you are showing many how to feed their souls.  It is an important lesson, as no one should be ruled by another’s soul food.  It is unique to each and necessary to our evolution.  Fear is released by all, as true love is found.
11/1976 Shelf, torn, floating; don’t put your feelings on a shelf, and only share them with yourself.  It is not healthy, and born of fear.  You are in a time where you are torn between being who you think you know, and becoming who you really are meant to be.  Sometimes balance between the two is like floating in an unreal world.  Don’t fear.  You are supported here and you will be rewarded as you cross the bridge of fear.  So much good is there for you and you’ll begin to experience new found freedom this year.  You deserve it, and are working toward it.  Baby steps.  There is no rush.  Instead focus on all of the positives to create more positives.  Leave the old ways of fear based thinking and acting behind.  You are loved.
10/1962 Soar, turning, plentiful; your joy is returning as you allow for your guides to lead you.  Believing that you deserve all of the joy that is appearing is the key!  You trip yourself up when you examine reality.  So don’t!  Live in the fantasy a bit longer as your reality is turning into your dreams/desired life.  Support is plentiful right now, and it’s a trick to learn to allow it and trust in it.  That is one of the beautiful virtues you’ve come to study, and it’s a tool to allow you to learn to love and trust yourself first.  This year will be more fun and lighter if you let it be.  There will always be challenges, but it is all in how we look at them.  Love is in the air around March.  Until then you are on the right path and creating more of who you are in important.  You want to accomplish much of that so that what/who you attract is on par.
10/1957  Shove, blame, fountain; sometimes it is difficult to allow; to resist forcing.  We see what we perceive to be the right way, and don’t see how others could not see what we see.  Often we blame them for things that are on purpose, and leading them to the growth that we’ve already undertaken.  Patience.  Your elevated state is not something to take for granted.  You are a teacher here, and although you want to rescue some from themselves, they need to fall from the bike in order to learn.  If we rescue them, they’ll stay stuck; especially so in relationships, which is one of the tools that you came here to use for your spiritual growth.  The fountain is flowing and much abundance is on its way; continuous.
04/1965   Calm, Serious, balance; as you approach the New Year, practice ‘calm’.  It is not something that comes easily, as it is not handed down, as worry has been.  The serious pursuit of this vibrations will lead you to breakthroughs in maintaining it this next year.  Balance is becoming familiar to you, but again, maintaining it will be your challenge over the next 2 months, as the chaos threatens to overwhelm.  You are magical; love you and cherish you by saying, ‘No’, more often.  It is the key to balance.  Applause from your Angel’s on all you have accomplished this past year.
12/1966 Complex, rewards, extraordinary ; the twists and turns of the game plan have you preoccupied, defending and parrying like the fencer/survivor that you are.  But it’s not necessary to work so hard; trust that you are being led, even if it looks like a minefield.  Clarification is your reward, and will be followed by more and more rewards as you grow into the new you.  You are extraordinary here, and are being called to your purpose this year like never before.  Expansion is yours if you choose it.  But choose it you must, for there are many roads of distraction. This is all part of the plan in your study of trust.  Trust that you deserve to pursue your dreams, and follow through.
11/ 1972 Partnership, obelisk (monument), sidearm (sword); it’s time to allow others in to help you and face fears of letting go of control.  Can you do it better?  Yes!  But what is the cost?  And does it really matter in the end, as the objective is met?  This time is monumental as far as breakthroughs in growth, and your happiness is the objective of the monument.  Celebrate YOU!  Although you carry the sword, ready to protect self and others, it will not be needed as you gain strength in other ways.  This part of your journey is taking you higher than you allowed yourself to imagine, and your dreams are ready to pop.  Introspection regarding the ‘why’ behind them is necessary in order to complete this cycle of growth; let go and fly!
05/1935 Flow, chips, salvation; as you strive toward allowing yourself to be in the flow, you must accept and allow your ‘chips’.  None of us is perfect, but you are more forgiving of others than yourself (which sometimes looks like the opposite to others when you are hard on them out of love).  We are all God’s chipped coffee cups; beloved and special.  Reach for salvation in this knowledge and let go of judgments of self and others.  This is the end of a cycle of growth, and in January you have a new beginning, and more fun!  This is the objective, to have more fun here!
08/1965 Simple, chalk, summer; it’s necessary to simplify your life right now; change is good, and something that allows you to be guided.  Don’t avoid it out of fear of the unknown.  Your life is like a chalkboard, and you get to write the story, then erase it and re-write it, over and over again.  Don’t delay – pick up the chalk!  Rebirthing has already happened in thought and belief, and as it takes place, you are headed into a cycle of summer; a time to relax into the flow.  Rather than fighting it, relax and allow.  Trust that it will take you to where you want to go, if you stay focused and keep your vibration tuned up.  Take some time for you!
03/01 Balloons, laughter, sustenance; these are all things that you need more of.  As a celebration takes place, keep this in mind.  The balloons represent the celebration of life, and in celebrating you, you will be feeding your soul; sustenance of the soul is laughter.  Make time for more of it in your life, by letting go of any worry of fear.  Those low frequencies just take up space within your body, and energy, and keep you from loving yourself as you are.  You are perfect!  You were born perfect and will continue to be perfect here as you walk and learn.  Yes, some of the lessons are hard, but those are the ones we learn the most from.  Just make sure that you are putting the lesson in positive terms.  Don’t shut down out of fear of being hurt.  Become a warrior, unafraid, and ready to take on life.  You will be rewarded in January with friendship and love.
07/1958 Travel, travails, spunk; as you journey through this part of your soul plan, travel will be a reward.  You lose so much fear this year, and your travails become less taxing; rather than seeing a burden, you see what is to be gained with greater ease.  You are a teacher and your energy is enjoyed by many; spunk is rewarded in December, when everyone seems to need you, and you are called to nurture the souls of others.  Don’t let yourself get depleted by this ‘giving’.  Nurture your spunk, as if it were a ‘thing’; talk to it and laugh at yourself as you do.  The sublimely silly things in life are what you are looking toward; allow guidance to take you there, and then show others how to let go and go there themselves.  Chaos does not have to be your ruler, make a choice and then show others how to do this as well.  It does not help anyone to dwell on things unpleasant, as only time will allow them to pass, so spend your time well by choice.  Love shows up in the New Year for you, and is expanded.
06/1973  shower, tight, expressive; the shower of love, rainbows, and everything good continues if you let it (if you observe it as such – grateful for what the lessons are and all of the various ways they are presented).  Don’t allow yourself to get complacent at this point in your journey; your self-love is the key as you continue to seek balance and teach others by example.  No new gimmicks, just straight forward work and trusting in the universal flow and support, as you head into the New Year.  Don’t let any ‘tight’ times or areas derail you into fear.  This is just an expression of other energy in the world; healthy boundaries.  Remember who you are and who you have come to be here.  This is your time to shine, and the time is beginning mid-November, and strengthens in January; more forward motion.
06/1978 Blossom, suppression, glow; you are beginning to nurture your new walk here, and believe in yourself.  You don’t need to be bolstered by others; support yourself – you can do it!  Don’t suppress your nature; be bubbly and fun with others, not just those that you know and feel safe with.  Strength is gained as you face your fears of being seen; vulnerability is required.  As you test the waters of this new found strength, and begin to walk into your fears with greater ease, your natural glow begins to return.  This beautiful light, your vibrational frequency, will attract many.  Be discerning; don’t settle in friendship or other relationships.  Demand equality; demand what you are willing to give.  But don’t give too much.  Remember that others need those healthy boundaries to grow.  When we don’t set them, we allow others to remain stuck, enabling them to continue bad behavior.
09/67 Shield, truth, observer; as you drop your walls, and put down your shield in this next year, you regain your strength.  A sense of knowing that you are supported returns, and with it, a different feeling, one you may not have experienced to this point.  Observe it, as it is the truth.  You are as strong as you ‘think’ you are!  Vibrations in the torso are relevant as these are associated with the sacral chakra, and related to the area you have come forth to study; self-love.  You create your own truth; stand by it, unafraid of what others may think or do.  They cannot really hurt you.  You give their words/actions the value; you determine if they hurt you or how badly.  Label them differently.  Think before you react.  All is a reflection of any fears that you are holding onto about walking your truth.  So get to the bottom of what you really fear.  You can do this and will succeed, especially in February.
01/1972 Fraught, solace, champion; let go of all anxiety, anything fraught with pain or fear of moving forward.  It’s a time of introspection as you complete this cycle of growth.  Seek solace not in others, but in self.  Feed your soul with what it really wants and needs; what it craves, in action, word and deed.  Stand up for you.  It’s time to journey farther than you have, and requires that you are your own champion.  The cause is you!  Love yourself and feed your soul. It’s the only way to be able to give to others and not deplete your energy.  Changes in relationships are on the horizon, but don’t fear, it’s good for growth.  Change is good and leads to rebirthing for you.  Breathe through any fear, and know that all is well.  You move with ease through the end of the year, and then find new energy mid-February.  You’ll need this to accomplish all that you are taking on.  Go slowly and deliberately; be patient with yourself and others during this time.  Don’t let the old ways nudge you off of your path of learning and growth.  Think in terms of how you want it to feel!
0419/64 Dream, fair, fluid; stop resisting any changes, as they really are leading you toward a better place; toward your dreams.  Check underlying thoughts as you begin to glide forward.  What’s catching; snagging?  It’s the little things that give us much information.  Beautiful rewards are around the corner and your life becomes more fluid as you release all thoughts of what is fair, and what is not (again, underlying).  Nothing seems to be on the surface – yet.  But, as clarity is sought, and instead you release the pursuit of it, it will come.  Allow for all of the special soul plans around you; as challenges seem to pop up, sometimes without notice, you are forced to see them differently.  Gratitude will help you shift into your new way of being and create all of your dreams, a new.  Yes, a change in what you are asking for is going to take place in January/February.  Efforts will be redirected, and the clarity and support you have been seeking will be yours.
1/1963   Filter, subset, fortunate; allow for the yuck of others to filter through ‘love’.  Appreciate all that you have and are learning now, as things are about to kick into high gear in the near future (Jan).  A subset, or splitting of your energy, and work life is likely; new endeavor, or outgrowth of current career.  Partnership is indicated, and may have romantic qualities as well.  All of what is in the past, current and future is fortunate, and will continue to bring necessary information for growth.  All things must be ‘experienced’ as fortunate, or you cannot move forward; new habits will be formed.  This shared experience allows you to reach and teach others with greater ease.  So open up!  Let go of out dated ideas now.  These have deep roots, but are no longer necessary.  Introspection is key at this time, especially around the holidays when old triggers emerge.  Release is the word for the end of the year.
06/1961 Pleasant, fortuitous, taken; you are less inclined to take the time for pleasant exchange without deeper meaning.  Much of your growth has created this need to connect in a real way; less superficial energy, as you don’t want to waste your time.  As well you are allowing for guidance more and more and fortuitous rewards are more frequent.  Take heed.  This is how you stay aligned with your higher frequency of health and happiness; gratitude for all of the seemingly magical happenings!  When you look at what you want and it looks like all of what you want has been taken, allow for a miracle. This is what happens when you begin to stand in faith; believe in the unbelievable, especially when challenges appear!  The ‘taken’ is just a figment of your imagination, as there is truly abundance here for you.

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Love and Peace.

Vicki Murphy BFA, RMPT, IEP



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