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Prayer – Ascension, spiritually and cellularly + Transformation Help ~

  • Infusion Energy areas:  Everyone was in the sacred garden, a dimensional place, but all were in the process of stepping forth from a “glass” box, standing up and walking forward through each glass door.  There were golden tethers that were attached to each of you at the mid back and I was shown that it was attached to your soul; a filament that allowed you to exist in the physical and to use this dimension as a means to an end (soul evolution).  This was an interesting metamorphosis-like process, and was truly interesting when you read about in conjunction with the symbols.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Root chakra, in front of the body, signifying a dimensional aspect in the future.  This was infused with healing energy, and the energy of power for the purpose of connecting to safety and security in each of your divine life purposes.  Love was the feeling, but the energy was also a bit universal in feel – like energy that was not of this dimension – God Source Energy.  I always think of stem cells when I experience this type of energy and know that it was healing in the extreme.
  • The color of light frequency:   White and blue green were the frequencies used and it was over all, all around us.  As well there was a crystal grid that was under the ground that was generating a light frequency and that was violet, darker pink, and yellow, [like what you would see in a fire, but it was not fire – it was definitely light coming up from the crystals.]
  • Symptoms: 
  • Bouncing in the mind between ideas, being tired, and being energized.  Hard to make a decision or to concentrate today, and again, day dreamy and disconnected socially.  The positive was and is the elevation of frequencies I see in so many of you that you may experience in differing ways as your physical bodies adjust.  Sometimes it may not feel great, but as the adjustment is made, you will feel clarity and have energy to overcome obstacles in thought, belief and performance.  This will be the great reward and will come over time as you progress in your journey.
  • Archangel:  Archangel Raziel, who helps us turn our perceptions into wisdom, and he brings with hi
  • Samuel, the Archangel of change, impermanence, and ascension, and is helping us and the earth with this heavy burden of change.  Ancient energies are coming forth, even with and especially with, the floods.  This is a marker for all the changes and renewal that is symbolic, and that we are participating in.  We ask that Samuel help us as spiritual warriors, helping the shift and change for all mankind, the planet and those that come after – and for those who exist beyond this dimension, in other planets and galaxies as well.
  • Angel Symbols:  The number 5, for change (more on that later); apples, and the red of the fruit, as it symbolizes love.  This is a very healthy symbol and a message to eat well – incorporating balance and vitamins into your diet.  The White Butterfly – see this amazing message here, and then hit my new “Vicki’s Blog” button on the right-hand top side!
  • Affirmation/Message As you strive to adjust and ascend, you will be using your brain in a different way, and so allow that many aspects that we either underused, or not awakened prior, will be leading you to feeling quite different; about life, yourself, your goals, and your values.  Allow for this shift.  Affirmations:  I have the power to change.  I am grateful for ____________.  Stay focused on the positive!


Walked into take a shower and look what was in my bath tub!  

[My response:  Wow!!!  Thanks for the great picture!!!
This is such a great symbol for you and the message is perfect for all that you are accomplishing.  It’s especially interesting that it is in the bathtub, as that is where we literally “shed layers”.  Ask yourself some questions about what you may be wanting to shed?  Beliefs?  Actions?  Thoughts?  Material items?  People?  Places?  So many places that we can make choices to lighten our “load” in life!  Love this message for you!
Perfect ~]
Hi!  Tonight I went on a long walk which I never do this late.  As I walked the river I saw ahead of me a roped off area where new concrete had been poured today.  I stopped…which I also never do!  Looking for a stick to carve something in the concrete I could see every time I go back.  I saw a stick in the grass across from me and look what was right beside it!!!
I read this email and remembering thinking no way I would ever see a grey feather….haven’t seen one in years!
I am still smiling as I send this to you❤️   

[My response:   Love this story!  (see the feather above!)
Such a great message regarding your Angels watching over you, and being by your side!  They are applauding your journey through “cement” and your excellent outcome of learning your value and worth; learning to love yourself!  I love that you were “carving” a love note to yourself in the concrete – a great visual and a great way of celebrating you.  I love that you will see it each time you go back – a tribute to yourself that is truly well deserved – getting out of the “chains that bind” which is represented by the cement.  And the cement, sand and water, elements of the earth, are no longer empowered with a low frequency activation, but rather are returned to a vehicle of support.


Hi Vicki
I was meditating a couple of days ago and I had a flash of a bunch of white butterflies pop in for a brief moment. Is there any significance to this?

[My response:  Beautiful, and a great message that is significant!
Go here to read the whole message, and especially look toward the bottom where I channeled about groups of butterfly’s and their meaning.
Hugs, and chat soon!]


Hi Vicki,
It’s funny to read the messages each day and then remember having some of the symptoms you mention or seeing symbols. I just love it.

The last couple days I feel tired mid-day and find myself wanting to be outside all day! Today I managed to balance that out:))
I have dizziness at times and a low-grade headache today.

Yesterday I got out of my car at CVS and there was $5 on the ground!!! LOL I felt like I won the lottery! Ha Also 2 pennies on an outdoor table I sat at also.

[My response:  Fabulous!
I love that you are connecting with so much of the energy, and love the symbolic $5 that you found!  The number 5 is all about change!  So I am not surprised that you found that amount.  I’m so excited that you are seeing all the symbols that you are, and as for the physical, it will be passing soon.  It is wise to drink plenty of water when doing this energy detox period over the 33 days.
Hugs, and keep the stories coming!!!
Your elevated consciousness is awesome!!!]


Have a fabulous last week!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
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