Monday Prayer Work & Symbols

Send your stories!  And there are many more symbols that are being given – the Aspen Tree and it’s leaves are one that was added today, you can read more about this amazing


Spiritual Message of the Crow & Lizard here:


Prayer – For Ease in discerning our truth & for trust in our intuitive knowing; Prayers for our Pets and for our families, here and beyond!

  • Infusion Energy areas:  Back, spine and heart; imagination; all sensory abilities. 
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  We were in the healing garden, in a big wide-open space, surrounded by trees.  There were interesting vibrations resembling Native American tonal music – singing or chanting. This was to call in our dreams.  The energy of understanding and belief regarding our dreams and ability to create healing on a cellular level was infused in each of us.  Happiness regarding all opportunities that are now being presented, and an ability to transcend fears may increase – a feeling of freedom and or fearlessness.  Strength is being infused up and down the spine.
  • The color of light frequency:   White soft light, green (light minty green); light pink (love); and violet.
  • Symptoms:  Back challenges and emotional challenges feeling sensitive and easily hurt by peoples’ words or actions. A strong need to stand up for yourself, and to speak up.  Defensiveness.  On the positive side, increased clarity and strength!  Having ideas spring up and actually being able to put things in place almost magically.  As you tap into the upper register of frequencies more and more, you find that your aches and pains diminish and you may be healing cuts and bruises more quickly.  A general feeling of happiness and contentment may be more the norm in this next week.
  • Archangel: 
  • Raphael had come forth to guide us and to help us with each of our truths; to be able to see what may be in our way, and to get in touch with what we truly want to create.  Ask for Raphael to help you with anything that you need clear truth on.
  • Angel Symbols:  Lizard; Crow [see these on my blog to see how each of these spiritual messengers are bringing you wisdom: ]; Gray feathers (a message regarding the release of the past); whispers from beyond – be aware as you are increasing your frequency that ability to pick up intuitive information dimensionally will increase as well.  Red roses, their smell and the actually petals may be seen as a symbol of infinite love from beyond – it’s within you!
  • Affirmation/Message [pick the one or two that fit you best and use them throughout the weekend – see what happens!]:  Love is within every cell of your body – you can’t not attract it!  Work on moving out of fear; out of your own way.  And remember, you can’t make a mistake – it is only truly the collection of data and information so we can adjust our path and choices; guidance!  Affirmations:  I am Free!  I am LOVE.  I am wise!  I know my truth!


…With Venus’ move into Leo today I decided I couldn’t walk around like a slob (due to dirty and unglamorous … environment I’m in) and got a haircut , bought some updated makeup and put it on immediately. Never thought of myself as a prissy makeup girl but I really missed seeing my glamorous camera-ready face. So funny and kind of out of character of who I’ve been for years in hermit mode. Feeling excited and hopeful.

[My response:  Awesome!!!  Love this energy that I am feeling through you!

Can’t wait to hear what happens next!]


HI Vicki,
Thank you so much for the Reiki. I am feeling “normal” again. I also did your theta medatation on Saturday at the beach which helped also.
I’m curious about the spirit animal the Crow.  The other day there was a couple of them and they kinda hung out in the trees near the arena and seemed to call at me a couple times. Enough for my trainer to make a comment about it and we kinda laughed.

Today a dime was placed neatly in my path in a parking lot:)) Lizards all around also.

I’m working on gaining clarity about all the things I’ve learned up til now regarding boundaries. I can definitely see the old patterns that are falling away.

[My response:  Yay!
Love that you are able to be conscious about the old patterns falling away!  And perfectly timed, as this planetary energy is definitely supporting the shift (sometimes more like a shove! Lol!).
Love the energy of the Crow, and the spiritual message of Crow.  Here’s the link and I’ll post it as well:   The Lizards and their spiritual message are of interest as well, and I’ll post that too.  The dimes are significant because 10 is signaling the completion of a cycle of growth and your Angels and Loved Ones are super excited and acknowledging that as you walk through the energy of completion, the 10 energy becomes a 1, and new beginnings are brought in.  Another great alignment with the perfect timing and planetary alignment!
More later after I do all of the prayer work transcribing!


Have a fabulous last week!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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