This is our last week!  Pay attention to the signs and symbols – Don’t give your Angels a busy signal!  

This was a channeled message that I received in answering one of your emails, but was told that it was for the group, so I am sharing it!
You are being lead on a great journey through the land of learning.  Your Angels and guides are proud of you for all of the work that you are doing and especially for your fearlessness as you “look” at all that the learning requires.  This is the work of an evolved soul, and so parts of it are excruciating.  Only those who are evolved come through to use this physical dimensional in this way for the opportunity of accelerated growth.  This is a fantastic journey to loving yourselves to the highest degree!
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Friday Weekly Wrap-Up #4

  • highlights regarding any healing, clearing and release that I was directed to do
    • any physical aspects of the body that may have become activated/infused or cleared
    • any parts of the body that may have experienced symptoms due to the activation/infusion or release/clearing of low frequency, toxic energy, and increasing our frequency.  *PLEASE NOTE:  These will dissipate as we continue clearing, and often don’t last long.  If you are having discomfort, write to me and I will help you clear it. 
  • And, the most fun, Angelic Symbols.

Please feel free to email me with questions and/or stories during our week.  I often share them anonymously, so the group can learn and connect with any learning that has occurred.

Monday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas:  Mid-back (support of emotional self, getting in touch with feelings toward self and others, unconditional acceptance of self and the feelings/non-judgement), Left side of body (past life clearing; rebalancing of energy, male and female)
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  The stomach was an area of activation, as the seat of the sacral chakra, and the energy of love and allowing for emotions, feelings, especially toward yourself, was the infusion energy.  Tingling in the arch of the feet is also indicated.  A grounding force into the new wave of frequency as you are all stepping forward into new ways of being and thinking.  Support of the planet is felt.
  • Symptoms:  You may be super conscious of the planet, and all of the animal and plant life (this may show up in allergies too).  You may feel more hungry than usual, as we have cleared a lot of energy in and around the mid-section and stomach/sacral area.  Any digestive challenges in that area will clear easily as you release any blocking ideas about how you will be perceived it you “tell the truth” about you or your feelings.
  • Angelic Symbols:  Pink and Green hearts (love and healing); white roses; feathers, and pennies, as well as yellow boots.  They always send me some “crazy” one in the end, as they want us to have fun with this!  It is the energy of connection!

Tuesday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas: Reiki was sent to all.  We were standing in a circle and sending love to the planet, and as it moved through us, through our bodies, it cleared resistance, and helped to connect us energetically to the universal flow.  The energy was flowing from the top of the head through the body and then into the feet, and the planet.  We were all connected above and below.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Fingers, head and toes/feet were activated.  This helped to create more forward momentum.
  • Symptoms:  Ideas will pop up.  You should follow hunches at this time!  Don’t hesitate to ask for help from those around you – you are being heard!  Support is increased and so you may be having a hard time sleeping with the vibrational adjustments at this time.  This will continue throughout the week, and then will taper off next week.  We are all working to release and tie up old patterns.  Walk slowly but don’t waver from your path.
  • Angelic Symbols:  Again, all of the former symbols, with an emphasis on butterflies, and toads!  This in reference to our complete transformations!

Wednesday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas:  Ears are indicated.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:    We are being aligned and attuned with higher frequency.
  • Symptoms:  You may hear ringing, or feel a bit dizzy.  It will pass.  You may also be super aware if you are already clairaudient, of hearing your guides and Angelic Realm helpers.  Listen carefully.  Sit in a quiet place.
  • Angelic Symbols:  Lily pads, and lotus flowers are given this day, as a reminder to seek peace, and to make sure you feed your soul with this peace; peaceful moments, and beauty.  As you are reminded by these symbols, you will begin to enhance your connection in following this message.

Thursday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas:  Elbows – flexibility
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:    Elbows, arms, joints.
  • Symptoms:  May be some achiness in the joints, don’t worry, as the frequency changes and your body adjusts, you will equalize.  You may actually begin to feel vibrations a bit more clearly now.  Tune in and try to focus on this.  It is a beginning to you opening up more and more to connection.  Any skin afflictions in this area or around the joint indicate a resistance to being flexible in ideas, thoughts, and actions.  Remember that you are safe!
  • Angelic Symbols:  Quarters are given, as the symbol is of the quarter mark.  The full moon is also important, and you are to notice how the Angels are playing with the image of this around you.  It is a time to allow for the old to be released, and the perfect time to do a release ceremony  (see my post on this: )  Further check out my Facebook post on how to make Full Moon Water,

Friday Notes:

  • Clearing/Release areas:  The plants and animals around the globe.  We were again placed in a heart shaped “circle” and were instructed to connect with one another energetically – but were not holding hands (the energy was flowing from our hands).  The planet was in the center of the heart “circle” and was receiving.  It created a beautiful flow that returned through each of you and then created a circuit, or cycle of energy.  Some were flowing pink, some blue, and others green.  The variation of each of your healing abilities was evident in these differing colors.  Some were working more with the animals, and some more with the plant life.  Again, it was beautiful.  Our Angels recommend working toward visualizing this on a daily basis.  It is good for you and the planet.  Knees are again indicated.  All throughout the prayers we have also included the chakra’s and the aura’s (even when they are not specifically mentioned), as they are important energy systems as we grow and heal here.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Hands, top of head and feet – connection points as the energy was running through your bodies.  Aura bodies were clearing and being infused with healing and strength.
  • Symptoms:  Your hands may have heated up as we were directed through some of these energetic activities.  You are powerful healers!  You may have experienced warmth in certain spots that almost felt like they were outside of your body – watch for those as your vibration through your aura energy is healed through clearing.  Buzzing in your ears and the top of the head may occur as well.
  • Angelic Symbols:  Hearts of all colors are around you!  Feathers, pennies, red motorcycles, roses, pink, white and red, turtles, quarters, circles (esp in reference to the moon), butterflies, toads, yellow boots, and all of the other wonderful symbols that they are using to reach us, like the smell of coffee (from our loved ones), and feeling the warmth of a hug through the dimensional veil.

Remember, you have all been infused with strength through this time, as well as individually infused with healing that is specific to your soul plan and divine purpose.  Some have written to me already that they are experiencing a divine connection to spiritual knowledge; a connection to the Love that is limitless; the force and source, of divine healing and growth beyond what we typically experience here on earth; for each of us, and for the world.  This is the connection that we are all striving toward.  This is the healing love that will help support ALL.

Further, some have mentioned having profound effects on others…  Watch for these energy shifts to occur in your daily walk as we walk into the final week of this prayer session, and all the energy clearing and attuning that it has brought.  May you go forth from a place that is more accepting and allowing and more peaceful!

Have a wonderful weekend!  And I will chat with you all on Monday on the radio (yes, free readings on Monday – every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month!  Tune in:


Bells from Heaven…
This morning when I woke up, as usual my first thoughts were of my husband and then of a sign I believed he sent me the other day while I was putting out some Christmas decorations. It was a tinkling of some bells. When I heard it, I stopped and had immediately assumed that I had done it or it was the wind chimes from outside. After a little investigation I realized it had to have been him just letting me know he was here with me….
Healing words – how our Angels are working through us…
I met with a friend who I haven’t seen in a while for breakfast this am who is going through a second round of chemo and got this message from her.  It was so unexpected and sweet.  It made me feel so good and helpful in her time of need.  The spirit and universe is working constantly.  Just another reminder!
…you made my week…and my year!  Somehow the connection & understanding I felt talking with you this morning broke the “evil spell” of negativity I have been battling with.  I felt happier and lighter than I have in weeks…the entire day just kept getting better!…
My Angels helped me discover some truths, and through these, motivated me to grow!  I have a different attitude since starting this prayer group.  Before this would have had a very negative effect on me.  But now, I see the positive in all that I am learning!  I actually feel relieved and lighter.  It is also building trust in my intuition as what I am feeling to be true, is revealed to me.
Thank you and my Angels so much!
Understanding Time & Space… (our choices affect when we are able to create…)
Vicki I’m listening to all of our readings together from four years ago and all of its happening right now. Every single bit of it in the reading we thought it was for the time we were standing in at that moment but they were giving you info that was going to happen four years later that’s pretty crazy.

The Angels response to the above message:
Often time in the equation is misunderstood, and it is only relevant as a measure of how quickly we move through it – by our own choices; what we do with each opportunity, and how quickly we take on the growth that is presented.   So, it all could have come to you sooner, or it could have come even later than this date (and some of it will, they tell me).  The information is given as a guide to possibilities that I see in your energy field, given by my guides with the help of yours, so that you may choose more quickly; gain fearless stance regarding any changes that are required to walk/move forward more quickly.  When we listen to our guides with abandon, and learn to trust, the growth can be achieved much more quickly.
Vivid Dreams…
Many of you (more than I can share here) are writing of vivid dreams, and the Angels want you to know that it is “normal” as you are adjusting your frequency.  Often you will more easily gain access dimensionally to the other side, or “see” dimensionally through time and space (seeing into the future or into a past life or incarnation) as you are adjusting and coming into full alignment with your abilities.
Allow for these visions and take notes!  They urge you to write down all that you are experiencing – both in dream state and in everyday experiences.

In closing…
We only have a week left!  Please write to me regarding any of your successes, and any areas that you are requiring more help with!  I want to really ask our Angels to help us specifically in this last week.  The healing and growth will continue of course, and may be amplified through the end of the year (see the article about the full moon, retrograde and the fact that this year is a 9 year).  Take heart though!  Next year is a one, and will support new beginnings!  That makes it imperative to release all of the old to prepare for this!
Happy Last Week!  Keep the stories coming!!!
Love and Peace,
Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP





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