The magical energy of Crow is calling to you to pay attention to what is around you – is it real or an illusion?  Often Crow shape shifts, according to Native American Lore, to find out the truth within a situation, and to learn more information about a situation; person, place, or thing. Is it time to transform?  The Crow’s flight allows them a higher perspective, and they are bringing this wisdom to you today.  Crows high nesting place allows them to see danger, and to utter a warning caw to others.  Crow’s caw may be warning you to be intelligent in thought, belief and or in action to discern what is right for you.  Is it time to be fearless, or cautious?  There are many messages aligned with Crow energy, including Luck.  So…

Ask yourself these questions to see what message Crow is bringing you today:

Are you feeling confused about a situation, a person, a place, or a thing?  Crow is telling you to trust the magic of your intuition, and the dimensional energy of “knowing” your truth.  If you are having a “gut” feeling, then it may be time to take a step back, and listen to your own “call” within.  Use your intelligence to look at others and to make wise choices about how you connect?  Don’t be deceived.

Are you taking on a huge transformation in Love, career, a move, or in another area of your life?  If so, it may require that you are uncomfortable for a time to make the “shift” to a different way of being.  Crow is calling out in support of your “shift in shape” and is lending energy to help you “see” a different perspective that may help you.  When you see Crows in a group, note that they are very powerful, and can take on others who are larger than they are.  If you are seeing a group of Crows, the message may be to “caw” for help and support of others to create strength.  Is it time to call on others to help you through this transformation, or adversity within the change?

Are you being called to “caw” your truth out to the world?   You may be called upon to speak your truth to another, or to call someone on them not speaking their truth.  Pay attention to what vibration is attached to the words of another – or your own.  This is a reminder to stand in gratitude of your ability to “speak” and is aligned with being heard, and asking for your true needs and wants to be met (Throat Chakra).  Are you feeling the subtle shift in energies in you, or others?  These shifts may help guide you to what feels right or wrong.

Are you happy with a recent decision, or do you wish you had made a different choice?  Use your wisdom and the power of your prefrontal cortex to combat fears.  Crow is asking you to look at the pros and cons and to make an honest list.  Assess and look at the worst-case scenario and to imagine walking through it to neutralize fear.  When you “see” clearly that you will be fine, either way, and forgive any perceived mistake, it becomes a growth experience.  This is Crow calling you to use your innate intelligence to combat fears and to make wise choices – allowing for intelligent “failures” that become growth experiences and lessons for the evolving soul.

Are you holding yourself back?  Do you see yourself with a negative perspective?  Labels like “too sensitive”, “bad at math” and other beliefs that we hold about ourselves are negative vibrations in the body.  They act to attract low frequency people, places and things that reflect that belief back to us – the idea is for us to see it!  Then we become empowered and can make a change about what we belief about ourselves.  Gain perspective by talking with an honest friend whom you trust and ask them to help you “see” yourself differently – but choose wisely, for looking at things that you may not like about yourself can trigger some old pain.  If this is the case, then Crow may be telling you to fly away to gain higher perspective from an elevated state – meditate, and ask for guidance from within; your higher-self.

Are you being fearless or overconfident?  Are you being brave or foolhardy, taking risks where and when it is not required?  This is aligned with respecting yourself, and having healthy boundaries with others; both are aligned with the study of trust (Heart Chakra) and Self-Love (Sacral Chakra).  If you are making choices that don’t feel safe, Crow may be “cawing” your attention to it.  Get in touch with your feelings (your Solar Plexus Chakra) and ask yourself if you could accomplish what you wish in a less risky way.

Do you need to “shape shift” to see another more clearly?  Or is someone “shape shifting” within your life?  The Crow may be alerting you to one who is mischievous and or manipulative.  Is it you?  If not, then beware of others who may be allowing their fears to lead them into “trickster” like behavior.  Crow is telling you to mind your fears, and warning you not to let them lead you astray.

Crow embodies the core energy of creation, the “blue-blackness” of the great void, and has keen intuitive energies.  Crow may be calling you to go deep within, to be introspective, to transform.  Are you taking the time to step back and pause?  To hear directives from self, spiritually, and from others from a positive place?

Magically Crow can shift appearances and either help you to see something from a new and different perspective, or warn you about your choices, and or a person, place, or thing.   If Crow is showing up, especially in a “murder”, then Crow is reminding you that you are truly full of magic – use your energy to create what you desire!  It is the Crow who manipulates the physical laws of the universe, and the message may be to use your magic abilities today – it may take more than the luck of Crow to create what you truly desire!

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