cloud group -1This was busy week as we shifted lots of energy, and felt the adjustments.  It was an interesting week for me, as I am being given so much new information; new methods, new ways of seeing things, new aspects of our human experience, etc.  This is significant in regard to the directives this week as you’ll SEE….
Spiritually I was directed to run energy through everyone through their point of vision; their eyes. This was to allow for better clarity as you went through your week, as well it was to open your eyes for the purpose of taking responsibility, which allows you to take control of your lives. It was an interesting visual as they ran energy beams down through the crown and Third Eye chakra out through everyone’s eyes.  This served to release blockages and to clear and open channels.  This was followed with an infusion of beautiful  high frequency love.  Because this clearing of the eyes was run through the third eye chakra as well as the crown, it may have created a little more dizziness and/or headaches or vision issues in some. Not to worry, as energy is released everything clears up.
As well they ran beautiful love frequency through each of you individually within the group. The connection was made above and below (to the womb like energy of the earth; God Source Energy), grounding everyone as well. The explanation for this that I received was this:  As we (us in human form) are shifting and changing so quickly, the rapid frequency growth is creating a bit of ungrounded energy in all.  There was a caution/comment about driving around like this (ungrounded means in our head, and can be experienced as if in daydream like state).  We need to make sure we are present to all that we have here in the physical so as not to miss information that we came here to gather for our growth.  Stay present, and practice the other frequency during a meditative moment when you aren’t driving.  There was humor surrounding this observation!
The next area that I was directed to work on was the area of the lower back, where the root chakra, and sacral chakra meet. There was a lot of clearing that happened in and around the lower back and lower back meridians that run through the legs as well. There was a lot of past life clearing that was associated with this. The infusion energy was one of strength to enable ease as we move forward in our soul’s purpose. This may have caused some physical symptoms in the back, hips and or legs. Again note that as the energy clears that will clear as well.
Further, they gave me another specific message:  November seems to be a month of more increased frequency, and many are gearing up for change at that time.  You are all working toward your dreams, and they are on the way!  Work on your belief, in self, and in your ability to create, energetically.  Look around and see that many are perfecting this ability; it is innate within you. 
For symbols, they showed me a circle (in the form of a manhole cover on the ground, which is often the way the show me the grounding plate when I am working with clients and am directed to do a foot chakra grounding.  Then I was given what looked like the letter Q.  As I received more information, I saw the connection between the letter and the manhole cover that covers underground water ways. The ‘Q’ symbol is rather an ancient symbol associated with water flowing forth from a vessel, usually carried by a female.  Water jars have had romantic significance in cultures all over the world and in many ancient towns/villages the well was the social center of the community. That was where the young females/males made their peer contacts and discussed their dreams with their friends. Much knowledge was gained in this way.  What it means for us is a rebirthing; the collection of, and sharing of, all of our knowledge and growth; a coming together in community!  Look for symbols, both Q, the manhole covers, and other’s that we have discussed prior.  Be aware of community and the impact as you share your knowledge.  We are growing!!!
Supporting you in Happiness &Health”
Love and Peace,

Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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