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Prayer – We pray for and allow, Energy Activations Dimensionally, connecting us to Akashic Wisdom of Success, related to Dream Desires & Life Purpose; Resilience, Unconditional Love & Longevity; Ease in all transitions;Enlightenment of the Heart; Spiritual Integration (Mind, Body & Soul); Understanding regarding our soul challenges, and the challenges of our loved ones; and Sustainable Happiness & Health.

  • Infusion Energy areas:  Aura areas (differed from soul to soul); Connection to loved ones (cleared and infused with intelligent frequency to support).
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  We began in a large heart-shaped circle (for there are many of us) seated in a lotus like position with our legs crossed [not all were in this position, as there were some body types and soul types that are using their physical bodies to learn and grow, and are physically challenged – this is perfect!  It is the way that it was designed so that there are soul choices regarding this).  We were in meditation, receiving the energy flow.  This energy curled in, around and through us, going exactly where it was needed in each person’s body, their mind, & soul, and other areas that needed an adjustment (clearing and or release, along with infusions of intelligent frequencies – and the frequencies of infusion can be seen as differing colors of light frequencies).  If there were deficiencies in resilience, or a lack of unconditional love, the energy went where the blocks were and began changing the frequencies through a series of releases, and then with infusions.  It was like viewing a circular rainbow of moving light (that kind of looked like smoke), as it curled and moved around.  It was quite beautiful, and I could feel a warmth.  The energy swirled over our heads, and under our bodies by about 2 feet or more at times.  There was a body of water (but it had different properties then the crystal shore).  It was to the side of the group, but the energy was definitely magical, and it resembled an enchanted pond.  It too was beautiful, and I felt the life energy of healing that was within it.
  • The color of light frequency:   Rainbow – all colors of the spectrum were being used today.  And it was flowing in soft swirls, despite the vibrancy of the colors, the energy was very soft and flowy.  so use this when meditating to boost the energy!
  • Symptoms:  Dizziness, crazy dreams, tired feeling in the later part of the day, and a propensity to stumble.  Cold feelings on the face and hands.  Warmth in the spine, and in particular in the lower back and tailbone.  Inability to focus for long, and a feeling that you needed to be outside. The positive was energized feelings, especially in the legs and lower portion of the body, clear sound reasoning through decisions; smells of flowers, and overly sensitive, sensory perceptions (sight, sound, hearing, taste, and touch, so that you may have had some challenge with brightness, or sensory sensitivity in other ways).  We may also see things out of the corners of our eyes as we become aware of elemental energies, like fairy energy, and otherworldly dimensional energies, including that of our loved ones.  Enjoy!  They are just making themselves known to you so that you can be aware of an expanded reality beyond our earth and this dimension.
  • Archangel:  Archangel Raziel, who helps us turn our perceptions into wisdom, and he brings with him the Angels of Atlantis.  All will help us tune in to the magical powers within us, and our divine connection to the Universe and God Source Energies.  Raziel communicated messages through the senses; clairalience (receiving spiritual information through your physical sense of smell), clairgustance (tasting something even though it’s not coming from a physical source); clairsentience (which involves either perceiving spiritual information through your physical sense of touch); or clairempathy(receiving knowledge by feeling the emotion of it in your body).  Raziel helps us see that as we step into the magic of the universe, we are able to see and embrace what the rational mind cannot understand.  He and the Angels of Atlantis help us with releasing true illusion, so that we can understand beyond what we see.  Often when he is near (like in our clearing), he will be seen as rainbow light, and has a swirling energy about him.
  • Angel Symbols:  rainbows everywhere, on signs, embroidered patches, and more, as a reminder of our magical powers within; our sacred abilities to connect to our Angels.  A slice of birthday cake (yellow with white cream frosting) is also being shown, and they are saying happy birthday to all, both here and in heaven; please take some time to celebrate!  You may smell the cake or see it.  Also, white roses, and the smell of white roses as a hello from those in heaven.  They are watching over you and are lending you strength as you challenge yourselves here.  Lots of love, so look for hearts wherever you go.
  • Affirmation/Message [I’m asking all of you to join me in a Prayer Visualization over Houston – please see the link below.]:  Affirm:  I love the rain and release all negative thoughts and or fears of any kind, regarding water – this we do for Houston.  See the visualization prayer and join me for a few minutes of clearing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Grzyn3BcKY .  Our Angels are sending us so much love – I hope that you are seeing it and feeling it!  Affirmations:  I release judgments of myself, in regard to me being like my mom/dad.  I only see the positive in all situations.  I am perfect as I am.  I am growing into LOVE!  I am allowing for my cells to return to their perfect harmonic health.  I allow for all healing vibrations to flow through my body with ease.


I’ve been seeing baby lizards on my porch for the past couple weeks! I was wondering why they kept showing up.

[My response:  Beautiful confirmation and related to all that you have been experiencing!
Love that the Lizard is encouraging you to “shed the old”, and especially significant in that it is showing up on your porch, which represents the portal to the soul.  If you dream about a house, the locations within the house can represent either high self-esteem (the attic), or low self-esteem, the basement, where the entry ways’ represent a portal for energy to come in (the front door/porch) and/or to go out (the back door/porch/entryway).  This is a sign that you are inviting in new and fabulous energy, and that all the shedding that you are doing, and have done, are being rewarded by your new creations that are on the way!  A good omen, indeed!  For more information on your dreams or on the symbolic meaning of houses in your dreams, go here:  https://www.happypsychic.com/symbolic-meanings-in-dreams/]

Have a fabulous last week!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

Intuitive Counselor
Certified Psychic Medium
Reiki Master Healer
Medical Intuitive
Reverend, Marriage &
Ceremonial Advisor
Corporate Consultant
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