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Prayer – Grounding & Cord Cutting (Past Life & Past Relationships); Support for our pets, and our family member, and all whom we love; SENDING LOVE TO THE PLANET.

  • Infusion Energy areas:  Swirling, corkscrew like energy came through the top of the crown, as we were seated in lotus still, in the garden, and went through us into the “earth” of the sacred healing garden.  This helped to ground us as we may have picked up negative charges being in such a state of flux and change.  More energy was cut regarding past life cords in front of the stomach/sacral chakra, and in the back (aligned with the sacral chakra as well).  Cords to past relationship challenges and contracts were also released.  Then an infusion of Love and a rod of strength was placed within.  A pink quartz crystal to support love of self was placed within near the heart chakra of some.  Others had clear quartz placed within the 3rd eye area.  There were emerald colored crystals that were placed within the sacral chakra of many, and this boosted an Angelic connection – the vibration of the crystals is to support all the changing energy within as it becomes established as the norm.  As we expanded our energy, it went around the planet and worked to support the animals, water, atmosphere, and all life, as shifting waves of energies are being felt globally.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Infusing Financial Flow energy, as well as the energy of attraction for Love.  These two frequencies expanded and infused other areas including career and friendships/relationships.  And again, a global wave of love, sent around the world, effecting all plants, animals, water, and the entire molecular structure of this dimension – a love infusion for strength and to enlighten in a supportive way.
  • The color of light frequency: 
  • Mainly white frequency was used, and ranged from soft to the hot white used to release.  There were violet flames in the center of the heart circle, and contractual cords that were cut were placed within the flames.  This cleared much energy.
  • Symptoms:  You may notice people being attracted to you; strangers or others who do not know you, or do not normally talk with you (say at work), coming up, as if they are drawn to talk with you – but don’t even understand why they are.  They may think they know you as well.  This is just a recognition of your vibration being higher, and shining out into the world.  You will be noticed at work as well, in a very positive way!  If you are holding on to any negativity, you will be “called out” by your Angels and some of this energy may boomerang, for the purpose of causing you to notice your vibrational focus.  You are being called to awaken and to be aware of what you are thinking and feeling as you master your energy for the sake of the soul’s growth, and for the sake of all you are here to help with.
  • Archangel:  Archangel Zadkiel, [Zad-key-el], “Righteousness of God”.  Zadkiel, the gentlest of Angels, helps us with comfort, prayer and abundance. He comes forth to help us with planetary energy, as well as all abundance; health, love, financial abundance & prosperity in all ways.
  • Angel Symbols:  :  Flames (both candles and others – and may dance in front of you without any seeming force – the energy of the flames is to remind you of your own cycles of growth, and the death of the old, releasing all that does not serve.)  Yellow cars (– someone is sending yellow cars as a personal message from Heaven – it’s an older, fast car – and possibly a convertible – if it wasn’t in this lifetime, it is a symbol of going fast and of the freedom that was felt).  White butterflies, Yellow butterflies, and Black with the blue on the edges of the wings.  Hearts continue as well, as do all of the pennies, and other symbols!  Look around!  They are popping up everywhere!    See my new “Vicki’s Blog” button on the right-hand top side!
  • Affirmation/Message You are love!  You are LOVED!!!   Affirm:  I am loved.  I am strong.  I have clarity of path.  I see clearly, and am guided.  I see my guides (if you use this, you will help yourself overcome any doubt – write it down and place it all over so you see it regularly, throughout the day).



Hi Vicki,
I have lived in areas where lizards are plentiful.  But never have I seen such tiny  baby lizards
out in the open back yard.

[Fabulous!  And definitely an omen of good luck, having to do with your “babies” (inner children, and soul animals)!]


Greetings, Vicki:
Once again I want to mention to you how much I appreciate you and your gifts.
I have been having bloating still and even though I am watching what I am eating, my weight is creeping upward, my tummy area is enlarging and my general physical shape is changing.

I continue to sit in silence to receive and give out.  I am not aware of feedback from my guides.  I am becoming a bit frustrated with food.  I have an abundance of energy – not feeling as tired .
Please advise.
In Love & Light,

[My response:  …I see that there is some stuck energy in the root and heart areas.  This is a “support” and “trust” challenge, as well as a sacral area (unconditional love of self) challenge – and you can take it on and overcome for sure!  It is what the food is representing, and we have to dig deeper to find what the belief is.  This is also a symptom of shifting in these areas of the soul plan – learning and growth that comes from releasing.  Your body is talking to you, and again, we have to dig deeper to see what is underlying.  Try this…
So, for quick homework, take a sheet of paper and do some discovery regarding what you learned about food, and what you believe about food.  Look back to see how food was used, and to see how money was spent on food (looking at youth, and what you learned from parents/family – remember, no blame only observations.)  Also include what you believe about body shape/weight and aging.  This will give us a foundation to begin mapping….  Hugs, and chat soon!]


Hi Vicki
I thought I would give you an update. I wrote you about seeing the dispersing white butterflies as I was meditating. I read the article you wrote about butterflies and it mentioned that I may be in the process of releasing old beliefs. Wow! It is so true! I have stayed positive over these last 5 weeks during our prayer group time and I had come to the realization that I am a confident and intelligent adult and I no longer needed to hold onto the beliefs that I had from childhood that I was not smart. I am owning my story of who I am today!
Thank you Vicki, for enlightening me!

[Beautiful, And yes, as I look at the emails, and symbols, I channel more information – really cool stuff!  But, more to the point, such great work on your part!  I’m so happy about what you just wrote, about releasing such a heavy burden and one that was keeping your energy at half-mast.  I can’t wait to see all the rewards that you will begin to reap as you move forward and the adjustments continue.
I am here for you, so let me know if you need any further help.  I’m happy about all the adjusting that everyone is experiencing!]


Have a fabulous last week!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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