Activation: I AM Worthy! I AM Loved! I AM Beautiful!  

Channeled Message….
First, Why “Activation” and not “Affirmation”?  In order to manifest all that we want in this amazing journey, we must “feel” the energy.  I’ll be talking about that and giving you more tips via video and audio this time, including some of my favorite clearing techniques.  These are designed to help you receive all the great positive energy of Prayer – even if you are not able to visualize.  So, let’s go!I’m so excited to be doing our 8th Prayer Group with you!  I offer this as a FREE service because we are all so busy these days, and I want to extend the energy of Prayer to those who need a little extra help focusing on Allowing for Love and this beautiful Energy to come to them.  Often, we are so busy caring for others, that we don’t take the time to care for ourselves.  So think of this as my gift to you.

Plus, it’s such a fun way to bring yourself back to a more centered place, and be more aware of your connection to your Angels, and the Divine Energy of Healing.

It will increase your conscious awareness which – guess what?!! – increases your ability to be in a better energy to manifest what you desire!  Whether it’s health, happiness, Love, Money – no matter what it is, this support will help you “up-level” your energy frequency!

Bonus!  This time, I’m going to start up a special group page on Facebook, and I’m going to be posting links to fabulous video and audio messages so that you can listen to uplifting, energy clearing and healing messages to help you with all that you want to create, all that you are praying for!

We will begin on May 28th, so send your name and birth date to 

And watch the energy shift in your life, as you raise your awareness and energy levels.

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