Hope you are having a Wonderful Week!  Sorry for the late messages today!  You will be receiving Wednesdays from yesterday, and Thursdays today as well.

Mercury Retrograde during the Eclipse:
A note regarding the current Mercury Retrograde, 8/12 – 9/5

Eclipses bring about major changes and cleansing in our lives. Mercury retrograde, which is happening now, compounds this.  The retrograde cleanses our souls and brings about a mental and emotional transformations in our lives. It’s a great time to use the energy to be introspective.  Ask yourself, “What is really stopping me?”  It’s a time to discover, and abolish negative thoughts that hinder our progress in all areas of our life.  This Mercury retrograde helps you identify what’s holding back you in life.  Mercury goes retrograde next in December between the 3rd to 22nd.

THANK YOU again, for all of your stories during our week. STAY AWARE!  Your Angelic Team is all around you and are pumping up the volume of your symbols!  Please do write to me regarding any symptoms that you may need help with and all of the symbols that you are seeing!  I’m seeing a ton!

*Look at the tools for Disappearing a Headache, and to help with shifting energy below! <3



Prayer – Please help us step into our gifts & create with Love!  Let us see all things in a positive light!  Help support us through our challenges.  Help us create freedom; emotionally, mentally & physically, so that we can step into JOY!

  • Infusion Energy areas:  Aura’s and Chakra Alignments!  We were standing in a V formation, and those on the left side were receiving success energy (Akashic Wisdom) from past lives; those on the right were taking the energy and applying it to their “Big Ideas” and were beginning to move forward.  Aura’s were glowing all around, and it appeared as if all were “floating” as I could actually see the Auras as they expanded completely around each soul’s physical body.
  • Activated/Infused energy and areas:  Love was infused; the left side of the body came into balance with the right as yin and yang energy, the male-female energies, and duality, came into balance.  [Interesting that this all had a “left – right” theme!]  Feather energy was extended to all as a show of faith that all of our Guides and Angels are involved with our alignment.  Many breakthroughs this week, as the activation continued.  Love of self; expanded ability to attract opportunities for both love and career too.
  • The color of light frequency:   Blue flames were used, and Purple light frequency.  On some who were receiving light through their Crown Chakra, the light was green, and was continuing the work on the Master Cell, within the Pituitary Gland.  Those who were receiving light work on the crater cell area, in the tailbone, were receiving a rose pink light frequency.  There was also some work around the Foot Chakra area, and that was a beautiful golden-brown topaz-colored light energy.  This was for grounding, and helped with the energy of receiving.
  • Symptoms:  Dizziness and tiredness will soon abate.  You may also have a little bit of dry skin or itching.  Overall, your energy may be coming up and you may have bouts of extreme happiness, or bursts of energy.  Be careful with your balance!  Your body is adjusting, and much like a puppy who has grown quickly, and is a bit uncomfortable in its form, stumbling can be a problem.  Allow for your body to adjust.  Headaches can come and go.  Rest as much as you can.  Meditate and use this technique, HOW TO DISAPPEAR A HEADACHE to release:  https://www.happypsychic.com/how-to-disappear-a-headache/
  • Archangel:  Michael came forth today to help us with some of the cleansing prior to the activation’s.  The meditation that was given was a type of “vacuum” that cleanses difficult energies.  Michael is the Protector, and works with those who work with children in particular, so he is helping us with our “child’s” will as we are being called to clear and release all old low frequency.
  • Angel Symbols:  Yellow flowers; Bird (especially blue birds), both symbols of happiness.  The blue bird is aligned with the Throat Chakra (energy center), and reminds us to “sing our praises” to ourselves to love ourselves, and to recognize the gifts of others, and to “sing their praises”.  The yellow flowers are a reminder to count your blessings (the petals) and to stand in gratitude; to find happiness around you!  Your Angels and Loved Ones are sending many symbols now; pennies, dimes & quarters.  White multi-petaled flowers – the smell of the rose (from some of the grandmothers), and hearts and pipe/cigar smoke from some of the grandfathers and fathers.  Some of the moms are also sending the smell of their favorite perfume, and pink roses.  So, look for the significance when you begin to see something over and over again!  It is on purpose.
  • Affirmation/Message:  You are all divine energy, flowing out into the world to create!  Choose to create Love!  You are Love!  Breathe in Love today, and keep your focus high!

My eyesight continued to improve today.  Thank you for your Reike.  I’m functioning quite well with my still slightly wonky but I’m managing just fine!

[My response:  Excellent!!!  So excited for your progress, and for the creative idea that you are embarking on!  Can’t wait for you to continue this creative journey, and see all the wonderful outcomes!]


Hi Vicki!
I thought I’d let you know my experiences the last couple weeks.

So the day of the full moon a couple weeks ago, I woke up and can’t explain how by I simply felt lighter. I can’t explain the sensation other than I felt lighter. As if I’m not burden by so much of my emotional/mental stuff, fear and anxiety. I don’t know. Just lighter. Incredible.

Secondly, during our one-on-one session I mentioned to you I’ve had a fear of driving the last couple of years. The other day I drove my daughter to an appt (the furthest I’ve driven from home in quite some time). On a scale of 1 to 10, my anxiety was about 1-1/2! I got in the car and drove like I hadn’t had this fear of driving the last couple years. I wasn’t really even thinking about it! I felt like my old self before I developed this silly fear of driving. Incredible.

As far as signs, the other day I had a hummingbird land on a wind chime on my patio and it sat there for A HALF HOUR! It was so cool! And then yesterday another hummingbird kept hoovering in front of my sliding glass door as if it was looking into my house.

I’m really enjoying the PG7.

[My response:  Such great experiences with the energy clearing!!!!  Super excited as you continue your growth into who you came here to be!!!

Love the hummingbird energy; JOY!  And the gift of that is yours!  You are creating it for yourself – and what a fabulous gift to yourself!

Thank you so much for sharing!!!]


Hi Vicki,

The last couple of weeks I have been very emotional and depressed. It’s hard for me to stay positive about anything and the littlest things set me off. For example we went to the fair and I went to see the animals, this is normally something I enjoy. However this time I looked at them and had to leave immediately realizing their fate at the end of the fair and how gross it was to have them in cages/tied up with all these people bothering them. Even my family has noticed my negative state but I can’t shake it. I keep asking my angels for help but why am I not seeing the signs? I feel in my gut I need to make a big change career and relationship wise but I’m not getting guidance except for a guy feeling! What should I be doing to help this?

Thanks so much!

[My response:  https://www.happypsychic.com/simple-method-for-clearing-stuck-energy-supporting-positive-change/  as well, we are in Mercury so that is also a factor! I’ll be posting a link in the Thursday notes coming next!]

Hi Vicki
We are visiting Ruiodoso New Mexico. We took the gondola to the top of the ski mountain and started walking down a little bit.  I felt so good, I suggested just walking all 3 miles down so we did … it was such a burst of energy. Now as I am writing this I am surrounded by noisy hummingbirds on the big porch.
Thanks again

[My response:  Wow,
Love the energy of this – the physical flow that allows the motivation for more movement, and the reward of the hummingbirds after!
This is a great example of the energy that we generate, and spiritual aspects of how we are being supported here – when we are ready, willing and able to clear ourselves and open to the flow!
Hugs, and thanks for sharing!]

Today I thought what it would be like if a deer came to the bedroom glass door – within 15 minutes one came to that door not 10 feet where I was in bed.

[My response:  Beautiful projection of creative energy!!!  Love this confirmation of your abilities!!!]

Have a fabulous day!

Wishing You Peace, Health & Happiness,
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