PG5-313-200I’m so excited to share these messages with you!  They will speak to many of you and although this is a long email, I encourage you to read those that you are drawn to over and above your own.  Like attracts like, and there are no coincidences that we are a ‘group’ that has come together to create in this way, at this time.  Please note, some messages will include numerology, a number used as a symbol for communication. Some will include aura reference and a mini aura reading.  Others may include symbols for communication and/or colors.  Each is unique to your and your walk here.  Again there is more information for you here than just your message – allow yourself to be guided to it.

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10/62 – Lots of heavy energy placed on the right side of your body may be slowing down your forward motion; a lot of emotion is indicated.  The release will happen in about a week to a week and a half, so stay patient.  As you come out of this transition, you will feel a lightness of being that you haven’t felt in quite a while.  There is a relief and the presentation of some information that feels like an ‘answer’.  Money is also indicated, and the flow will increase steadily after June.  I believe there is a frequency shift for you right before that time, one that will affect your happiness and a new ‘job’ in an area of interest; one that is more aligned with your passion and gifts.  Your number is 7 and is about allowing yourself to hear your intuitive directive; to listen to your higher self; meditate.  Your aura is aqua around your feet, and indigo around your cranial area.  This is indicating your connection to spirit is strong, and you are grounded in your purpose.  Lovely work!

1/43 – Root chakra energy is indicated as part of your study of safety and security.  The challenges that you have faced in this area of study are creating transition and you are able to let go of control more and more in the coming months; especially in August and September.  You can relax and begin to trust more and more as you see symbols of divine timing and purpose unfolding in your life.  Each thought is like a drop in the bucket, creating multiple waves of energy going out.  This is your power!  It’s time to open up, trust and step into that power; that place of power will heal you and help to heal others.  Letting go of the fear and worry that have been a bad habit and an old habit, will challenge you, but the reward is freedom and better health.  It is very important that you let go.  Your number is 2 and is about challenging yourself to listen to your better self; creating a better relationship with self so that you can create a better relationship with others.  Spirit is infusing you with orange and yellow around the right side of your aura.  This is for strength in reaching for happiness as a new vibrational way of focusing; happiness and strength of forward motion are within your reach.

4/51 – There is energy around your head and heart, indicating a bit of confusion and or a feeling of dizziness regarding a choice of the heart.  This is also going to impact your study of trust as you learn to walk forward into some of your dream creations.  There are people pulling on you and although you can still be there, the way that you will be there is becoming more balanced and healthy.  Remember, you are modeling healthy way of being; which is healthy way of loving yourself – you are teaching that to those around you, so don’t hesitate or make it something negative when you set a boundary.  Try to transition to a place where you can easily see your value, and your time as valuable.  It’s an exciting time for you as you grow into what and who you really want to be; the true expression of you will allow you to be more creative with your energy.  Freedom is a big theme (related to money) and you are working your way toward having that in the way that you want it!  Great courage and bravery is yours as you begin seeing the fruits of all of your hard work!  Your number is 9 and is the energy of teaching.  You have been your own best teacher, but as you learn to allow for others and their information that they have to share, you accelerate your growth.  Open to it.

1/62 – I’m seeing some energy around one of your knees and in walking forward it is creating a bit of a hitch.  This is going to be released in the next 2 weeks, and then further release will occur in 2 months by way of an invitation or opportunity.  You are nursing your heart and it is a process that is necessary to your growth and understanding about truly loving you.  When you love you, you teach others how to love you.  Great opportunities continue to help you glide forward, and releasing all of the fear of not good enough is called for.  This is a time where some of the energy may feel chaotic, so take time to rest and to rest your way of ‘fighting’ forward.  When we let go and relax, all comes with greater ease.  You are used to being competitive and completing tasks as a way of defining how good you are, and you don’t have to work that hard.  You truly are that good!!!  The release of old resistance is going to continue through December, as you complete a cycle of growth here.  Great work!!!  Your number is 10 and is significant in signaling that you are at the end of a cycle of growth and learning and about to start a new cycle.

6/66 – Energy of support is seen in the lower back, and meridians, and is indicating current growth in this area.  It is not over yet, and as you continue to walk through your challenges in this area, making strides toward what you really want to be doing career wise, there will be further release.  Transitions in career have been good, and you have gained so much clarity by letting go and releasing fears/control.  Travel is in your future in the next couple of months and then increasing over the next year.  This may be in conjunction with your career and your dreams colliding; a beautiful creation.  Challenges are in letting go of the rest of your fears regarding your safety/security (again showing up in the root chakra), to allow for freedom in the areas of career and love.  Only when fears are released and neutralized (the majority) do you allow for love to come your way.  It is on the horizon, but what is seen is more lesson in this area.  This doesn’t mean that if there is an interest that it won’t work out, but simply that it will be about further release, and a conduit for growth, which may lead to a more permanent stand in higher frequency love.  Your number is 5 and is the number of change and challenge – so as you release all of the energy of learning from your challenges, your reward is forward change toward your goals.

8/58 – Upper heart chakra energy having to do with learning to trust in you has been released.  Now the trick is to fill it with fun, and you have begun to do this very thing.  You are beginning to really believe in yourself and to fulfil your soul plan.  Much learning has occurred and as you continue your growth forward, learning to love, honor and value YOU, you will begin to attract LOVE.  This has some fear around it still, and so that is where the study of trust is occurring.  You must learn to trust that you are strong enough to handle anything.  And as you embrace each ‘lesson’ in all areas, you convince yourself of this truth.  Pink flowers are a symbol of this love and are all around you, indicating that it is close at hand.  It is a time of truth with yourself and with others, and this setting of healthy boundaries is necessary for this creation of relationship.  Trust in you, and then you can attract others who are trustworthy.  Mind your ankle as it is carrying a bit of resistance to this forward motion – you want to dance but are a little bit afraid still.  This will pass in the next 3 months.  Your number is 3 and represents the meeting up of all of your parts (the sum) to create a beautiful inner energy that allows you to create community from within; balance within and outside of self requires community.

7/67 – Left side past-life energy is showing up but has been minimized, and continues to be released.  This has to do with your study of self-love.  Your Angels are applauding all of your work in this area.  You are only just beginning to see your value and worth.  Your creative nature is yearning to be cultivated; fun is the cry of your inner child, and you are starting to be able to listen.  You deserve fun.  Do not focus on the outcomes to judge your worthiness and success, but rather focus on the journey.  You have much to teach others, and as you open your throat chakra, you begin to share.  When this release occurs in its fullest, it will seem that it is hard to stop sharing all that you know.  This will equalize, so don’t be afraid.  It has been bottled up for too long, and it is long past due for it to be released.  It is cathartic and will help many.  This is in regard to the second part of your soul plan (the first is learning all you came here to learn, and the second is to share all that you learn with others).  Your number 8 and is associated with work, both past work and the work of the future – so let’s rename it and re-story it!  Inspirational journey and the collection of information fits better than calling it ‘work’.

7/58 – Roses are around you and their intoxicating scent is filling the air vibrationally.  A perfect time for you to be walking forward into your “newest” version of you.  Lower mid-section residual energy is showing up and can sometimes get your attention.  This is left over energy as you are releasing all that has kept you from truly loving the body that you are in.  The body is our greatest gift in all of its forms, and it is a vehicle for our learning.  It is also our biggest tool for communication.   Using all that it is telling you as motivation, your studies now turn toward loving you to the fullest in your physical form.  Connecting with your higher self and allowing for this part of the spiritual journey to be brought into balance will allow you to attract at that ‘next level’ in the area of love.  And love is indicated by the roses.  Your Angels have heard – now they are wanting you to continue listening to them as they guide you to what you want.  It is already here for you – your allowing for it to manifest in the physical is what you are currently working on.  Your number is 4 and requires that you take a break so that you can allow for the pieces to fall into place to form the foundation – trust!

9/62 – A white candle is being shown and is a symbol of new beginnings.  Don’t worry if you encounter challenges, you are strong and have used them in the past to gain this strength.  New life and re-birth seem to be the theme, as you study this you are teaching others around you how to love themselves; how to have healthy boundaries.  Play is something that you are learning to indulge in in the future, and a necessary part of your growth.  You have given a lot of energy to the growth of others (sometimes unwittingly), and now it is time to focus on you.  Others are fine in their soul plans, and sometimes you want to let go so that they can learn that they are fine.  Worry is an old habit that does no one any good; it only says to those you are worried about that you don’t trust that they, or their Angels, can handle it.  Send them the strength of faith instead; everything always works out.  You are a master of that truth – now use it!  Your number is 7 and calls for introspection as you allow for all of the changes to take place – patience!

11/72 – Someone is sending you a chocolate brownie, and it feels celebratory!  You are someone you love may be having a birthday.  Your ‘birth-day’ is also being celebrated as you continue to make yourself anew and step into your truth and the power of teaching.  You are becoming stronger and stronger in your abilities and are beginning to see how you are to use them to help others as you use them to help yourself.  You gather the energy of children, those who trust you, as a source of this teaching.  You have mastered the energy of safety and security, and are able to model behaviors that have worked for you.  You are finally beginning to trust you; trust in you.  Do not abide by the norms – buck the current and dream big!  Opportunities are just ahead, and you are in charge of creating them.  Believe!  Your number is 2 and is about a duality, a push pull within that is causing confusion at times.  You do know the answer!  Your aura is purple around your throat and head, supporting the spiritual aspect of your studies within your soul plan, and supporting your connection.

1/67 – Orange energy and orange blossoms indicate lots of energy of change – you are supported even when you think that you aren’t.  It may look strange, but hold on to what you want it to feel like and continue to march forward.  You are so much stronger that you know.  As you continue the study of trust and self-love, you are releasing lots of energy from the stomach area, and it may be a bit uncomfortable.  There is earthly support coming in the next couple of months (June), and it feels like an accomplishment is completed.  Continue to be open to learning, and don’t stop when it gets easy.  You don’t want to get complacent, although it will feel like you want to collapse into the ease, try to maintain the forward motion of growth, which will create balance.  If you let go of balance, you will fall into an old habit of allowing others to make choices for you.  And it won’t be long before your inner baby will be jumping up and down for your attention.  And that baby deserves all of your attention right now.  You have been neglecting by telling yourself that others need you and/or therefore more important than you.  If you create with this energy, you’ll get things that confirm that you are not as important as others.  Let go and re-write that part of your manifest story!  Your number is 6 and has to do with the adjustment period that will be required as you make changes.

11/87 – Vehicle issues are popping up and can be symbolic of change in direction.  Quit forcing what you want to have happen, and let your Angels guide you with ease.  Even if it looks like something is not happening in the way that you want it, it is simply a different road that is leading you to exactly what you want.  Be clear on what you want.  Be clear on how you want it to feel.  Then release all worries (an old habit) and play.  Standing in fear about whether or not what you want is coming to you just holds it off from showing up.  Again, just an old habit.  The first step to releasing it is in being aware of what you are thinking.  You deserve all that you want in the way of love and believe me, it is already created for you in many situations.  Refocus on you.  And get that dress that you want – you can use it for motivation to create balance in your life in all ways.  Relax, you deserve balance and fun.  And discovering what that is will be a fun challenge for you.  Your number is 4 and has to do with creating new foundations in career belief.

5/52 – Pleasant platitudes just aren’t cutting it anymore – and as you become more truthful, you may find yourself scaring people away.  Don’t worry.  It is a necessary cleaning of the closet, so don’t fear it.  You are growing and may be out growing the way that you related to others from the past.  As you make space, new friends/relationships will come into your life that are more in alignment with who you are becoming.  It is definitely a ‘Spring’ moment for you – growth is good!  Imagine what you want the rewards to feel like, and hold on tight to that feeling.  Others may want to gain control, and knock you off of your dreamy mind-set.  Do not be bothered by their disbelief, or their seeming rejection of how you are feeling.  You know exactly what you are doing and your study of trust in that ‘knowing’ is gaining strength.  Purple, posies, and pink are all coming into play and I do believe that someone with a P name is trying to get your attention.  Probabilities are now certainties with your new found strength in faith and belief.  See all the signs around you as you get ready to shift into a bit of a higher, faster gear.  Your number is 1 and has to do with new beginnings – slay the fear of change!

8/80 – Adjustment is a theme, and the cycle is almost complete.  You seem to be in a resting pattern, but this is necessary for you to gather your strength for future growth and change.  Notice your body as you see and read the word ‘change’.  Remember that you get to write the story around any change, so as not to fear it.  You can see change as good and embrace any and all challenges as tools for growth, or you can let it scare you, possibly into non-action.  The worst seems to be behind you as you have grown beyond some of your fears about the future and all that you deserve.  Letting go of control is one of the main challenges you set before yourself, so thank yourself for that.  It has served you well!  I see lots of freedom in the picture and you are beginning to reap the rewards of all of your hard work.  I see some travel – allow for it, as you are gathering more and more information that is moving you toward your clarity.  Remember, life is a journey, so don’t judge success by any outcome of your actions.  You are not ever going to be successful that way, because just as you reach a goal, you gather more information and make an informed change in your direction.  Who told you that was bad?  That is exactly as it should be; divinely perfect!  Judge it as perfect and make friends with the process – you will be leading and teaching others so they can join you in your fun.  But you have to see it as fun, or they won’t want to join you.  Your number is 2 and has to do with learning to love yourself; relationship with self, and then others as well as balance.

2/64 – Blessings are many as you walk into this new year.  You are seeing things more and more clearly and are able to see yourself better too.  There is a lot of energy of fun to be had, and all it takes is giving up worry.  Stand in trust that everything happens for a reason, and for a greater purpose, guiding us to what we really need and desire.  This study of trust is something that you are here to teach, both by example and by your words to others.  You are gifted and I see the throat chakra opening up to let your truth out; allowing your truth to flow out into the world is how you will teach.  Possibly by written word as well.  So many seem to pull on you and you find yourself off balance at times.  Remember to make time for you.  You are not helping anyone when you are feeling off balance.  Teaching others to love themselves is also a part of the second part of your soul plan (the first is in learning for yourself, and the second part is in gifting the information that we have learned back to others).  I see a new car (used), and you are finally beginning to understand your gifts which will allow you to begin to build a better relationship with money (a tool for growth that you came here to challenge yourself with).  Use your gifts – there will be more and more opportunities this summer and into the fall – perhaps teaching a class.  Your number is 1 and indicates a new cycle of growth is beginning.

10/93 – Fruit loops – a colorful fun memory from childhood that indicates that you are beginning to have fun – to allow yourself to have fun that way that you really want to.  This is some of the learning that you have taken on, to learn how to get reunited with self again and your feelings.  What gives you the feeling of fun, or passion, or relaxation, or any of your positive feelings?  This is the question that you have been using to challenge yourself as you become reacquainted with who you really are and who you have really come forth to be.  The number 5, which is the number of change, is an Angelic symbol used to tell you that you are being supported in all of your growth and change right now.  Yes, some of it can be scary, but you are marching through it anyway.  No judgements from self or allowing it from others!  You are marching toward freedom emotionally – at last.  And you are being applauded for being a good listener (your Angels).  You are a gifted healer and you will find shelter in this; as sometimes as you continue to walk through your challenges, it may feel a bit stormy.  You are beginning to know who you are, and this will give you strength.

7/90 – Petunia’s are showing up as a symbol for you of guidance and love.  These gentle flowers are beautiful and a reminder that you are too.  You have been hard on yourself at times, but as you release old beliefs, you are releasing all of the energy of resistance to seeing yourself that way.  The upper back is indicated – ribs house and protect the heart chakra, and you are learning that through the study of trust, that you are stronger than you thought.  You want to create and so as you learn to release further and allow yourself to see your beauty, to love yourself, you will better be able to allow all of your dreams to come to you. Sometimes you still get in your way in your head.  Listen instead to that small child within.  She knows what is best for her/you and what she really wants to do.  Don’t be influenced by trying to please others.  This is no longer working for you and really doesn’t give them the full life experience; a growth opportunity that they came here to experience with you.  When we are truthful, although it may hurt a bit, it is allowing them to make choices – but what they choose is not your business, nor can you choose for them.  You can only show them how the truth is told.  And as you do it with love, they will feel the truth of the love.  Your number is 3 and is about community involvement and overcoming any fears of speaking up and out.

7/94 – Hearts are your symbol, and someone is around you that may be celebrating a birthday (either here or on the other side).  There is resistance that you are releasing around your ankles and this has to do with dancing forward; the use of your creative energy and your belief that you can do what you love and create support (money).  You go back and forth, and this is o.k.  You are gaining knowledge with each step.  Staying in the flow of positive thought is something that you are working to master, and your number is 7, the number of introspection.  It is a time to look inside and to decide what you are worth – going or staying stuck.  Take a chance on change.  I see a possible move coming up for you or travel at the very least.  It is an energy that must be released.  There is a lot of joy coming up this summer and some new beginnings (a possible birth as well).  Music is so very important to you and you are being guided to include more of it in your life and dreams.  Listen – your higher self is trying to tell you that you can do anything!  And you can!  Your number is 4 and has to do with building your foundation.

12/66 – A felt fedora is being shown to me and is associated with a soul on the other side, one who is wise and acts as a guide (a teacher).  You are being guided to teach now, after completing a wild ride through learning your worth.  This lesson is not over and you will revisit some of what you have learned in a future challenge in June/July.  This is natural, and will only strengthen you in what you know.  All experiences are worthy and are giving us further information so that we can be better teachers of all that we are learning.  Stay the course.  You will be concerned about money but opportunities for better support are on the way.  When they come, they may not look like what you want.  Allow for them anyway, as they are leading you to what you really want.  Freedom is a theme for you and your need for this can be accomplished by taking time to experience it.  It is a practice of this vibration that will allow you to create it with greater ease.  Redefine freedom and how you want it to feel – give it a positive expansion.  Now is the time.  Your number is 2 and it has to do with completing duality/love of self before you can love others and/or attract that from them.

9/45 – A box of chocolates is a symbol for choices – and all of them are good – there are no mistakes.  So stop being so hard on yourself.  You are here to learn to love you so that you can attract that as part of your next cycle of growth and learning.  But behold, a relationship, which is showing up on the horizon, is going to test you and your ability to really love others.  Can you stop judging enough to allow for them and their crazy soul plan – they are perfect and you can only see them that way if you can see yourself that way.  Practice telling yourself in the mirror that you are perfect as you are.  Stop trying to improve for just a little to see your diving perfection as it exists now.  You are truly gifted and supported and your work is cerebral now.  You are a space traveler and are able to bring back information to share.  See who you are and honor your walk here.  It’s time to have fun, and to be able to step into your abundance as you do so.  You do deserve it – just like those who are doing it – you are every bit as good and have more information than some.  You are good enough.  Your number is 4 and has to do with building foundations in trust in self.

6/53 – Jumping jacks, and jacks from childhood are being shown as a symbol of childhood energy and fun.  It is time for you to allow for you to play in the energy (music is indicated).  You are beginning to see some healing from your work here.  Continue on your path, and don’t hurry!  You are divinely walking in the perfect moment at all times.  You are collecting all of the information exactly as you should in the divine time, and can’t be rushed to do so!  You need all of the experiences that you have walked through to be who you are and who you have come here to be!  Enjoy the ride, and don’t be a harsh judge.  You are a teacher to many and so you are gifted in sharing the information and learning that you have collected; all of the information that you have learned and what it means to you.  The energy around your ankles can trip you up if you allow it to – it is just some residual fear of stepping into your true power.  You will clear it by stepping high, and focusing on what you want it to feel like, not the outcome!  See your success!  Feel what it feels like.  Your number is 2 and is the number of love – both love of self and love of others.  This is the next manifestation that you are working on to expand.

3/66 – Love is your theme!  You have been learning how to love you as you struggled through challenges of being pulled to care for others.  You are now creating more and better balance.  This is leading you to a supportive love situation (or many actually) from those around you.  You do deserve to be supported and to support self is the first step.  Almost like you have to show you first what that feels like, and then you can show others how that looks, so that they can love and support you in the way that you need them to.   As you learn this about yourself, you are able to see signs of support often, and are clearing your throat chakra to be able to speak up; to speak your healthy boundaries – like by saying ‘no’.  This is a challenge that you created for your soul so that you could learn to love yourself all the way in a healthy way.  You now abandon people pleasing mode on purpose so that you can move forward.  It is a love situation that I see forming toward the end of summer and into the fall – but will you allow for it?  That is the question.  You will have to work hard to convince yourself that you deserve that ‘real’ love and support for you.  Think of your inner baby – she deserves to be loved.  The key is to love you mind, BODY, and soul as you are now.  You cannot attract love if you cannot feel love for you now.  Your number is 4 and has to do with creating a foundation for this love of self with affirmation/words, visuals, and the practice of ‘refocus’ to create a higher frequency within yourself.

10/55 – Happenings all around – there is chaos in and around you and it all has to do with change!  The change is good and is something that you have manifested, it is only feeling a bit uncomfortable because of the way that you are defining it.  Re-story it – it is necessary to your peace of mind and growth; your exploration of who you really are.  And you are stepping into your power and this is what your Angels are talking about; you are uncomfortable as an authority figure – which you are becoming.  You are doing a great job outwardly, but remember that the inside voices are what create the energy output.  Allow for continued growth and ease – giving yourself a reward/break when you need it.  Now to work on the money.  This next part is about self-value.  For the universe cannot provide those who value you other than how you value yourself/your gifts; like attracts like.  You are unique in your gifts and its time to see your power.  Your number is 8 and has to do with the work that is mentioned here, as well as stepping into yours in a fun way!   You are supported!

1/94 – Power of animal energy is all around you indicating a strength in healing and in support.  You are one who is studying trust and it is showing up in your lower back/root chakra and in your stomach/sacral chakra.  These lower areas are holding on to old low frequency belief energy surrounding your belief in self and what you want to do creatively.  You are able to create all that you want!  Believe more and more and allow that some may not.  Release their judgment, and do what you are guided to.  You are special and gifted and in order to access those gifts you must not be harsh on yourself or allow harsh judgement of others to create a blockage.  If you are having a hard time figuring out what that is, then get help to discern.  You are as strong as you see yourself – that’s how powerful a creator you are – so see yourself as a super power.  Imagine you doing exactly what you want and allow for your mind to wander (as in childhood).  The practice of this freedom allows you to connect to your creative energy and practice a specific frequency of vibration – one that may have been forgotten.  Your shift is coming and then I see love on the horizon.  June is an important month.  Your number is 2 and is about learning to love and honor your gifts; relationship with self must be intact before creating a healthy love with another.  Work definitely is affected!  Look for change in that area soon.

9/92 – Visibility is the word that I am given and as you work on this aspect of self, it is about the truth of that visibility. You are about to be seen not only by you (and maybe in some ways for the first time) but by your peers and I feel the fear surrounding that.  You are realizing who you are.  This can be a scary process but so necessary as you journey.  It is the only way to create your dreams.  This is also crossing over into the arena of love. You see who you are and are learning to love who you are and therefore are able to more easily attract love.  But will you accept the healthy love – therein lies your challenge.  AS you learn through these challenges, you gain more insight and strength.  Keep your eye on the fact that you are supported here; see the Angelic symbols, like the feathers that they are showing me now.  You are supported, so no need to fear.  Your work life is also a mirror; see the relationships and what they are reflecting.  Do you see that you are being treated as one who is powerful?  If not, then adjust how you see yourself.  You can create everything that you want, but first you have to know that you deserve it!  Stepping into your power and clearing your throat chakra is called upon. Your number is 8 having to do with work relationships and how you are choosing to see them; create a different story of who you are!

9/76 – Imperial magic is at hand and I am laughing as they are showing me this!  It’s time for you to become a full believer in all that you can create.  If you continue to look backwards then you will continue to create what you have, rather than create what you want.  You are moving forward but are in control of how fast you shift energy around yourself.  You have lots of Angelic help and the symbols just keep coming.  Fear is just that, fear of change.  If you stand in a certain energy of belief or way of being, thinking that you are not strong enough, or that you can’t do something, then you will create a reality around that.  And the reason that we do that is because it is comfortable, and it has become a habit.  You are beginning to want to create differently, and have been working toward that end.  You have to get truthful with yourself and ask yourself what you are gaining or getting by what you are doing or believing.  This is imperative if you want to continue to create change.  Use rose quartz as a symbol and as a talisman for self-love and healing.  Your number is 3 and is about becoming comfortable in asking for help – it is the number of community and support outside of self.

12/53 – The apple is a symbol and it is about reaching back in time to what you were taught by thought, feelings and words (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree was part of the reference – and the energy was male, so a father figure was indicated, as well as the energy of a son).  This symbol is one that the Angels are lovingly using and laughing about.  We all pick things up from our childhood on purpose as our course of study requires.  So time for introspection.  Why are you holding on to what you are holding on to?  What are you getting from it?  A comfort?  Possibly you are associating yourself with one or the other of your parents to create a sense of safety?  All is well, and all is divine.  You are so gifted creatively and it is only a matter of time before you as butterfly spreads your wings.  You are slowly coming into your own and learning how to fly is around the corner.  However, in order to fly you have to quit judging you, and release the judgement of others.  You are good enough!  Your number is 4 and has to do with the building of a strong foundation of confidence regarding your business, and hence your confidence in general.  You are strong and getting stronger!

5/56 – There are Angels all around you and your property.  You are so guided and protected and the more you realize this the more it manifests.  You have no reason to fear – no matter what!  It may not look the way that you want it to, but that’s o.k.  Everything is divinely orchestrated so that we can align with our motivation that carries us to our true giftedness.  It is only in blaming others outside of ourselves that we weaken the energy of our creative abilities.  We are never victims unless we deem it.  We are only co-creators in all that we are able to achieve.  Use your strength to create new stories around everything.  You deserve all of the good that is there for you!  You are beautiful inside and out and it is in your sight, seeing this that you began to shift things around you.  Do not let the energy of others be an influence.  Deny them.  In that way you maintain your power and good healthy control of your ability to create.  Your number is 8, for the work that you have done, the energy of all that you have put forth, and for all that you will walk through this year.  It is divine and all for your greatest good, leading you to all that you desire.  You are stronger than you are giving yourself credit for.  No more fear!

11/61 – There is energy running on one side of the body in the upper portion and down the arm, into the hand.  This is the hand that is reaching for all that you want; all that you desire.  The energy is indicating that although there have been tons of shifting and releasing, there is still more to release.  It is indicating that you are preparing (and working in the correct area) to come into alignment with receiving.  Whenever energy is seen in this way in an arm/hand area it is about learning to allow yourself to receive.  We get in the way when we don’t believe that we can receive for a multitude of reasons, or if our belief that we deserve to receive has been impacted.  This latter aspect is one that resonates.  Having said that, your Angels are applauding all of the beautiful work and shifting that you have created already.  The air is ripe for you to receive more, and I see more shifting and allowing happening in the next week.  More opportunities are headed your way.  Use what you are creating/attracting as a measure of where you are energetically.  Your Angels are wanting you to see that you are not quite ready to attract a healthy love, but are on the precipice.  Continue what you are doing to love you first.  And only focus on that.  It is when we let go and release expectations of what we think is best for us, that what is truly best for us can come.  Your number is 4 for a healthy foundation in trust and belief in you; truly loving you is your key to all else.  Do not create a negative story around life experiences that it’s about you not being ‘enough’.  But rather change that way of thinking to ‘this is not a match at this time’, and ‘I am being guided to turn elsewhere’.  This is much more positive, healthy, helpful and aligned with the truth.

9/70 – Energy that is around the upper throat chakra, leading into the cranial area is an indicator that you are releasing beliefs surrounding your ability to ask for what you want.  There is some residual resistance there, but you are allowing for it to continue to be released by all of the work that you have been doing.  You may have headaches as it is being released, and those will pass in the next couple of weeks.  As you continue to practice your ‘dream vibration, more and more forward motion is achieved.  Freedom is a theme, from both fears that create anxiety, and from physical manifestation of what you have drawn to you.  Remember, because like attracts like, you are the author of your challenges.  They are telling you this to empower you.  What you can create, you can undo, and create different realities in place.  As you fully grasp your power, I see changes occurring in two main aspects of your life; work and relationships.  As you value you, you release some challenges, and are able to ‘see through the clouds’.  Your strength in belief is increasing; so your strength in your ability to speak your truth is increasing.  This can be uncomfortable for you and those around you; forge ahead!  You are on the right track.  Only you can allow yourself/give yourself permission to try on different ways of being.  Stay focused on learning what makes you happy.  You are at a pinnacle; a pivotal point in your life.  Choices are not permanent so just let go of fear.  All things can and do change, and as we tune in to our true feelings, they change for the better; we listen to our intuitive guidance that is in-touch with both our inner baby, and our higher self, and hence our Angels.  Your number is 5 and it is about change within your life.  You put those challenges in place to allow yourself to choose differently for you – rather than valuing everyone else above yourself.

9/61 – Watch out for potatoes.  I know that’s a weird start – but I’m just the messenger!  The real message there is about nutrition and about starches, and intake based on lack, rather than love!  As you love you better and better (and applause here; great strides!), you can create exactly what you want in ‘feeling’ without ‘fear’ of what certain things will and/or can create in your body.  Shift focus on this.  See things nutritionally as love; energy for your body.  Re-story what they are and how they can help you.  This doesn’t mean you don’t watch portions, but they are saying that exercise is key, not so much nutrition.  As your energy shifts and you walk more effortlessly into your power, you will see more clearly your strength.  This energy is running up and down the back as I watch it, and is about you supporting yourself in all ways emotionally.   Healthy boundaries although challenging in some arenas are becoming easier.  The expansion of your mind in understanding how the universe works is on point, and you are having more fun in this discovery.  Don’t be surprised by multi-dimensional communication – stay tuned to all of the signs and symbols.  Don’t get caught up in the earth stuff, especially that of judgement.  Your number is 10(00) as you begin a new cycle of growth now.  Look for more changes in the next 2 weeks and then into the month in relationships/career.  Good growth!

6/76 – Partitions and particles are being shown, and are referring to the separation of you from your old ‘realities’.  This is about you seeing that you can exist by yourself and be defined by yourself first.  The particles are about the residual energy of attachment to things that you used to use to define you and your happiness.  All things are changing now as you pay attention to who you really are and look at why you were doing certain things; for you or others?  Your awareness as you bring up your frequency is allowing you to attract more of what you want in relationships, both at home and work.  In the next 2 months you will surprise yourself with some of your choices.  This new you is awakening and there is nothing to stop your growth now.  It’s a bit of a heady feeling when you allow for it, but can also attract a resistance from others to that change.   Do not push back, but rather send them love, reassuring them that all is well.  This will allow you the freedom to change as you need to and to allow them to release any pressure that they are putting on you during this change.  You will be supported emotionally as you support yourself emotionally.  Your number is 2 and is about relationship to self, as you ‘teach’ others how to be supportive of you; relationships to others are changing and shifting in a positive way.

1/54 – Sacral energy is showing up and is indicating a new found joy and love of self – not without challenge though!  The challenges will continue into the summer as you navigate new relationships.  But then this is perfect and divine and the purpose of those relationships!  You have created these to further your studies of how to love you best.  You wanted to master creative energy within this lifetime and you are doing a wonderful job.  You have walked through challenges and begun to see them for what they are and to see the beauty in each of them; what you have learned, how much strength you have acquired.  Your growth has been accelerated as you march through fears.  You are becoming more and more free, and that is necessary to break out of old ways of being and believing.  Food will become more important to you as you decide to become more in alignment with who you really are.  This will take place over the later part of this year.  Exercise is important in the form of walking, but takes on a meditative quality that allows you to tap into your creative energy more and more.  Let go of outcomes, and enjoy the process/journey.  Your messages are coming in the form of flowers both visually and through smell; you are blossoming.  Your number is 7 and is the number of introspection (hence the message about walking to connect spiritually).  There will be a lot of ‘Ah-ha’ moments in the next month and a half; more clarity.

10/55 – Mid section energy is showing that you have some things that are hard to digest and to release.  This will continue throughout the next month and then begin to dissipate.  Remember that you are in control; a challenge that you continue to use to study trust.  As you are learning that everything always works out (and remember that it does), you can more easily release any worry or fear of the future.  You are still studying what it means to have fun; what fun feels like, and how you can create that feeling for you.  There was a lot of residual energy that you were working on releasing from old ways of being (that were in place for a long time).  This is just the last vestiges of that.  Listen to yourself.  Don’t judge what you are hearing, but act upon it!  Release fears of what others think about your choices.  They are yours to make, and you will stand in a stronger place, attracting more who are like you.  Release old energies of ‘friends’ who may not fit any more.  As you make room for the new, you will come into alignment with more happiness.  You are doing it already!  It’s fun now, and all about trying new things.  Food and exercising gently will be important to you as you continue to adjust your frequency.  Your number is 5(5) and is about change for you.  Continue as you have and you will see your rewards increasing in June.  Time for a new endeavor; a way to share some of your gifts with others.  Photography may be an area that you look into.

3/62 – Your gifts are already in place and you are beginning to allow yourself to tap in and to use them.  This is about releasing the last energy of blockage that has challenged you – remember the challenges are how and why we are able to grow; they are our motivation.  So we want to stand in appreciation of all of them – especially the current ones.  I see some around your ankles as you look at outcomes of some of your desires as the measure of your success.  Yet the true success is in allowing divine timing to prevail; patience is about the study of trust – believing that all is coming and that all of your needs will be met.  Trust as you are beginning to do and you are beginning to see how it is all orchestrated; signs are increasing for you.  This will help you with your focus.  Focus on having more fun!  This is an area that I see a lack in.  What does fun feel like to you?  Music is showing up as a direction for exploration (and it could be vibrational healing).  Believe in you!  This is the challenge at hand.  Even with your more serious dreams and wishes, find a way to look at them in a fun way – to make them fun.  Create games in your mind to achieve/find things that you want to.  Your number is 1 and is about the new beginnings that are lining up for you!  There are many and you have yourself to thank, so give yourself credit for walking though lots of fears; you are brave!!!

2/84 – As you become more of who you are to be here, you are realizing that old ways of thinking don’t fit you and are not helping you to get what you want.  You are finally releasing that which does not work; getting tired of the ‘same-old-story’.  Your strength is in tuning in to your intuition, and trusting your feelings.  Do not let anyone create energy that affects your happiness – only you are in charge of how you choose to see things, experience them, and create a story around them.  They are not really about you, but are about what level you are attracting at.  In other words, if you are attracting lessons about trust, then you are vibrating a lack of trust frequency (belief) in and though your body.  Do you trust yourself to stand up for yourself, or do you trust others to be there for you and/or trust others to help support you?  This is great introspective information that you can gain by asking yourself these questions.  You are moving forward now, as they are showing me you looking back over your shoulder, leaving things in the past (relationship is indicated).  This is a necessary transition to clear energy so that you can see why it was in place – what were you to learn; the greater purpose.  This will direct you to change thoughts about what you want and what you are willing to allow in your life.  Great work!  By mid-summer things are shifting in a good and more positive way in work (remember, when you choose to study by using relationships, they mean relationships across the board.  So as you use them to learn better self-love, all of them begin to change).  Your number is 8, and is a symbol your Angelic Realm is using to show you that you are being supported in the work that you are undertaking right now; to create all of this release regarding relationships (the old way of doing them).  You will gain clarity and the second half of this year is bringing further learning, expansion and growth that is leading you to a happier place and more of what you really want.

12/59 – There is energy around both of your feet that is rooting you in place and is being influenced by another around you.  You are giving more value to others feelings than you are your own.  This is just a message about balance, and you understand more and more that when you are in balance, loving yourself and valuing yourself, you have more energy to gift to others – in a healthier way.  Keep practicing!  You are growing very close to what you want to create and some new opportunities for partnership are coming up in the summer; June/July.  These are creative ideas that you are sharing with another and they will help propel you forward.  These creative ideas also help you tap into your creativity and feed your soul; much needed now.  The trick is in allowing yourself to let go of old ways of being; balance.  These are just old habits and can be replaced with new ones – with a little effort.  You are stepping into your intuition more and more and are releasing your expectations that don’t serve you well; those of others – as you allow yourself to accept your soul plan and purpose, it is getting easier for you to accept theirs with greater ease.   I also see some travel for you and although it is leisure travel, there are opportunities to fulfil some of your dreams regarding your career; keep your eyes and ears open.  Your number for Angelic communication is 1 as you release the old and recreate yourself.  This is an exciting time with lots of change for you!

6/58 – Floating on air is the feeling that you are engaging in more and more as you follow your truth and your dreams begin to manifest.  Don’t forget to step back and take stock of all that you have created, and to pat yourself on the back for all of your brave energy as you walked through your challenges.  There is more change ahead in the realm of work and this is a good time to begin to re-align your energy with how you want it to feel. Write it down and make it fit you better.  Don’t forget to ask for the moon!  Ask for time off to travel and the funds and support to do it – yes, you deserve it!!!  Past relationships and their challenges are being released as your main focus now, and future relationships are coming into play.  Even the old will feel like new.  You have grown and are emitting a different vibration/energy which is eliciting a different response from those you encounter.  Dance!  Dance like you want to – and toss all the residual fear and judgement of yourself – so you can attract those who don’t judge you.  Love you as you did when you were a child to teach others how you want to be loved!  As well you will be teaching others how to love themselves.  Your symbol is bright pink flowers (blooming), and is a symbol of new things to come (beginning in about a month and a week), and your number is 6 which is about adjusting.  Yes, you are creating all things a new, and with that comes periods of adjustment.  Allow for these by feeding your soul and loving you with special treatment – free treatment.  You are still working on the financial flow and that will come into better alignment as well in this next couple of months (with a shift in career mentioned above).

5/88 – There is energy in the mid heart chakra that is indicating some residual challenge energy within the study of trust.  As you continue to nurture you and release this old fear you become more and more empowered to step into new realities.  This includes aspects of work.  You have always been nurturing to a fault and you are changing your energy in this regard.  Allowing yourself to value you will help you release old relationship challenges and ways of conducting them.  You have a heavy work energy and are being told to play more and more.  You are creative and may have been suppressing some of your likes/dreams having to do with the creative arts.  This is the time to step into that energy more and more.  Try things on that you may not have thought of doing before (or may not have thought of for a very long time).  You are challenging yourself in the area of patience right now, so this directive will help you while you are waiting for your dreams to manifest.   Exercise is also something that is coming up and I urge you to try either yoga or walking if you have not already.  It’s more about the stretching.  This will help unblock energy and help you tune in intuitively more and more.  These channels are ready to be opened.  It is up to you to allow for it, and since you are using ‘control’ as a challenge to learn trust, you may have a bit of fear of allowing for your true connection.  Remember that judging others only happens when we are a harsh judge of ourselves, so be aware of this – it is a safety mechanism that we put in place in childhood to keep people at a distance (a false sense of safety is achieved, but it can create loneliness).  You are coming out of this cycle so it may be a bit uncomfortable for you.   Your number is 2 and is about how you are relating to yourself and to others; relationships will be changing as you wish them to, and this is the symbol that you are being supported by your Angels.  Your Aura is pink right now around the cranial area showing lots of love energy.  This is as beautiful healing energy and can be brought about by you and/or your Angelic realm for the sake of healing.  Release all worry!

8/64 – There’s a lot of energy appearing around your cranial area, and around the back of the neck and head.  You’ve been here before (a past life reference); regarding relationship and growth of self.  So you may experience a bit of dizziness and/or headaches as you confront some of the last vestiges of fear regarding your choices in this arena.  You are motivated now and supported as you step more into your creative energy.  Your humor is a beautiful tool and a healing part of you, and is akin to that creative energy that you are longing to run.  Listen to your heart, it is in tune and leading you to your opportunities to step into your truth.  You are releasing more of the resistance and fear around your lower back area that is related to supporting yourself; both emotionally and financially, several new beginnings have been established.  These will carry your forward in a fast way that may be a bit uncomfortable for you at first.  It is a frequency shift and your physical body has to catch up; you may experience a bit of tired energy on and off while this is accomplished.  There is also a study of balance going on that has to do with having and holding healthy boundaries in discussing a partnership (possibly work related; female energy).  But your Spring is definitely here, and more change is on the horizon, for the better; although it may be a bit scary at first.  Your mantra is, “Everything always works out” (for me), and “I am growing stronger and stronger”.  AS you journey forth and learn to value and love yourself, you are using modeled behavior to teach those around you.  This is in reference to the second part of your soul plan, as you are completing much of the growth that has been required in the first part.  Watch flow of money as it is an indicator of what you are believing and vibrating out into the universe; are you valuing your giftedness?  This is an area that is coming into play.  Your number is 5 having to do with change and being supported through all of the changes that you are choosing to make.  Your Angels are on duty, so look for many symbols.  But give yourself a rest!!!

6/54 – Rushing too fast through the fun?  There is a lot of fun coming your way, but it may be wearing you out.  Take time to step back from the flow and find a quiet space so you can appreciate all of your manifestations.  Energy is indicated in the mid back and organs in the mid body.  This may be creating physical symptoms as you learn to love yourself and challenge yourself through relationships with others.  These challenges will take you into the later part of the summer, and serve to motivate you to growth further into a place of more freedom.  Yes, miracles can occur and do on a regular basis.  You are good at seeing some of them, but find it hard to trust in your ability to create more.   Stick to the plan, don’t deviate too much until after June, when opportunity knocks again.  Let go and release any fear as you learn to relax into the fact that you are protected and everything always works out.  Your life is golden, but you want more – this is a natural and good thing, so don’t beat yourself up for feeling like it isn’t enough.  It is only an indication that it may be time for more growth.  Read the energy and you get to decide; don’t fear that you’ll lose control.  This is a flow, and ebb and flow, and is gentle – as gentle as you’d like to make it.  Time to release the last vestiges of trying to control out of fear; believe that you are taken care of always.  You are a child of the water and are learning to use it to heal, both you and others.  This is a part of your soul plan that you are becoming more and more comfortable with.  Great growth in this direction.  Great acknowledgement of who you are and are becoming.  Perfect and divine timing.  Your number is 7 and is about introspection – it’s time for a little more support for self in this; time to take time away from others.  The trees are calling you and are holding some shamanic energy that you crave; listen.  Your aura is blue, and is holding soothing energy around you now.

2/80 – An airplane was shown regarding some travel coming up for you; freedom.  This is an energy that you have become focused on and is going to come to fruition in the summer (June).  You have begun to create in a new and different way and are beginning to step into your strength and power.  You are collecting necessary data and information for your future growth, and it seems to be coming in a rapid rate.  Release the fears associated with your power; you cannot be wrong – there are always ways of gathering information as you walk through the challenges that may feel uncomfortable, but there are no mistakes.  Allow for all of it as you truly begin to listen to you without judgement.  Everything is perfect and divine.  Right now you are honey and there are many bees buzzing.  Be careful about who you allow to come close; remember to maintain healthy control and healthy boundaries.  You want to be clear as you manifest what you want; don’t cloud the energy by allowing partial manifestations to hang around too long (both work and relationships are indicated).  You are on fast forward now, and are able to call in all that you are wanting with greater ease than before.  The challenge is in letting go of the fear of getting it all!   Shifting is in the works as far as career is concerned and that will continue through August.  Be specific about what you want it to feel like – and don’t be surprised at the opportunities to travel while working occur.  This is in keeping with your focus on ‘freedom’, and your needs and wants that are answered by this freedom.  Safety and security are still a study and that will be ongoing into this year but in a new way; one that will allow you to experience what that truly feels like when you create it for and by yourself.  This is truly powerful!  Your number is 2; relationship with self and then with others is supported by your Angels.  Your aura is purple around your head, and feet.  A nice balance as you complete a part of your spiritual awakening.

12/65 – Reign yourself in from jumping to conclusions and making them negative.  This is a time of accelerated learning and because you are sensitive to energy, you need to protect yourself.  Jumping to a negative interpretation will not help, but rather, back away from whatever ‘thing’ has happened to assess, and ask yourself about the truth.  ‘Truth’ is your theme and you are getting in touch with yours.  As you do you are giving up the old ways of being.  No more allowing for others to be valued more than yourself.  You are realizing that that doesn’t get you what you want/need; it’s not working.  As you release the fears that have kept you trapped in this cycle, you are able to see the purpose behind this part of your journey.  As you release past pain and hurt, and see the purpose and lesson behind those experiences, you increase your self-love, self-value and self-worth.  This is imperative to flowing more money at this time; and I see money coming to you in the coming months (May/June).  Also a different work opportunity will be presented soon (within the next week and a half or 2 weeks).  This could be a turning point in a work relationship.  Finding your voice and stepping out of victim energy is the growth before you now.  This will be a challenge to let go of this old habit (this old friend).  You used this to try to keep yourself safe from true intimacy, but it only served to stunt your growth, keep you in fear and to create loneliness.  It’s time to let go of those that do not fit or feel good to you.  You are so guided, intuitive and protected.  Time to begin to believe; to trust.  Time to create a new habit of trusting, both in yourself to be there for you, to hear you, and to speak up for you, and trusting in others to be there, hear you and support your feelings.  Ask, if the answer is no, then you have collected valuable information.  Clean the closets and move on.  You deserve to be brave for you!  Your number is 3, it is a time when you will have to reach out and become more comfortable asking for help from others.  You can’t do it all by yourself, and it is a foray into learning to trust others.  Yes, there may be some that you learn you can’t trust, some who will not be able to be there for you, but ‘clean the closets’ of those to make room for those you can trust.  Community is the symbolic meaning behind the number 3, and your Angels are supporting your growth!

6/88 – The curtain is closing for a set change, and you are the star.  You have learned to allow, and are continuing to expand your energy and learn what you can create right now.  It’s easier with some things, but it won’t be long until you understand how to conquer the other areas that you’d like to create in as well.  Observe how easy it is and then remember the feeling.  Are you focused on what you wanted to create or does it just magically appear?  This is how it is.  You must continue to redirect your focus and practice believing in you, your ability and the fact that your dreams are truly in the hands of your Angels.  They are happy with all of the progress and are helping you to understand how to trust – how to have patience.  Create a game of it, and it will become easier.  All is well and all that you want is on the way – it’s actually here already, it is just learning for you to allow for it to come to you.  And that takes unlearning al that you thought you knew, all that you were used to doing, to erase the board and to create a whole new way of doing things.  But have no fear, you are an excellent learner and good at this study.  In about a month and a week, there is another shift and I see someone coming in to your energy field that represents a friendship.  This friendship could become significant in the summer.  But don’t rush or hold expectations!  This just gets in the way and creates resistance.  Only focus on you and your creative endeavors – stay busy.  The Angels are telling me that you haven’t even begun to unleash your creative energies in this area of your life.  I see you creating either a non-profit, or ‘company’ with a partner (looks female), and using your humor in the process.  This is brilliant.  Look for those opportunities to unfold over this next couple of weeks/a month and through the summer, into the fall.  Let go of all others focus, you are trying too hard.  Relax.  Your number is 7 for introspection and 4 for foundation.  When you quiet your mind and allow for the messages you hear the quite clearly – now following them is another thing (this was said to me with humor from your Angels).  Sometimes you want what you want right now, and don’t really want to listen to the guidance.  But the beauty is that you are becoming more and more aware!

7/89 – This is truly a time of awakening for you and the energy is all around your feet.  You may feel a bit of tingling in that area as you continue to step forward into your life, and toward your true purpose.  The word nightingale is coming up, and it is referring to your innate nurturing nature.  The challenge in this is in putting your feelings at the forefront in your study of self-love, without guilt.  You tend to put the feelings and wellbeing of all others first.  The danger is in not completing your soul plan as you intended, and in not giving others the growth opportunity that they intended.  Stepping back into your power has required you to toss the victim mentality and old way of blaming others for your happiness – you have done well in the adjustment!  The new you is here to stay!  This does not mean there won’t be challenges of maintenance, but rather that you with your elevated consciousness, will bounce back more quickly to continue on your path of growth and expansion.  Stop to listen to the birds sing, and let it be a reminder to listen to your own song.  It’s quite loud now, and you are able to discern what you need and want with greater clarity.  Your inner strength far surpasses what you are allowing presently, so look for a big shift coming in June.  This will help propel you closer and closer to your goals.  Your greatness is about to come out in a big way; creatively!  Don’t talk yourself out of what may seem like a ‘dream’.  It is what you can create!  Believe that you can – even if it seems a bit of a stretch, as now is the time to stretch.  Then assign yourself necessary play time so you do not become too drained.  As you are sensitive and one who feels the energy of the universe so fully, you must play to rejuvenate.  This can be ‘free’ play and does not have to cost you much; engage with your inner child.  Take a nap if you feel like it!  Begin to allow yourself more and more to release old judgments and tune in to your needs more and more.  Honoring them will get you more of what you are asking for.  Your number is 7 and is given in two ways; as a harbinger of luck, as yours is changing – remember all that happens is guidance!  And the second is about being quiet and sitting in solitude more often to hear your higher self and guides more clearly – and yes, clarity is happening as your belief in your energetic-self increases.   Your aura has a lot of yellow in it as the Angelic Realm is infusing joy and happiness to be used as a healing frequency for past challenges.

10/56 – Teacher energy is increasing as you reach out to your tribe more and more to understand who you are and what your purpose is here.  That is not to say that you are here to reach all, so don’t judge yourself if some do not want to listen. Their teacher may have to speak in a different way/language.  You are only here to reach those that you are supposed to support.  Let go of allowing your outcome to become your measure of success.  AS you are continuing your growth and exploration, continue to focus on the fun of being here.  Let the rest go.  You are truly here to guide by doing!  You can sometimes let your energy be colored by a lower frequency put out by others.  Be aware that you do not have to hold that energy, and make a choice to do more good by releasing it and flowing high-frequency, positive energy to them.  This is far more effective than joining them in their mourning or sadness.  All endings bring a new beginning and it won’t be long before they join you in the light; your beacon beckons them.  Writing is coming up and as you take your journey they are recommending that you practice writing some of it down – since that is not a favorite thing to do, you may get a recording device and in a quiet place and time, speak your thoughts and observations into it.  This may help with a creative project in the future.  There is so much creative energy within you that is wanting to be fed; is wanting to come out.  Now is the time.  You are supported as you gain some of you back and become more and more independent.  It is a time where you are letting go of the aspects of others that you used to define who you were; a time where you are re-discovering who you are here to be.  Give yourself permission, even if they appear to be saddened by the change.  You are giving them a better idea of who you are, as well as teaching them a better way of being.  You are giving them an opportunity to choose to grow as well.  Travel with a loved one is indicated, but may be challenging for you to convince them to go.  They are showing you as you push your lovely energy up and out of the ground like a new shoot; stretching for the sun.  There is no turning back from what you now know.  Rise to the challenges before you!  Your number is 9, as the teacher part of you is in full bloom – and again, this does not look overt, but rather you are teaching by example; teaching others how to play!  How to laugh through the challenges by looking at them differently.  This is a gift!  Ease will come in a week and a month.  The dust will settle from all of the growth and you will feel a calm inner peace; you will be able to take a little break and relax, enjoying the fruits of your labor.

2/49 – Relax, you are truly on your way.  This is the first time that you have allowed yourself to be a part of your true expression; to step into some of the energy of YOU.  Continue to grow, and look for opportunities that fit who you are becoming to appear near the end of May and into the first part of June.  This is a time of growth for you so remember to take time to rest.  Growth in its best form can create a bit of feeling tired.  It is energy shifting after all.  And the energy is in and around your lower back, and meridians, indicating the first chakra, the root.  This is where you carry the energy of safety and security as part of your karmic studies.  Resistance is held here, and may create issues in that part of the body in the form of physical manifestations; back and hip challenges, as well as digestive and/or organs in the lower portion of your body.  As you release more and more these will become less present. And as you are becoming more aware of what does fit, as you become able to give it voice, and get back in touch with your feelings, your body will become stronger and stronger.  However, watch for your body to speak to you with symptoms along the way, and honor what it is telling you – rest!  Even as you play in the new energy of you, you may have a tendency to overdo it.  Don’t, you are only giving the energetic message that you are afraid that the flow will dry up or stop, and you are telling your Angels that you don’t trust in their support.  Work on affirming that you are supported, and think back to all the miracles that have shown up to support that belief; times when you were surprised that something worked out – these are miracles that show that your Angels are listening, and are helping to support you.  You can take a break and allow that more will come; more opportunities are on the horizon.  Don’t burn yourself out.    You are able to begin to ask for your needs and wants with more ease as you release the guilt from early teachings.  This will bring you back into better balance, which is required for all the energy that you are running now.  You will also be teaching by example.  Look for a new opportunity to be spoken to you in the next month and a half, it may be regarding growth into a new direction; one you have been dreaming about.  Take the opportunity and do believe that you can do it; don’t let old voices stop you now.  You will learn along the way!  Your number is 3 and is about community support, and the support of others in general including your Angels.  You have become used to doing everything by and for yourself, so it has been difficult/uncomfortable to ask for help or outside support.  This is a time to practice becoming more comfortable with that.  Let go – it does not make you weak to ask, but rather brave and strong.  Only those who are brave and strong can admit they may need help – the weak suffer in silence, and don’t get very far.  Your creative gifts are blossoming!

5/86 – Follow through on the ideas that are blooming!  This is truly a spiritually directed motivation.  It’s time to believe in your gifts and to begin to use them – not necessarily in the conventional sense, but energetically.  You are one who has practiced ‘potions’ in past lives, and this is leading you to knowledge here in this life regarding herbal cures.  Follow this interest – it also includes things of a culinary nature.  These things will feel like old friends; familiar.  Let go of old ways of seeing you and seeing any judgements from friends/family.  You have recreated you and are stepping into a new way of being.  This is only hindered when you allow your inner healer to favor the needs and wants of others; others who can and should learn to do for themselves to a greater and greater degree.  You are helping them now, rather than enabling them.  This is because you have grown away from victimizing yourself in the same way; enabling you to become independent rather than telling yourself all the reasons why you couldn’t.  Continue.  This is a great time of growth in that area and the sky is the limit.  You are able now to see more clearly how all of your soul plans fit together to bring harmony and motivation to the table of learning.  Use what is around you in a good way, a healthy way, to facilitate your dreams!  Perhaps a children’s book (which is what they are showing me).  It is a way of tapping into your creative side which is a bit dormant.  This can be combined with your other creative talents and possibly it is a book about baby food.  In other words, stretch your creative muscles.  It is time to have more fun and do it your way!  Putting all that you have learned into action is the next phase, and that time is approaching.  You have beautiful teacher energy and you are gifted.  Look for opportunities to put that into action in the summer.  Allow yourself to imagine what it would feel like if it fit perfectly.  You can ask for this – give yourself permission and dream big!  There is crystal energy around your feet, almost like rockets, connecting you to the power of the earth.  This is a beautiful energy for you; one that comes naturally and harkens from past lives.  Shamanic studies are also a part of this energy.  Your number is 5 as it is a time of change within, and portends to some physical aspects of change for the best.  You are becoming happier and happier and are allowing yourself to support this growth.  This is allowing for the growth to be supported by others, including your Angels.  See the white feathers as a symbol of this support.  Your aura is blue and green around the right side of your body as you move through time and space toward your dreams.  It is a healing energy and is supporting much release of fear of independence.  All is well!

I will post any others that I do as well to give you the full scope of these readings within our group.  Have a wonderful week, and I look forward to hearing from you.  Remember the miracles will continue as you hone your energetic abilities.  If you have further questions about your readings, please contact me via email.

Love and Peace,







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